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Symptom vs Cause – The Importance of Root Cause Diagnosis


In our practice of Holistic and Lifestyle Medicine, if there is anything I’ve learnt, it’s about getting the diagnosis right. No, I’m not talking about the symptoms. That’s easy to find and slap a drug like a band-aid to treat it. (I don’t have a problem with this, it helps to an extent. But it suppresses the symptom which will eventually come up again). I’m talking about diagnosing the root cause of why and what may have caused the disease or issue in the first place. We have become so used to accepting disease and its symptoms and treatment. This is wrong. The mindset has to change at some point if we want to get out of the evil (yes, evil) clutches of chronic illness. I am not against doctors. In fact, I have a beautiful team of hardcore allopathic doctors and oncologists and radiologists from across the world working with us. We need them. They assist us. They bring health and care to our patients.

So, don’t get me wrong because I have utmost respect for doctors. I am talking about a change of mindset and here are some points to reflect on –

In most cases, if you listen hard and intently to a patient, they will unknowingly tell you what has made them sick. And once you get the root cause, you attack from all angles to address it. 

If stress had made you sick or brought on your disease, how will chemical medicines heal you alone? 

If your kidney is messed up because of dehydration and wrong food habits, how will medicine alone heal the kidney? 

If your sedentary lifestyle has led to your cardiovascular issues, how will drugs alone heal you? 

If your skin and hair are messed up because of toxic food, lack of sleep and stress, how will steroidal creams and chemical heal you?

With so much advancement in technology, medical sciences and billions invested into research and pharmaceuticals, when it comes to lifestyle diseases – how come the statistics have only gotten worse? Many of you may hate what I say and feel offended. Its okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The truth hurts but remember what a renowned doctor once said, “There is no money in being healthy and there is no money in being dead. All the money is in being chronically sick”. And guess what’s at its highest? Chronic illness.

As I write this, there are thousands across the world who have reversed Type 2 Diabetes, reduced their insulin units in Type 1 Diabetes, are completely off so called “lifetime Thyroid medicines”, off immunosuppressants when it comes to Autoimmune Conditions, put their Cancers in remission when they were written off to die. Some argue that God performed a miracle. If yes, then why isn’t prayer a part of medicine?

No one goes out to these survivors to find out what they did to recover and when you do find out what they did, its beyond medicine, Yes, they took their medicines but they also changed their LIFESTYLE. They made dietary changes, moved from the couch to being active, started to sleep better, cleaned up their emotional messes, relationships, addressed their past, spent more time in nature, began to nurture and love themselves, began to reconnect with real things like family, love, children etc, began to make changes in careers etc. that made them compromise basic health for wealth, began to mediate to connect, found a spiritual path, started to live their passions and so much more.

They did something which is not being studied, you know why? THERE’S NO MONEY TO BE MADE FROM ALL OF THIS.

Most people are sick and dying because their mind has gotten the better of them. They made unreasonable choices, disrespected the body, mind and soul, abused their body’s and cells with an onslaught of tobacco, crap food, fake food, fake lifestyles, sleep deprivation, greed for more and more, sedentary lifestyles, etc.

These all have to be addressed in order to move from sick care to real health care. While medicine has a huge place in all of this, everything else also has a big role in health and humans We need to move from this mindset of medicine – symptom to a larger picture. Humans have challenged nature, natural cycles, rhythm of nature and we are bearing and seeing the consequences of it now. Instead of talking about investments markets, stocks, equity etc people are now scrambling around finding ways to invest in building immunity – the only thing that can protect them from what’s happening today and of course disease.

You were born with an intelligence in trillions of cells to protect and heal you, but most of us abused that intelligence to an extent where it comprised now and we are succumbing to germs, bacteria and viruses – that our immune systems are designed to handle.The same power and intelligence that built this amazing YOU – a masterpiece of nature or whatever you want to call it, is the same power and intelligence which can heal us in most cases. Your body heals. Remember this. Doctors, nutritionists, etc enable the body, but only the body heals.

People dying from cancers, diseases, painful ailments etc, need to look beyond medicine (take your meds, but also look beyond, find your root cause, what is making you sick after all?). You do not need to accept anything less than that. You owe it to you.

– Luke Coutinho


Luke Coutinho

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