Stop Thinking and Start Living


As human beings we are thinking all the time. From the time we wake up to the time we sleep. And that’s a good thing because as a human being if we were unable to think our life wouldn’t be that significant. Just like breathing, thinking is also an unconscious action which is constantly happening every second of the day. We could either be speaking to someone, we could be reading something we could be watching something we could be tracking something on social media but all of that content is going into our subconscious and is resulting in some thought.

Thought Leads to Emotion
For a moment if I ask each and every one of you to be angry or sad or jealous right now, you can’t unless you have an angry a sad or a jealous thought. Every thought creates your emotion and you’re feeling and most of us notice, so it becomes extremely important to monitor the countless thoughts that are going through our mind while we think, every second of the day. But is that possible. We need to understand that unhappiness can never happen without an unhappy thought, anger can never happen without an angry thought, feelings of jealousy, feelings of lust, you know feelings of laziness lot and all the seven deadly sins can never happen unless we have that kind of thought.


Think Positive Much?
It’s a good thing to have positive thoughts, but it is not practical in any sense to go on thinking positively and when we come across someone who’s going through depression or feeling sad or worried about something, telling them to think positive is just scratching the surface, it’s not a solution that’s going to really help the problem. Even the happiest people have negative thoughts all the time. If you climbed into the mind of a happy person you won’t just find happy thoughts and happy experiences and happy memories you will find that like any other human being they also have negative thoughts, they also have stress, they also have bad moments in their life. But we’ve observed these people choose to spend more time in happy thoughts, positive experiences, living life, losing themselves in every moment by living life by diverting their mind to something that they like doing or something that they should do so that there is no place for the negative thought to continue growing in their mind. So you just can’t think positive thoughts all the time.

Negative Thoughts
What about the negative thoughts, how do we handle that, how do we handle negativity in our life? It’s very simple. Firstly, accept that negativity is real. It is ok to have a negative thought but when you know that a negative thought results in the negative feeling or a negative emotion why would you want to keep giving that negative thought more power, more attention. So when you have a negative thought you have the power at that time to stop dwelling in it stop giving it energy stop giving it attention to grow and at that point if you take a positive thought and you dwell in it you only feel happier you feel more excited, it makes you feel warm you think of a happy memory. You want more of it so you give that happy memory more attention and more energy it grows and you start feeling happier and you want to create more those memories. But if you start giving that negative thought more energy more attention, for example you’re not losing weight that’s a negative emotion it leads you to feel negatively about yourself but you keep giving it attention it’s going to grow bigger and bigger and bigger and then that results in you making wrong decisions that controls your behaviour, there’s desperation, there’s the willingness to pop any pills, that anyone promise you that will help you lose weight vice versa and relationships you keep giving a negative thought, constant energy and attention that only grows and then you have less space in your mind for positivity.

Don’t Punish Yourself
When we have a feeling of jealousy we criticize ourselves in our mind, we tell our minds that we are bad people, how could we have that thought, how could we have thoughts of anger how can we have thoughts of lust or feelings of lust or greed or slot it’s because each and every one of us are born with those qualities are born with those emotions and the sooner we accept them then we change our attitude and perspective towards that emotion. What’s wrong with greed unless we let it go out of control, what’s wrong with jealousy unless we let it go out of control? What’s wrong with lust unless we let it go out of control, what’s wrong with anger, slot any of these things; we all have them but if we keep thinking we are these good people and we should be these good people and pushing it and pushing it and pushing it away it depresses us because it will come up again. It makes us lead these fake lives and put on this fake mask trying to be something that we’re not to the public and all of that acting and overacting drains us every single day of energy which could be utilized to keep us healthy and keep us happy.

Focus on Positives
Try to give it less attention by focusing more on something positive that’s happening in your life. Each and every one of us no matter what we’re going through has something positive in our life that has happened now is happening will happen or is already a memory. So when we’re in a negative situation with a negative thought at that point there are so many things you can do. Call up someone who makes you happy. Speak to someone who motivates you. Speak to someone who inspires you or think of those thoughts that make you feel good about yourself. So all you’re doing is diverting energy and attention from the negative to the positive. You’re not trying to get this rid of the negative, you’re trying to enhance and make more of the positives that you have in your life and that takes over and reduces the energy spent on negativity because any problem that you have right now you keep thinking about it it’s only going to grow into a larger and larger thought which means if your thoughts create your emotions and your feelings you are creating larger and larger more negative emotions and more negative feelings.

Don’t Overthink
Every time you keep analysing your life you are bound to find fault with every aspect of your life. So what you should start doing is living life. Spend more time with the things that make you happy, people that make you happy immerse yourself in living and start detaching from analysing everything that’s happening in your life. Who said what who said this how you should be who you should be; stop overanalysing because you will constantly find fault. I don’t know a single person whose reach their weight loss goal and said that oh I’m happy now, then there’s something else would have lost weight now I’d like to tone my arms or tone my butt or tone my shoulders. Every thought you have creates your life experience.

So stop trying to push the negative out of your life, accept it. Accept that we have a dark side and we have a bright side. Accept it, there’s no shame in having a dark side unless it’s uncontrollable and you’re allowing it to harm people and harm yourself because each and every human being has every quality good and bad. Now it’s up to you and your inner awareness and your inner balance that helps you tame it and helps you manage it better but if you can spend a whole life trying to prove to the world that you’re good you’ll only be draining yourself on the inside and getting more and more depressed.


Luke Coutinho

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