Autism: Signs, Symptoms And Treatment

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Autism: Signs, Symptoms And Treatment

I don’t have a magic pill to sell or offer you false hope by claiming Autism can be reversed completely. What I do have to offer you are years of experience in handling clients who have brought their kids to us with autism or put into a bucket of “autism spectrum”, because they showed possible symptoms and behaviors.My note is not for you to replace your doctors or medicines but to inspire you to make simple changes, that we did and saw from little to massive progress in these kids. It should make all of us wonder how there is only funding and research for more pills and chemicals to treat a condition and zero research into natural things like diet, lifestyle, sleep, environment, etc. Anyway, I’m here to say take your medicines, conventional treatments, therapies if you have to, but there is a lot more beyond medicine, a lot more that is refused to be studied and researched, simply because you cant make money out of changing diet, eating better, moving more, sleeping better, reducing stress or changing the environment – both outside of us and within us.

Following are some of our takeaways from the cases we handle and the experiences we have :

Number 1: If your child is being labelled and categorized, just to start treatment. Please believe and know that many children hit their milestones slower than others. Don’t label your child just yet. You may begin whatever treatments you and your doctor believes to be right but don’t label your child verbally in your subconscious mind or in your talks around your child. The very word “autism” makes us cringe and our energies and vibrations change and your child will pick it up. There are miracles that happen all the time. Your child is not a number or statistic. He or she may or will be the miracle that happens. Your child has a problem and you are doing everything to deal with it. But don’t label them even if the medical world has. You got to keep your energy high, strong and positive. And that happens only through your thoughts, belief, hope, the way you feel and the words you speak.

Every child and human is unique and just because they are put into a bucket or under a label doesn’t mean all of them have to respond or not respond or progress or not progress. That’s hope for us and we need to hold on to that and not submit to the outcome of what the bucket or label describes.

2. Immediately get off wheat and dairy. Completely stop wheat and all forms of dairy. Your child will not be malnourished. Several infants are born celiac or/and lactose intolerant and grow up just fine and healthy by eating a diet that makes up for the elimination of dairy and wheat. Wheat and dairy are inflammatory to the gut and believe me, your child’s gut and Autism have a massive connection.

3. Pure ghee and virgin quality, cold pressed coconut oil are great for the gut lining and help absorb Vitamin A, D, E, K. These are essential vitamins needed for the child’s growth and development. Cut out refined oils immediately and completely. The gut needs to heal and inflammation needs to reduce. These fats are also great immune boosters and keeps candida at bay which is a must when a child is autistic or for that matter, anyone.

4. We have seen cases where the child is so low on Vitamin D3 and B12 and only by getting their doctors to up these levels, the parents saw a significant progress in milestones. Please understand this is so important. Many doctors are okay with the range being on the lower side within the reference range, but move it to the higher level within the range. Common sense. Why would a higher range exist on a medical report, if it was not necessary ? More and more science is showing the importance of higher D3 and B12 levels, within range. Additionally, ask your doctor to prescribe folic acid as well as a B-complex as these two play a crucial role in cognition development. Folic acid influences the baby’s brain, because a lack of the nutrient leads to neural tube defects that affect the brain and spinal cord.

5. Probiotics and Prebiotics – Many people will say there is no medical evidence about this but these are natural and can cause no harm. Plus, wouldn’t you want to do anything to get your kid better ? The best natural probiotic that you can use is rice kanji. You take 1-2 tablespoons of cooked and cooled white rice, put it in a little clay pot, cover it with water and put the lid on and soak overnight for 5-8 hours. Give this to your child the next morning, empty stomach. Ofcourse you are free to use other pre and probiotics under guidance, but this is simple, super effective and easy to do.

6. Omega 3’s – Extremely important for neurological function, development and reducing inflammation. From a supplement given under supervision to fatty fish, flax seeds, walnuts, you will find enough sources to add this to the diet.

7. Garlic – Powerful for the immune system and has the ability to control yeast overgrowth, extremely important for gut health and Autism. Garlic has the ability to stimulate the production of glutathione , the master antioxidant of the body thats necessary for detoxification and proper gut function. Throw in cooked or even better raw. A bit or raw onion helps too.

8. Those with Autism can have trouble breaking down protein into the amino acids. So they need a process that can be supported by supplementing with digestive enzymes or eating foods rich in digestive enzymes like pineapple, banana, avocado, sauerkraut, mango and raw unpasteurized honey (never give an infant under 1 year).

9. Foods rich in antioxidants – all berries, almonds, pecans, spinach, all beans/legumes, moringa, wheatgrass, spirulina, fruits, vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower.

10. White sugar , processed food , food colors especially blue , red , pink and yellow is a must stop. I know it will be difficult but believe me the parents who are making this work are figuring it out and making it work.

11. If you are still breastfeeding, don’t stop. Continue breast feeding as there is no food in the world that can substitute the nutrition and minerals in breast milk.
(women planning pregnancy, please start prenatal supplements at least 3 months before you start planning)

12. I may sound funny but I’ve always encouraged parents to whisper into their childs ears while they are in deep sleep – “You are healing”, “You are healthy and strong“, “Your body heals you“ , “You are whole, healthy and beautiful“. Many parents swear that they feel it works. What do you have to lose if you do it ? All you are doing is programming your child’s subconscious which plays a huge role in healing.

13. Epsom salt baths – You don’t have to have a bath tub. You can use a bucket to soak the whole of half of your child’s body with about 80- 100 grams of epsom salt (magnesium sulphate ). Soak for about 10- 15 min (make sure during or post the soak, they sip on water to avoid dehydration ). Do this 3-5 times a week.

14. Ice cold baths/soaks – If you can manage this, its very therapeutic.

15. Time in nature and outdoors – Nature is healing and it is so important that they get this along with some sunshine.

16. Please please avoid or strictly limit screen time – iPads, phones, videos, games, long exposure to screens on long flights especially night flights when the child should be sleeping and not awake and confused with bright LED lights.

17. Sleep – the earlier the better. The body and brain can and will only heal in a state of complete relaxation. The hours before midnight are the most healing. 7pm – 8pm latest, get your child on the bed, Avoid late nights at all costs. The miracle of sleep can contribute to healing too.

18. Visualise – You, your family, spouse – can all visualize and send so much healing energy to your child. Once you have done a little bit of deep breathing to centre yourself, close your eyes, be calm and visualise how you want your child to be. Feel it, see it, visualise holidays together with your healthy healed child, school, parties, movies etc. You just see this picture clearly in your mind despite what he/she is going through. There is so much power in visualisation. You can do it and others can do it for your child too.

19. Never forget the miracle of prayer – If you find it difficult to provide positive and healing energy, look into your life and heart. Who do you need to forgive ? What are you holding onto ? Any grudges, hate, envy etc ? Slowly work to release that. our You will experience your heart clearing up and unleashing the immense energy on trillions of your cells that you can now use to heal your child.

20. Last but not the least, find a doctor that believes your child will get better. Your child is not a prescribed number or statistic on a piece of paper, remember that. Your child is a gift with a body that has an intelligence that has been compromised. The same power and energy that built that body can and may heal it too.

Never stop believing, praying and hoping.

– Luke Coutinho

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