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Chemotherapy and Smart Fasting


When it comes to cancers and chemotherapy….. Try this amazing technique. You lose nothing by trying, in fact you will only gain. Most people see chemotherapy in a negative light and for all the right reasons especially when we are explained the toxic side effects and the fact that it does not guarantee a cure. But, now that you have decided to take it, there’s no point wasting time in seeing and expecting the bad. Instead channel that energy into what we can do, how can the side effects be managed, how can the healthy cells be saved and how can we improve the efficacy of the chemotherapy to make it productive and effective for the cancer.

Aim– Reduce side effects, toxicity caused by the chemo and improve its efficacy.

How can you take this in stride?  Try short term fasting

There is more and more clinical science showing how smart fasting can achieve a reduction in side effects and improve the efficacy of chemotherapy. The biological clock controls almost every function and communication in the human body. Over the last year we have seen hundreds of patients who fasted as per their biological clock and saw little to even no intense effects of chemotherapy, plus they came out of it much stronger and the doctors were happy with their blood counts and the fact that no cycle was skipped because of low immunity, poor blood counts and weakness in the patient. Clinical medicine is also leaning towards smart fasting playing a role in reducing the chances of reoccurrence of the cancer.

However, please make an informed decision when you get into this. From what we have seen with our own cancer patients has been nothing short of phenomenal. We encouraged and coached our patients into finishing dinner with sunset and then maintaining an easy 12 hour fast till morning, we allowed them to consume plain water during the fast. Patients reported not feeling hungry in 12 hours and chose to continue for 13 or even 15 hours comfortably, post which they broke their fast with fruit and a wholesome breakfast.

What they experienced?

  • Better and deeper sleep
  • Little or no nausea
  • Little to no constipation/ diarrhoea
  • Little or no hair fall
  • Less pigmentation of skin
  • More energy levels (many resumed work immediately!)
  • A loss of fear for the upcoming chemo cycles because of how good they were feeling
  • Loss of cravings for caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates.

Well, it’s simple science.

The human body is not designed to break down and digest late dinners and heavy meals. It is too much stress on the system. In the fasted state, the body directs energy towards building, repair, rejuvenation, immune function, clean up and detoxification. The sooner you can get toxins out of your body, the better it’s going to be for the patient and the body. Our has its own best and intelligent detox mechanism that gets activated efficiently in a fasted state.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Please listen to your body and do this. The first 2 to 3 days will be a little uncomfortable. Chances are that you may feel hungry but that’s purely out of habit. Once you get through these 2-3 days, it will then be a breeze and you will feel amazing.
  • Listen to your body always. If you need to take medicines, then take them at the time your doctor has asked you to and make sure you eat and don’t take it on an empty stomach OR work with your doctor to adjust it out of your fasting window.
  • The circadian rhythm fasting is not a game or a competition. Listen to your body and break the fast when your body tells you to. You may get 9 hours of fast the first day, then 11 hours, and then 12 hours. Build it up one day at a time. Don’t prolong the fast more than required as your body also needs nutrients to build you, protect you and provide energy to fight the cancer.
  • This fast can be used for people without cancer too and is by far a very powerful way to invest in prevention and recovery. It’s not difficult to do,
  • Please refrain from late dinners and work towards a lifestyle of early dinners. This lifestyle habit will sort most issues that people have health wise, especially if you have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy.
  • And most importantly, work on your mindset! Since you are undergoing chemotherapy, its best your mindset changes too. While the chemotherapy is going on, visualize and believe that it’s only doing good for you. Visualise that its entering your system, killing the cancer cells, making you healthier and stronger. The very fact that you are doing the chemotherapy, you might as well visualize it in a positive light.

    You lose nothing by trying.

– Luke Coutinho



Disclaimer – Please do not do anything without your doctors advise.

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Luke Coutinho

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