Reclaiming Your Power by Building Boundaries: A Masterclass with Luke. WATCH NOW

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Reclaiming Your Power by Building Boundaries: A Masterclass with Luke. WATCH NOW

Building Boundaries.

The topic that I want to address today is close to my heart. I hope it impacts you the same way it has impacted me and the lives of thousands of our patients and the community we serve over the last couple of years. It is no news that good nutrition, adequate exercise, and deep sleep are crucial for optimal health. But what most of us often forget is that emotional health is at the top of this paradigm today.

Look around. Most people around us are stressed and burned out. We could blame it on the people, events, or shortcomings if we want to, but one thing that we have noticed over the last couple of years that stands in the way of most people’s healing and recovery is – building boundaries. It motivated me to create a masterclass on it. I hope it can help you in every way possible.

boundaries-luke-coutinhoBuilding Boundaries. Photo credit: Unsplash.

While building boundaries has a massive role in improving health, it isn’t just limited to that. It serves every single sphere of life – relationships, personal growth, family, work, and so much more.

Now, who is this masterclass for today? Everyone. Because everyone is struggling in some or another way with stress and anxiety. So many people are successful but feel empty. Some people feel exploited all the time. Like their personal space has been violated emotionally. If you are struggling with stress, successful but feeling empty, powerless, or dominated and walked over as if you were a doormat, then this session is for you.

No diet or exercise plan or supplement can ever work if the missing link between you and your happiest self is a lack of boundaries. Without boundaries, you let other people walk all over you, you become sucked into their agenda instead of your own, and you drain yourself of vital life force energy necessary to build a great life.

Boundaries exist everywhere. Does setting boundaries come with a consequence? Absolutely. Whether it is your life or a physical boundary, it is to protect your personal space, and there is nothing wrong, rude, or selfish with doing that. Set your boundaries with love, kindness, and respect. It is possible.

But if you are worried about how others might perceive this, then I want to say that even the most extraordinary personalities of all time like Mother Teresa had haters. So, don’t waste a lifetime pleasing others because you will never be able to. The whole point is to understand that we own our inner peace. I know it is easy to say but difficult to practice.

So, in this session, I have covered this topic in-depth, shared self-work exercises, and reflective questions that can empower you to set boundaries in your life. Go through this video, make your notes, absorb as much as you can, and action these learnings in your life.

Watch My Masterclass on Building Boundaries Here:

Remember, you are in the driver’s seat of your life. Do not give away that power to anyone else but YOU.

With gratitude,
Luke Coutinho


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