The Link Between Food and Mental Health
The Quint Feb 13, 2018
Food and Mood. Yes, they are connected and in a number of ways. Nutritional psychiatry might be a fairly new field right now, but if you get back to basics and reexamine the brilliance and intelligence of the human body, it has always existed.... Know More
Various Sources Of Calcium For Lactose Intolerant Children
ParentCircle Feb 6, 2018
Does your child throw tantrums and act fussy at the very thought of milk? Does he complain milk is giving him stomach aches?... Know More
World Cancer Day: Here's why you should stop drinking water from plastic bottles
We have all grown up around things made of plastic, and never questioned it. As children, even our sandwiches were packed in plastic lunchboxes... Know More
Living without toxins
TNN Jan 28, 2018
We breathe a handful of carcinogens every day. In cities, it's almost close to smoking a few cigarettes a day...Know More
2018: Nutritionist Luke Coutinho offers wellness mantras
2018: Nutritionist Luke Coutinho offers wellness mantras
It’s that time of the year when we sit back and reflect what was popular in 2017 and predict what will be trending in the world of fitness for the upcoming year...Know More
Party Smart: Best Foods To Eat Before A Night Out
The Quint Dec 21, 2017
It’s that time of the year when you have endless list of parties to attend and every weekend there is a new event or social gathering to look up to...Know More
How To Detox Your Child From Junk Food
Parent Circle Dec 20, 2017
Today, the health of our children is a serious matter of concern. It’s no longer only about childhood obesity...Know More
5 Male Fitness Bloggers To Motivate You For The Week!
Mumbai Live Dec 12, 2017
Staying healthy and fit is important but maintaining it can be a real task. However, here are five Mumbai-based male bloggers who show you that being healthy and leading a positive lifestyle isn't all that tough and boring. It's challenging but enjoyable!...Know More
Stop Adding Sugar to Your Food. Your Body Doesn’t Need It
The Quint Dec 7, 2017
Sugar is no longer associated with only weight gain. It’s far worse than that. It has links with every possible disease ranging from skin disorders to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and even cancer...Know More
Gym nutrition for starters
TNN Nov 26, 2017
Whatever your intention behind joining a gym, you want to do it with minimum injury, proper recovery, without hampering immunity and losing muscle...Know More
Eat Smart, Move More, Sleep Right, Breathe Deep
CancerSupplements Nov 18, 2017
These are the words that greet you when visiting the website of world renowned speaker and celebrity nutritionist, Luke Coutinho...Know More
Celebrity nutritionist Luke Coutinho identifies the bad guy causing most of your health problems
Elle Team Nov 10, 2017
If there's one thing you should know about Facebook Live star and India's leading expert in the field of integrative and lifestyle medicine...Know More
Smog taking your breath away? Simple tips to stay safe and healthy
ET Online Nov 10, 2017
DELHI: The thick blanket of smog, engulfing the city and its neighbouring areas like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan, has affected life majorly...Know More
Kunal Kapoor And Naina Bachchan At A Gym Launch In Bandra
Movies Talkies
Know More
Kunal Kapoor And Naina Bachchan At A Gym Launch In Bandra
Mid-day Nov 06, 2017
Kunal Kapoor, Naina Bachchan, Lara Dutta, Mahesh Bhupathi and Diana Penty attended the launch of a gym in Bandra, Mumbai...Know More
Time to eat fruit
Live Mint October 30, 2017
Have you been waking up to a breakfast of chikoos and chai? Munching on an apple as a midnight snack?...Know More
6 steps to completely reset your unhealthy life
Elle Team October 30, 2017
According to Luke Coutinho, India’s leading expert in integrative and lifestyle medicine, being healthy isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living...Know More
6 Eating Mistakes Busy Moms Make
Parent Circle, 2017
A woman has a large number of responsibilities and duties to attend to. There are numerous roles that a woman has to play. A woman’s role as a mother calls for a plethora of responsibilities...Know More
Intermittent Fasting 101: Why there is More to this Latest Fad
The Quint October 17, 2017
Fasting has been one of the most powerful tools when it comes to healing a disease, curing it or simply preventing it...Know More
3 detox drinks to help you stay fit all through the wedding season
Elle Team Oct 24, 2017
From Diwali until the New Year, you can expect an onslaught of food, family time, some more food and considerable weight gain...Know More
1 crucial truth you didn't know about losing weight
Elle Team October 9, 2017
Believe it or not, you do not lose weight when you're hitting the treadmill with a vengeance. Sure, that little digital screen keeps you updated with the number of calories you've been spending...Know More
Hrishi K & Luke Coutinho - Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach
Radio One Mumbai Studio, Oct 09 2017
Meet Health & lifestyle expert Luke Coutinho on RadioOne...Know More
Ingredients for a healthy mind
Live Mint Mon, Oct 09 2017
You need the right food to keep your brain healthy. A study published in The Lancet in July concluded that one in three cases of dementia could be prevented if more people looked after their brain health and strengthened the...Know More
1 crucial truth you didn't know about losing weight
Elle Team October 9, 2017
Believe it or not, you do not lose weight when you're hitting the treadmill with a vengeance. Sure, that little digital screen keeps you updated with the number of calories you've been ...Know More
