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Sexual Abuse, Inappropriate Touch and Child Abuse 


It’s so important to protect our children, boys and girls from sexual abuse, inappropriate touch and emotional abuse. Over the last coupe of months, the number of cases that come to us have escalated in an alarming way. People come to us with cancer, rare syndromes, lifestyle diseases, depression, anxiety, etc. Our core principle is diagnosing the root cause so that the patient is aware of what caused or led to the illness and so that we can plan the healing protocol accordingly. It is heart wrenching to see so many women with cancer and other medical conditions and their root causes after much diagnosis and talk led to an event in their childhood where they were sexually abused, touched inappropriately or emotionally abused. Children as young as three, four, five remember the incident crystal clear in their minds till the age of 30, 40, 50 and even 60.

I had a 63 year old woman who came to me with a metastatic cancer. Breast primary, spread to the liver and bones. She was emotionally messed up, low immunity, all treatments done and still no progress. After a lot of time she broke down and shared the story of how her uncle sexually abused her at 4, yes… at the age of fucking 4. Can you believe that ? When she told her mum, she warned her never to tell anyone. So she grew up with fear, stayed away from men and in turn she was teased, made fun of by her girlfriends and guys and then she got married. When she had kids, she tried to protect them so much from close family because of the fear of what happened to her. Her family turned against her saying she was mental and selfish because she was so protective. Her kids grew up to despise her. Can you imagine she lived with all this till 63 ?! She sobbed, cried and said it was the first time she emotionally released all this. She didn’t need nutrition or anything. We sent her back to her hometown for a week. Her family felt some magic happened to her as she was cheerful, different and energetic. She died 15 days later, of course it was too late. Her immunity had crashed. This is one of hundreds. The point I’m trying to make is, in a world like today we have to protect our kids so much. A small scar like this can damage them for life.  The scariest part is – all these stories didn’t lead to servants or drivers abusing children. Its uncles, aunties, relatives, coaches, tuition teachers, family and friends. How sick can this world get ? But it is what it is. We need to move full throttle into protection mode.

Once they are scarred, all of them remember it and it affects their health, career, future relationships, lives, families etc . They are unable to cope up with this fear at such a young age. Its embedded in their subconscious controlling all other choices and decisions later on in life. We need to build spaces for open communication because if this happens and the earlier we come to know, the more we can help them emotionally heal. Imagine growing up through years and years living with that humility and fear. Its enough to make anyone sick eventually. Many deadly sicknesses just don’t happen immediately they  happen over many years. We need to look after one another and protect these innocent children who have the right to grow up with a sense of safety, love and zero sexual abuse.  We need to know this problem is rampant in our country. Many parents don’t discuss this even if its happened to their kids in fear of shame and humility. We need to rise strong and united to make an impact and slowly and hopefully eradicate this. Yes, we have a huge responsibility to protect these beautiful souls from abuse. It doesn’t just happen in below poverty levels or families of the middle class, its rampant in affluent families too.

– Luke Coutinho


Luke Coutinho

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