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Kids Menu for December 2020 – Indian + International [Free Download]

Dear Parents, 
Happy December! Thank you for your overwhelming response to the monthly menus for kids. Most parents believe that getting kids to eat healthy demands quite a bit of patience. However, we believe that healthy can be made tasty too! It’s how smartly you plan and design their meals. These couple of months have been a little trying for most parents as they juggle between work, home, kids, parents, and festivities. Realising this, we started to share simple, nutritionally balanced, kid-friendly menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – for all 4 weeks of the month, that parents can download for free, print and plan meals ahead of time to save time and also know that your kids are eating well. Our December menu is ready! 

We have created two menus – Indian and International – based on choices and preferences. All meals are thoughtfully curated keeping in mind the nutrient synergy, balancing, and taste.
If there is any specific recipe you would like to receive from the attached menu, please type in your request in the blog comment section and our Meal Planning Expert will help you out.Please note: This is a general menu plan and does not address any medical condition. If your child has a medical condition or is taking medications, it is necessary to seek professional help and get a nutrition plan personalised to his/her case.

Download December menu : Kids Menu for Dec 2020

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