This Vitamin Can Improve Your Emotional Health

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This Vitamin Can Improve Your Emotional Health

For the longest time, we believe that deficiency of even one mineral or vitamin can create innumerable problems in the human body. All of us have believed that vitamin D is only related to bone health, but we find that its far beyond that. Vitamin D is connected with brain health, immunity, production of sex hormones, weight management, maintain acidic and alkaline levels. Hence deficiency of a single vitamin like Vitamin D can have so many repercussions and sometimes, instead addressing each of these problems in isolation, all you need is to fix it with a single vitamin.

You’ve probably never heard of Vitamin Y because it’s not a vitamin that we get in foods, seeds, nuts, animal products or plants. It’s nothing but “YOU”.  Some of you may call it “Me” time, but I’d like to call it as “You” time because it’s about you.

Me Time

Each of us need to at least take out 15-20 mins just for ourselves. Just you and you alone.  No technology, Facebook, videos, twitter, Instagram. Just try to put away the gadgets and sit by yourself.  This is the time when you wouldn’t even want your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, children. Is YOU time where you sit in solitude.
If you allow this, there is a lot of magic that happens in solitude. You really start understanding more about yourself. You start reflecting, introspecting and realising how your life is and if it moving in the right direction.

How can you find “YOU” time?

Sit down with a paper and pen and start writing down everything that you do in a day. Once you do that, you will find pockets of time that you aren’t probably aware of. “Me” time could be as simple as doing yoga, meditating or just sitting and being all by themselves. You don’t have to try to do something. You can just be listening to your favourite songs or reading your favourite book.It could involve watching a sunset with a cup of coffee or tea, watching the sunrise, sitting by the ocean or park or even bedroom, but alone.


Self-worth has got to do nothing with your finances, or materialistic things like expensive handbags, it’s about you. Every human being wants to be valued, acknowledged and appreciated. When this happens, they thrive and shine. If you appreciate your partner for the little things they do, they are only going to do more and more. When we start knowing our worth, we become so clear about our talent, worth, skills, vision that we automatically end up doing things that we love. We follow a career that not just allows us to grow in terms of designation but also evolve in terms of career, ambition, spirituality and everything else.


Today, most sickness is caused because of human emotions. Feelings like anger, resentment, guilt, fear, insecurity, low self-esteem can be detrimental to us.  When you start to introspect, you start asking questions  like “Am I doing the things I really love?” ,  “Am I in the right place?” , “Is this job making me feel awful and negative?”. These are the questions that we need to ask ourselves in order to move ahead.

If you look at a wheel of a bullock cart in the olden times, you will notice the wheels had a pin called linchpin. That pin helps keep all the wheels together. You pull off the linchpin and the entire cart collapses. Similarly, every human being has a linchpin, meaning, the most important thing in their life.  For some its sleep and for some its spending time with their family. What is your linchpin? Well, you can only answer that if you spent time in knowing yourself enough.

YouCare Is All About YOU

You cannot pour from an empty cup. So build YOU first before nourishing the world. You Care is all about YOU. - Luke Coutinho

We are a team/ecosystem of highly-trained registered clinical dietitians, certified nutritionists, experienced life coaches, yoga experts, emotional counselors, skilled allopathic medical practitioners, and homeopathy doctors who adopt a 360-degree approach and combine medicine and lifestyle to transform lives. We work on holistic prevention care and recovery by emphasizing the four pillars of health — Balanced Nutrition, Adequate Exercise, Quality Sleep, and Emotional Detox.

We, humans, are products of nature. So, we thrive best when we operate within the laws and boundaries of nature. This includes the way we eat, move, sleep, think, our spiritual outlook, all of which can vary from individual to individual.

We believe in addressing the root cause and bio-individuality which respects you as a unique individual. Recovery begins when we respect medicine and focus beyond it too. We help you create the right external and internal environment that enables the intelligence of your body to kick in and contribute to prevention, recovery, and healing.

Our integrative and preventive lifestyle programs have helped hundreds of thousands manage conditions ranging from cancer, diabetes, thyroid, cardiovascular, autoimmune disorders, low immunity to other rare syndromes.

You can read the life-changing journeys and powerful testimonials of people that pour in from across the globe here.

Our team is here to help you. Be a part of our integrative wellness programs by clicking here or book a consultation to be guided in the right direction. Call us on 18001020253 or write to us at

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