The Root Cause Of 70% Of Lifestyle Diseases REVEALED!

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The Root Cause Of 70% Of Lifestyle Diseases REVEALED!

As sickness continues to grow across different countries in the world, there is a massive gap between treatment and healing that needs to be filled with things like nutrition, adequate amounts of exercise, the right quality of sleep, the right quantity of sleep and your emotional health. You can never divorce physical health from emotional health. There have been studies showing the impact of your emotions on your health. There are people who give up medications (I don’t recommend this without your doctor’s permission) and suddenly get this surge of energy from within. The energy to change, to accept and let go and change their emotional health and that newfound energy helps them make decisions that they can heal and live healthy lives.

Feeling Good
We all must start paying respect and consideration to the emotional health that we all have. All of us are born with certain traits. No one escapes it. We’re born with levels of anger, bitterness, lust, envy and jealousy. When I speak to some of my vipassana teacher friends and yoga teachers and people who have given in to a life of meditation; they too go through feelings of anger, jealousy, lust, abandonment and rejection. We’re living in this chaotic world, in the rat-race, stress after stress, trigger after trigger of stress, the more these feelings come up in us and the more we push these feelings down within us. I have nothing against people who drink alcohol or party and do all that stuff. Being social, outward and part of social groups creates happiness and happiness is good for us because we need to feel good and feeling good inside is all about good health and well-being.

Do Not Suppress Emotions
The problem is when we start using all the materialistic things around us like drugs and alcohol to numb our emotions. So, if I get angry and I think I can fix it with a glass of whiskey for example, it’s a bad thing when that becomes a habit because we never ever get to the root cause of the emotion and we never learn to start managing our anger, instead we start learning to numb it and comfort our negative emotions. That may be good to get us from point A to B but the entire journey we start pushing it down and one fine day all these emotions start consuming us because today we must understand that every emotion that we push back into our system, every emotion that we constantly internalize, we’re pushing it in, it impacts trillions of cells in your body. Good health starts from a cell and bad health also starts from a cell. Your immunity starts from a cell and every negative or every bad feeling that you have or bad thought or negative thought that you have vibrates through every one of those trillion cells. For example, right now when you get angry, jealous, abandoned or you feel rejected or you have resentment and bitterness in you; how does it make your body feel? Your body starts cringing. Your body doesn’t open up like when it’s joyous and happy. All those trillion cells are vibrating with that negative energy affecting cellular health. All the energy to your brain, body, glow in your face, skin, hair, liver, kidneys and lungs starts from cellular energy.

Emotions to Disease
We all know that almost every emotion has a connection with some part in the human body. For example, anger; we see people with anger and rage having problems with their heart and their liver, we see people who are filled with bitterness and resentment having problems with their gallbladder which contains bile. Bile helps you break down fat in the human body. When we’re struggling to lose weight, and burn fat we have a problem with our gallbladder. We’re not producing enough of bile to break down fat and I see that in people struggling to lose weight, they have resentment, bitterness, disgust and anger in them as they are doing so much still they can’t lose weight and they are moving from one person to another and one gym to another. With all that frustration building up, that frustration is compromising your goal towards weight loss. This is why it’s so important to work with your physical body, your nutrition and your emotional health at the same time. When we get angry and we have rage in us, it injures the arteries in your heart and produce inflammation. No amount of cholesterol medication will heal an artery which is destroyed or injured by anger and by rage. For example, when we get stressed with a lot of anxiety the immunity cells which are required to fight virals and viruses get compromised. That’s why when we’re stressed we tend to fall sick faster. You get flus, colds, coughs and we start sneezing. When people get stressed and have a lot of anxiety in them their defence systems falls down. Any internalization of emotions, suppresses your immunity and over your immunity is the first and last line of defence in the human body. When we’re trying to prevent a disease or we’re trying to heal a disease we need immunity to be at its strongest. Most diseases especially cancer comes with a lot of fear. A fear of the unknown that the media’s made us believe that first stage, second stage, third stage and fourth stage and that’s the end because at the fourth stage you don’t have medication to treat the patient. This is why there’s no fifth or sixth or seventh stage but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of life. There are so many fourth stage patients of cancer who are living for the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth year in fourth stage which is just a protocol. So, fear is also a negative emotion which destroys our immunity. When fear lowers our immunity it also lowers other hormones which bring up anger, irritability, frustration, envy, jealousy and all of the seven deadly sins which is why it is so important that we give due importance not just to our physical health but emotional health also. Everyone’s out jogging, running marathons, doing Cross Fit, working out in gyms and all of that stuff but wise and blessed are the people who also give attention and exercise to their brains, their mind and their emotions.

Spiritual Healing
Spirituality today has become a fad. People run from a chanting class to a yoga class and a meditation class and it’s a to-do list, a tick in that box on their to-do list. Then they get lost in their chaotic day never letting the essence of pranayama, the essence of yoga, the essence of meditation and the essence of mindfulness slip into their daily life. It’s so easy to tell everyone be mindful, eat mindfully, live mindfully and think mindfully. It’s great but it becomes a fad if we don’t let it slip into our life and into practice. This is called conscious and mindful living. Everyone knows they should eat mindfully but do we really do it? Do we really try to do it at each meal? Just because we start meditating doesn’t mean our anger is going to disappear. In fact, you are going to get more and more angry and everything’s going to come out. You are going to get more and more jealous, you are going to get more and more whatever negative emotions you have because it’s been pushed down years and years of covered with layers and right now we’re removing those layers through our spirituality and through our practice and all those emotions have to come up and that’s where we fail we give up and we say that this is not working for me. I’m still irritable, angry, I can’t sleep and I still can’t be calm. The role of meditation is not to make you calm, the role of meditation is for you to get that strength to release your emotions because when you release those emotions you automatically become calm.

