Breast Cancer – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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breast cancer

Breast Cancer – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

The National Cancer Institute states that thirty-three percent of breast cancers are preventable. We all have a lymphatic system whose job is to drain out cellular waste from your body. Now most lymphomas most carcinomas found in breast or lymph nodes which are infected is nothing but a jammed up lymphatic system or a toxic lymphatic system and when your lymphatic system is toxic it is simply nothing but poison that affects the energy balance of the cell that affects the DNA of a cell thus creating an environment in your system for the wrong genes to be expressed and then you have a mutation and uncontrollable division of cells and you have a cancer.


Major causes of Breast Cancer are :

  1. Poor lymphatic system circulation and drainage :

Most lymphomas and carcinomas found in breast tissues are nothing but a jammed up lymphatic system or toxic residues that affects the energy balance and DNA of a cell , creating an environment for the wrong genes to express itself .

There are threes main reasons for that :

Inactivity :

Lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump system ( like heart ) of its own . It relies on our movements for its circulation. Even a simple movement like a walk is enough to stimulate lymphatic system . Activity also causes sweating , which is another great way to eliminate toxins .

Wrong type of undergarments :

Most underwire bras are too tight from the armpits where lymph nodes are present . This can put a lot of pressure on the nodes thus cutting out the circulation of lymph and drainage of toxins .

Antiperspirants and roll-ons :

When we use antiperspirants over our armpits , we deactivate lymph modes from sweating and that causes retention of toxins within the lymphatic system which has a direct connection to mutations , lymphomas and carcinomas.

  1. Over exposure to xenoestrogens :

Xenoestrogens are a type of xenohormone that imitates estrogen hormone in females . Xenoestrogens are lurking everywhere, but in particularly large quantities in cosmetics like creams , deodorants , lipsticks , eyeshadows , hair colors and straighteners ,  plastic water bottles and other household items made from plastic , non-stick cookwares , etc . Exposure to them creates xenoestrogens in the body which mimic estrogen in a females body leading to an overload of estrogen ( estrogen dominance ) that too much for the liver to handle .  Estrogen dominance is one major contributor to breast cancer .

  1. Chronic constipation :

Our gut is responsible for not only eliminating toxic wastes from the body , but also excess estrogen to maintain equilibrium . Now due to chronic constipation , not only does the body retain the faecal matter , but all the excess estrogen gets once again backed up into the system . This creates Estrogen Dominance too .

  1. Birth control pills:

Women who take birth control pills are at a higher risk of cervical, liver and breast . This is because apart from the toxic overload , its works via blocking certain hormones and increasing levels of estrogen , which is a well known cause of breast cancer.

  1. Chronic stress :

When we are chronically stressed , our cortical levels shoot up .When cortisol levels shoot up , levels of thyroxine , DHEA , testosterone fall Thyroxine hormone controls every metabolic reaction in our body including immunity. DHEA is a precursor to immunity. Testosterone is required for immunity as well . So when cortisol levels are chronically high , immunity is chronically low and this welcome a mutation or an already mutated gene to express itself .

Apart from this , other common causes of breast cancer are chronic acidity , emotional internalisation , poor sleep , low water intake , excess refined sugar intake ( white / brown/HFCS/agave ) , binge drinking , smoking ,  persistent exposure to EMF radiations , underlying fertility problems like PCOS ,fibrous , endometriosis or hereditary in some cases .

Symptoms :

  1. A new lump or mass in breast ( most common) . In some cases it can be benign too , so getting it tested is important .
  2. Swelling of all or part of a breast
  3. Skin irritation or dimpling
  4. Sore beast and nipples .
  5. Nipple turning inward
  6. Redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple or breast skin
  7. Nipple discharge (other than breast milk)
  8. Swollen lymph nodes or lump in underarm area.

Other than this , other common symptoms can be : quick and unexplained weight loss , mouth sores , falling sick frequently , frothy stools , weakness , muscle pain .


Cancer is a multi-factorial condition and hence needs a multi-factorial approach in order to be prevented and healed. Successful healing only happens when you back the conventional treatment with a solid nutrition program and lifestyle change. Right from nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress to herbs and natural supplements and spices. So, there is really no fix for breast cancer, but an entire approach towards integrative healing that has to be adopted.

Apart from taking care of what caused breast cancer in the first place i.e.  chronic acidity , constipation , poor emotional balance , inflammation  , here are some things that could help specifically :

  1. Immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory foods :

Curcumin , pepper , cooked tomatoes , moringa , green tea , black tea , star anise , bitter apricot kernels , castor oil , berries , ginger , omega-3 , nuts , seeds , probiotics

  1. Fix important mineral and vitamin deficiencies like :

Minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc copper, phosphorus, boron

Vitamins: Vitamin D3 (most important), Vitamin A, E, C, B-vitamins,

  1. Sulphur rich foods :

Sulphur rich foods contain Indole-3-carbinol which has the capacity to convert bad estrogen into good estrogen. Eg : onion , garlic , cauliflower , cabbage , asparagus , broccoli

  1. Regular detoxification :

By regularly detoxifying our main eliminatory organs like liver, kidneys, colon, skin, lungs we can reduce the toxic overload of our body and that’s what enables us to heal and prevent breast cancer .  A clean liver is also capable of producing Glutathione , which is a master antioxidant .

  1. Oxygen :

Our immunity needs oxygen to function at its best. The right amount of oxygen helps maintain an alkaline body.

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