About Luke

Luke Coutinho, is a Holistic Nutritionist and an Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle practitioner. He is an educator and a motivational speaker who has an intimate knowledge of how the body works and has already done numerous talks on most aspects of health and lifestyle. With advanced certifications from Australia and New York, Luke is tied up with leading hospitals in New York and London where his practice revolves around holistic health, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Luke is also an international collaborator with Yale - Griffin, Research and Prevention Centre, C.T, U.S.A. training partner, Nutrition Detectives. He also writes for leading magazines and newspapers and is an advisor on several boards and schools and also counsels and facilitates sessions on health, nutrition, lifestyle, disease and cancer for various organisations.


Along with his team of qualified and specially trained nutritionists, he designs smart eating plans, cleansing plans, exercise plans for people in the fields of fat loss, diabetes, cancer, body cleanse, disease and enhancing general health.

His programs are personalised and customised according to an individual’s lifestyle and revolves around the 4 pillars of good health: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Stress.

Healing Cancer

Luke’s specialises in “CANCER” and he has been instrumental in getting 4th stage cancer patients into remission and keeping them there using nutrition and other holistic tools that exhibit mind-body healing. While chemotherapy and conventional treatments may be necessary in cases like cancer, Luke also focuses on managing the collateral damage and side effects of these harsh treatments through micro-nutrition and creating a solid nutritional plan that works at a cellular level for the prevention and healing of cancer and even pain management.

He has collaborated with several doctors and bio-physicians across that world that have the best medical systems like Mexico, Cuba, Japan and Portugal, sourcing and developing ‘micro – nutrition’, cancer vaccines and other alternative and complementary treatments.

Global Clientele

Luke’s clientele is globally placed across USA, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Ireland, England, Sri Lanka and more. He has recently opened offices in collaboration with health centres in Dubai & Singapore and often travels across the globe to meet clients.

Apart from consults for several celebrities from Bollywood and the royal families in Emirates, Luke works very hard on being accessible to the common man, the poor, deprived and underprivileged by conducting workshops, seminars, live videos on topics related to health, nutrition, lifestyle, disease and on cancer prevention and treatment.

Selfless Teacher

Today, Luke has become a prominent voice in health because of his presence and approachability on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram also. His regular live videos, weekly health challenges and health tips have garnered thousands of followers from all over the world where he delivers bite-sized blasts of easily digestible information on trending topics ranging from Vitamin Deficiencies to at Home-Detoxes / Cleanses to Fasting. Irrespective of geographical barriers, he has built various virtual health communities that use Facebook as a common platform to share, inspire, learn and motivate each other towards a healthier lifestyle change.

Popular Videos


Luke is part of an array of health and fitness companies that believe in the whole concept of Holistic Health.
Luke has co-founded GOQii, a digital healthcare platform with personalised coaching. He works closely with CEO Vishal Gondal in discovering ways to leverage wearable technology for enabling a healthy lifestyle.
Luke is the co-founder of RESET, a holistic wellness and fitness centre in Mumbai.
He is the founder of Herbs Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. – “Pure Nutrition” that’s involved in creating pure plant based formulations and cold pressed oils.
He has also mentored a lot of start-ups like Herbivore, Nibble box because they hold the same values and principles with regards to holistic health.
Luke is on the advisory board of “Shop for Change”, a fair trade initiative that helps him fulfil a vision of having organic fruits and vegetables accessible to every household in Mumbai at the actual cost minus the middleman, thereby ensuring all the profits go directly to the farmers.
To add to this, Luke has also partnered the “Green Education Organisation” (GEO), a portal to urban and organic farming and workshops on educating people how to grow nutrient dense micro greens within the comforts of home.


Times Icon award - Best Nutritionist - Integrative and lifestyle medicine, 2017
Best Nutritionist - Holistic Medicine - World Congress awards , 2017
Middle East Healthcare Leadership Award – Best Holistic Wellness in Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine, 2017
Men’s Health Top 10 Personal trainers 2016
Top 10 Nutritionists across India 2015
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