The Vitamin O Prescription

Termed as vitamin O, oxygen is one of the most essential vitamins that we require and we cannot do without that as humans. A lot happens when we breathe the right way, our immunity gets boosted we burn more fat, because fat burns in the presence of oxygen so the next time you're eating...


The Power Of Diaphragmatic Breathing

When you meet with an accident or anything in the emergency room in a hospital the first thing they put on to you is oxygen because your vital organs require oxygen. Every one of those billion cells in the human body requires oxygen for survival. I could tie oxygen to almost every imbalance that...


Dealing With Cancer Recurrence

The medical world has made dramatic progress. We no longer have diseases which plagued us years and years ago but we are today faced with a new set of diseases that are promoted by tension, poor lifestyle choices, diseases that are caused by stress be it a cardiovascular, be it most cases of Cancer....


The Easy Lung Cleanse

Almost all of us have no control over when it comes to the air that we breathe the environmental toxins and the pollution all around us. Your lung is made up of ninety percent space for air and the balance ten percent is tissues. Most lung disorders and lung infections and diseases ranging from...


Stress And Emotions And How We Can Reset Ourselves

Today everyone focuses on diet and exercise and we constantly strive to continue to lose weight or to build our health back. What we have to keep in mind is the mental and emotional self. You see the human body; our entire well-being revolves around five selves. (more…)

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Stop Thinking and Start Living

Just like breathing thinking is also an unconscious action and our conscious thoughts and then there are unconscious thoughts which are constantly happening every second of the day. We could either be speaking to someone we could be reading something we could be watching something we could be tracking something on social media but...

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How Children Develop Unhealthy Food Preferences

It's not like we don't have enough of knowledge of what food is good for our children and what foods bad for our children. The problem lies in the kind of food that is being served by schools, the kind of children's parties that we send our kids for where they get offered a...

New Year Resolutions for your health and your body

Every year people around the world spend that time early in January or towards the end of December getting together their New Year resolutions which is usually fuelled or promoted by social media and everything else. What if we could have a good time and still continue to lose (more…)