Covid 19 Lifestyle Support

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covid lifestyle support

Covid 19 Lifestyle Support

Ever since the COVID outbreak, we have received countless queries around its prevention and recovery. Understanding that this is the need of the hour and critical to get the right information, our integrative team of expert dieticians, nutritionists, yoga experts, clinical dieticians have researched and put together a COVID Lifestyle Support Document combining their expertise and experience on lifestyle measures that have worked for our clients to support COVID prevention and management. The document covers all aspects of lifestyle you can adopt to prevent or manage the COVID infection, which is scientifically backed. There are two parts to the document, Part 1 focusing on prevention and Part 2 on recovery and management.

The entire document is based on the foundation of our four pillars – balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep, and emotional detox. It covers aspects of nutrition, what to eat and what to avoid, remedies and tips to handle side-effects and symptoms that patients generally face, recipes, yoga therapy to boost immunity and respiratory health, tips, and suggestions for better sleep for a speedy recovery and stronger immunity and powerful lifestyle changes to help boost your emotional and mental well-being as well.

We hope this document is helpful in answering any question you may have and adds value to your health, whether you are looking at prevention or recovery. You could use it in conjunction with what your doctor has prescribed, as both are important. You can share and forward this within your social circles, family groups, communities, societies, school groups, corporates, and office groups – for everyone’s benefit.

Disclaimer :

This is not a replacement for the medical protocol given by doctors or any medications that the person is on.
If a specific food does not suit you, please do not consume it.
Please personalize suggestions and recommendations based on your health condition and lifestyle.

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Download Covid 19 Lifestyle Support PDF: Covid-19-Lifestyle-Support

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