Weight Loss Begins in Mind
Right now, most women and men struggling to lose weight do everything they can. It is because of the amount of resentment, frustration, irritability and anger that they wake up with. Every morning after they stand on that weighing scale and they look at this one number which dictates how they will feel for the rest of their day and if that emotion only changes from something like I failed today I’ll get better tomorrow and I’ll get better tomorrow because you got to remember it took you more than one or two years to put on all that weight that you want to lose in one month two months or three months. It will not happen only in a way where you punish your body and you just not lose that weight, you lose your health as well. There’s one question that we all have to ask ourselves. Do we feel good inside? That’s the best biofeedback that your body can ever give you. If you go through days and days of not feeling good inside you better pull up your socks and you better start making changes in your lifestyle to start feeling good, if it’s within your control.

Balanced Emotions
We can’t live a life just feeling good all the time. It’s not possible because there will be happy moments and there will be sad moments. There will be angry moments and there will be happy and peaceful moments as well. You got to learn how to accept all of these things and stop fixing it with quick fixes that numb all of these emotions like materialistic things. 86% of the breast cancer patients that we’ve diagnosed in India from January to the 31st of October; the root cause of their cancer links and correlates to an emotional stress or event that they’ve had in their life six months to a year before the cancer appeared in their body. We know this because we go into that level of diagnosing. I had one question for every patient. Before you fell sick, what was going on in your life six months to a year and believe me 86% of these patients had something tragic that they can now relate to that caused the downfall in their health. It could be a divorce or a relationship issue or the death of a child and of a loved one or property issues or in law issues or the loss of a job or the loss of business or something solid. Now all of us go through this. It doesn’t mean we have to get cancer or a disease. What I mean is we got to start getting aware of our emotions every single day because like a rust it’ll slowly grow within us and then slowly corrode and destroy our health.

Gut Health
Serotonin which is a happy hormone is made in the gut. So, if you have a poor functioning gut you will feel sluggish in your mind and fatigued and constantly lethargic and then will misconceive that to be depression and start taking those pills. At the same time people who need to be on the pills for the right time for anxiety and depression must take it but they must also change the health of gut so that the gut can produce the right amount of serotonin that will also help you to feel good and then you don’t get dependent or addicted to that one pill.

Invest Time not Money
Loneliness is a very powerful and destructive emotion and that’s why we have to look at our parents, at the elderly and at the people who grow old. They get lonely and most of them get sick out of loneliness. Just imagine today you’re surrounded by people and have things to do, you have an office to go to, you have colleagues and friends and you have family. As we age and these things reduce around us loneliness sets in and loneliness is very destructive. One way to feel good right now is by giving time; time which is priceless; to our parents and to the elderly people. Money exists for NGOs. There are people who will sign out cheques and give you money and NGOs money all the time but the one gift which is time which is priceless, you can’t put a price on it because the time I give you now or the time you give someone today you will never get that time back again and that’s why that is one of the best sacrifices and one of the most priceless gifts you can give lonely people and your parents. They don’t want gifts, money or holidays. They just want your time to take away that loneliness and help them feel better.

Most people will never like to admit or maybe they don’t even know that they have problems with their emotions but when they hear this it’s time for introspection over this weekend to see what are these bad emotions that I have within me which are limiting me. It could just be fear or anger or rage or envy or lust or greed. It could be slot, it could be a feeling of rejection or a feeling of abandonment. Only when you are aware of what you have in you the next step is acceptance and the third step is embracing it and trying to find ways to heal it or make it better. That’s when we heal holistically. That’s when we can move a cancer in remission, reverse a diabetes, reduce cardiovascular problems and that’s when we can look at healing in a holistic manner. Some of the tools for a great weekend could be meditation, pranayama, listening to your favourite songs. Four or five of your favourite songs is meditative for most people as well. It’s not about sitting cross-legged, lighting a candle, putting on some music and meditating. It could be spending that intimate time with a person that you love, it could just be amongst your family, it could be a hobby or it could be a beautiful book.

Power of Emotional Healing
I have a little story to share. I treat a couple of members in the royal family in Dubai. I met the mother, her body was riddled with metastatic cancer and she had other complications as well. I finally got talking to her and she said I’m not stressed but there’s one thing that hurts me a lot when I was growing up, my children were around me all the time, we had fun times together and today they’re grown up. They’ve all set up businesses across the world and are busy. I love them and I know they love me but I feel this emptiness in me. This emptiness more than anything else, the cancer doesn’t trouble me, the pain in my bones doesn’t trouble me. So, I met up with the family the next week and I just told them if you can over the next one month spend as much of time as you can with this woman and I can promise you a month later if you see this woman her story will come out soon as she is healing and she is traveling. That one drug that the family could give her was love and care and the family understood and said we love our mother and we will do anything we can but we didn’t know she wanted that time.

So, if it’s in our ability and our capability to spend that time with people who are sick; be it our parents or be it people who are sick; the best voluntary work you could ever do is giving your time to people who are sick and people who are old. They need your time more than your money and that’s doing service and that service would make you feel good inside and when you feel good inside whatever is a disease I promise you will get better in most cases.

YouCare Is All About YOU

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We, humans, are products of nature. So, we thrive best when we operate within the laws and boundaries of nature. This includes the way we eat, move, sleep, think, our spiritual outlook, all of which can vary from individual to individual.

We believe in addressing the root cause and bio-individuality which respects you as a unique individual. Recovery begins when we respect medicine and focus beyond it too. We help you create the right external and internal environment that enables the intelligence of your body to kick in and contribute to prevention, recovery, and healing.

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