Try this natural remedy to prevent hair fall
Celebrity holistic nutritionist Luke Coutinho, in an interview to t2, tells you the truth about why you just can't get the night owl in you to sleep tight ...Know More
This Festive Season, Switch To Indian Superfoods
The Quint-28-Sep-2017
Indian food items boast some of the best natural medicines, health secrets and home remedies that have the ability to provide a therapeutic effect no man-made drug ever can...Know More
Produce insulin, naturally
We hardly think of pancreas as an important endocrine organ unless it starts to create a problem. Pancreas has two important roles to play...Know More
Shilpa Shetty's nutritionist Luke Coutinho tells you when to eat if you are a night owl
T2 Online-18-Sep-2017
Can’t sleep early? Can't wake up on time because you haven’t slept all night? Guess what — your eating habits are to blame for your insomniac tendencies. Say whaaaaa?...Know More
Blue sky dreamers-12-Sep-2017
Losing weight is a serious commitment and requires extreme honesty with oneself and to the one he/she is accountable to. And lets be true...Know More
Watch what you eat and when you eat too
Hindustan Times-12-Sep-2017
Eating at the wrong time can make your skin age faster, suggests a new study. Experts dig deeper into the issue and tell us how to discipline our food habits...Know More
Consume with caution
Many of us have the habit of taking an antacid to get relief from acidity, bloating, gas, overeating or sometimes even a hangover. In the quest for seeking instant relief, we often take it in a powder...Know More
How to stay healthy: 7 secrets of yogic nutrition to heal your mind and body
Ever wondered what is so special about the way yogis eat? Every yogi who gets into the practice of Yoga does it with an intention to achieve peace, mindfulness, calm, spiritual awareness and overall well-being...Know More
All the feasting during Ganesh Chaturthi causing stomach issues? Here how to deal with gastritis
The festive season brings family & friends together to celebrate with goodies and feasts. As Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations come to an end, realisation about all gourmet indulgences starts to hit...Know More
Are Millets Healthy For Your Child?
Parent Circle
Millets are traditionally known to be among the first grains consumed by early man. They are gluten free, alkaline and full of nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, tryptophan, phosphorus, B vitamins and antioxidants...Know More
How to lose weight in a month
The best way to lose weight is by making small changes to your eating habits. Quick weight loss diet plans sound inviting, sure, but these crash diets adversely affect your overall health...Know More
Cumin seeds — a natural remedy for diabetes
Add cumin seeds to your food or drink cumin tea to reap its benefits...Know More
This morning drink with jeera can help you lose weight!
Luke Coutinho, M.D. Alternative Medicine and Holistic Nutritionist, says that that jeera can help you lose weight. This is because, jeera is rich in ...Know More
The Art of Eating: Slow Down, Enjoy Your Meal or Fall Sick
The Quint-25-Aug-2017
When was the last time you peacefully ‘sat’ down for a meal and only concentrated on one action: EATING! Hard to remember right?...Know More
Eat these foods together for better health benefits
New research shows that your apple-a-day habit might do a better job at keeping the doctor away if you teamed it with a few squares of dark ...Know More
Why Your Preschooler's Diet Shouldn't Be Fat-Free
Parent Circle
Did you know that some fats are healthy? This article shows you how good fats benefit your child and how you can include it in your child's diet. By Luke Coutinho...Know More
Healthy Food Choices for Pregnant Women
Parent Circle
Pregnancy diet does not mean eating for two. Opt for nutritious food choices and eat a well-proportioned diet all through your pregnancy. By Luke Coutinho...Know More
7 secrets of yogic nutrition
Times of India-29-Jul-2017
Ever wondered what is so special about the way yogis eat? Here's revealing some of the top secrets of yogis that can help attain a balance ...Know More
Mind Your Gut! Why Your Tummy is Making You Sick & How to Fix I
The Quint-28-Jul-2017
Do you eat healthy, exercise well and still struggle to lose weight?...Know More
Blue Sky Dreamers-27-Jul-2017
Throughout the 9-month journey of pregnancy, a mother goes through a lot of physical and psychological changes and its normal for her to face fears, struggles and issues regarding regaining her health post-partum...Know More
5 Foods That Help Fight Cancer
The Quint-19-Jul-2017
(Luke Coutinho is M.D. Alternative Medicine (Integrative & Lifestyle) & Holistic Nutritionist. Luke treats patients with disease and specializes in ...Know More
Raw Potato Juice Health Benefits – Relief from Arthritis, Blood ...
Phone Mantra-19-Jul-2017
Raw potato juice has failed to get the necessary attention despite its various medicinal qualities. The Luke Coutinho M.D Alternative Medicine ...Know More
Nutritional choices for perfect abs
Times of India-15-Jul-2017
Luke Coutinho, MD, alternative medicine shares the secret for getting perfect abs. Whoever said, "Abs are made in the kitchen" made a lot of...Know More
The Protein Myth
Huffington Post India-08-Jul-2017
Why is everyone chasing more and more protein? Too much of anything is not healthy for your body. It doesn't matter if some "bodybuilder" or ...Know More
Why you feel fatigued and sleepy after overeating
Here Luke Coutinho M.D. in Alternative Medicine (Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine) explains to us what goes wrong within your body when you ...Know More