Holistic Healing Case Studies – Psoriasis

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Holistic Healing Case Studies – Psoriasis

I had a 7-year-old girl come in with extreme psoriasis issues. She has tried allopathy, steroidal creams, Ayurveda and the condition didn’t seem to get better (This doesn’t mean any of the treatments she was on was wrong. Symptoms will be treated the way they are supposed to by allopathic medicine). Her mum brought her to me and after much diagnosis, we agreed to make simple changes in her diet ranging from stopping wheat/gluten and dairy completely for 3-4 weeks. We eliminated white sugar and junk and replaced it with chemical free jaggery and raw unpasteurised honey. We increased her water intake and brought her sleep time which was at 9pm down to 7:30 PM to ensure at least 10 hours of good solid sleep which is needed for a growing child.

We added some more fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds and natural pre and probiotics including the overnight soaked fermented white rice. The mother was rightfully anxious as would be any parent. I asked her how she was handling the whole scenario and she expressed that she could not believe that her daughter could get something like that and she was in a state of denial that this had happened and wanted immediate fixes.

I explained to her the importance of accepting what is. When we don’t accept, the energy we emit is very different. It’s an energy that comes from a space of fear, denial, insecurity, worry and anxiety and this energy can immediately be picked up by a child and people around, changing the environment instantly from a that of healing to one of worry and fear and no good comes out of that change. It is by far the most difficult thing for a parent to see their children suffer but we must understand that acceptance is the first step to healing. When we accept, the mind moves forward to action mode. After we accept, we are able to have clarity in our mind and make decisions that can lead us to healing. When the mind is in denial, we are stuck and make hasty decisions from a space of fear and worry.

Acceptance and changed energy immediately are the energy that heals us finally. Energy from love, food, family, medicine, sun, water, environment is healing. Energy is energy, we make it positive or negative, good or bad, destructive or healing with our mindsets, beliefs and actions.

A few weeks later, the mother brought the little girl back to me, her problems had disappeared. The little girl was fine, her skin had cleared up, her stools were better and both mother and daughter were happy.

I asked the mom what you think worked for this amazing change. She said it was her accepting the situation in her mind and heart. This allowed her to move forward, action out the dietary and lifestyle changes, spend more time from a space of love and joy with her child. Thus, the energy in the house changed and everything got better.

You see, there is no magic medicine, food or supplement. Yes, we need all of this to be a crutch to healing, but the magic of healing is within each of us. It’s an intelligence that needs to be harnessed by providing the right and favourable environment, both outside and inside of the person who is sick. It involves human emotions to be used like powerful drugs to be integrated in the system of healing. Each of us have the ability to heal one another with the energy we can create for one and other along with all the other crutches. Healing can begin with energies and the environment changes. Energy changes environments, other outside and within us.

If we are stuck with sickness or health problems, we must look within – Are we in denial and playing victim mode or have we been able to accept? Acceptance doesn’t make us weak. It in fact gives us the power to begin a new journey. It is difficult to accept when we are controlled by inflated egos and pride, but when we lower or soften those barriers, we can truly accept and that begins the healing for us and for those around or close.

It’s not always about medicine and diet, it’s also about beyond medicine.

-Luke Coutinho

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  • Manisha Bendale Reply

    I am suffering Psoriasis from last 5years also psoriatic arthritis.There are red patches on both hands and legs also having always itching on skin n pain in legs &both hands.I have Hypothyroid also,I taking Eltroxin 0.50 mcg tab.
    Please guide me

    November 10, 2022 at 9:41 pm
  • Achala Reply

    Hi my son is suffering from soraisis.which lifestyle is to follow to make him cure

    February 13, 2023 at 11:03 am

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