How To Deal With Trolls, Toxic And Negative People.

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How To Deal With Trolls, Toxic And Negative People.

Why we need to ignore trolls and negative toxic people? They talk behind your back, because they are BEHIND you,,keep moving forward and don’t let them slow you down. They try and bring you down, because you are above them. Don’t fall, keep rising and shining.

They judge you and name call, because they are trying to be you but they cant be. They are jealous of you and hence their feel with their wicked words and gossip they can bring you down,,,keep moving forward so long as you know you have the right intention in your heart.

They make you feel guilty, they make you feel you are doing it all wrong … listen to feedback and criticism, but know your heart and mind so well, that you don’t let the opinions of the world change your dreams..

Remember, as the old saying goes, ‘ when elephants walk, dogs bark alongside ‘ keep walking anyway.

It is the weak, insecure, empty and shallow people in life who will judge, ridicule and never be happy for someone else’s success,,,,say a prayer for them and move on

Feel the pain of their words if you must, but remind yourself of what you have achieved , what you have and who you are..

Understand that constant complaint and judging in thoughts or words , the stronger the ego gets and most trolls and highly chronically negative people have inflated egos that they may not be aware off.

Move on with your head up and your heart light .

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