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Build Healthy Gut in Your Children Naturally


Today a lot of children have allergies and skin problems like eczema psoriasis and asthma and many other skin issues. As adults we can see this growing as a common trend amongst our children today and a lot of this relates back to the way we have brought up our children and our changing environment every single day.

Obsessive Cleaning
We are living in a world which is very clean. We keep using all antimicrobial hand washes and bath soaps. Microbes play an important role in building a healthy gut. Microbes are smaller organisms that are found everywhere. They are in the air, on your skin, in your clothes, in the food that you eat, in soil and it’s everywhere. There are good microbes and there are bad microbes. Most of the microbes are found in your gut. Now these microbes in your gut feed your good bacteria so we need microbes. Same is for plants. If your soil didn’t have microbes your plants wouldn’t live. Your plants would die and if our plants didn’t live in our plants died we wouldn’t exist on this planet.

Good Microbes
Microbes are required by plants to pull out nutrients from the soil into the plant for the plant to grow. These microbes when they constantly feed on each other they are alive. These microbes consume nutrients from the soil and they produce food like oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, potassium, phosphorus; all the key elements that plants need to grow and then we eat plants and that’s how we get our vitamins and our nutrients.Now days we are overdoing it on all these probiotics. Probiotics again have become a fad. Everyone thinks that by eating a probiotic their gut level is going to be good. But your good bacteria, once you ingest a probiotic will probably live for maybe a few hours in the body, if they’re not given the right prebiotics to survive.

Playing in Soil
One very powerful lifestyle change that I would like you to introduce is playing with soil. Now I live in a city where I don’t have a garden and I’m not about to go to a common park or a common garden where there are rats running around or dogs peeing and pooping everywhere and dirtying my hands and that kind of dirt to get microbes. I’m talking about making yourself a microbe box. This is unconventional but it’s super powerful and it is really meditative in nature. I’m going to tell you exactly how it works. A lot of you who live in places where you have access to gardens or access to clean outdoors, get your children to play in mud, get your children to play with soil because these microbes get into your fingernails they get into your skin and they reach your gut making your gut and your immunity extremely strong. These microbes from soil feed your good bacteria, it feeds your probiotic. So then you have a ratio of more good bacteria and less bad bacteria making your immunity grow stronger and that’s how you enable the body to help prevent allergies or to help fight the allergies that you currently have and possibly heal them.

Microbe Box

So how do you make a microbe box if you don’t live in a place where you have no access or you have a limitation on space? So I basically got a big box and filled it with organic soil and in this soil add a few leaves maybe once in a week or a few seeds to it basically not to grow but for it to basically generate and feed the microbes. So what happens is it decays and it becomes natural compost. Every day you get your child to play or you play with the soil for five minutes and it is therapeutic. It connects me with nature. This way you can get microbes into your system; natural microbes that will feed your probiotics better than any supplement and it makes your child’s immunity much stronger as well as yours. I see so many people using gloves when they’re planting in their gardens and you know you are not getting any of the microbes in. You need microbes so sometimes be to clean is a bad thing.

Once in a way have a bath without soap because there are microbes on your skin which gets into your system and actually feeds your probiotics. It’s good for your gut and immunity. Do not use soaps and shampoos which are full of chemicals because these chemicals make you so clean that they wipe your body of all the necessary microbes that you have. In the olden days people used mixtures of ground moong dal as a natural scrub retaining your microbes in your skin. Limit the amount of perfumes that you use because perfumes contain alcohol which cleans our skin of all microbes. Sleeping in an air-conditioned room all the time is bad as you need to let in some fresh air even though it’s polluted because fresh air contains microbes which help you boost your immunity.

All microbes are not bad. But an e-coli or salmonella could be fatal at times but those express themselves only when we have more bad bacteria and less of the good bacteria. But when we have large colonies of good bacteria it doesn’t allow the expression of an e coli or salmonella which is why it’s always good when you have a digestive issue or you have any of these issues or these viruses in your body to improve your gut health so that you improve the amount of good bacteria in your body.


Luke Coutinho


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