Master Food List


All of these food have connections with every main defence and regeneration system in the human body. From immunity, DNA protection, Stem cells to microbiome (gut) and blood vessel health (angiogenesis, anti – angiogenesis). Try and pick at least 2 of these foods from each group daily. (If your non veg, or veg, follow accordingly, this doesn’t mean you have to become veg, non veg, vegan etc.) 

You can pick more than 2, but 2 is minimum.

Stick this in your kitchen, send it to your kids studying abroad, your parents, everyone. It will help them plan a daily diet that targets all these most important mechanisms in the human body for prevention, possible recovery and well being.

We will keep updating the list with more foods as we research them, as of now these are the most powerful foods.

Use for your kids according to their age and seek medical and professional advice if you have questions. Select ethically sourced and organic food as far as possible.

Lifestyle is the new religion – Remember to couple great nutrition with adequate exercise, quality sleep and a focus on having great emotional health. Combining all of this with the food choices will help you and I wish you a life of beautiful health.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Master Food List

Disclaimer – If you have allergies, avoid those foods, always check with your doctor before starting anything new for your health, this is created with the intention to create awareness and help, do not consider it medical advice or leave any of your medicines …you choose to use this list with your own discretion. 


Luke Coutinho

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