How To Take Responsibility Of Your Life

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Your Life, Your responsibility

How To Take Responsibility Of Your Life

As much as it sounds assertive, it’s the truth. We can sit back and find a ton of reasons, situations, events, and people who have caused unhappiness and misery in our life, we can wallow in the mistakes we made and let it anchor us down, we can fight, play power moves in relationships, blame, belittle, threaten, use emotional blackmail, blame someone that because of them you will get sick or fall sick or are sick, but all of this changes nothing for you. Absolutely, nothing. You are still responsible for yourself.

When you blame, you create fear in the other person, and that person’s actions and reactions will mostly be based on your emotions, either from a space of fear or a space of love. Many people will start to behave to please you just to keep peace, avoid confrontation, and stay low because of the repercussions of your behaviour, emotions, etc. However, all of this doesn’t serve you any good, apart from just your ego jumping in joy for its false sense of win. But nothing really changes.

We cannot allow stress and negativity, emotional baggage, and our past, to be the cause of disease, discomfort, and suffering anymore. While suffering is a part of life, like, ups and downs, happiness and sadness, light and dark, we cannot allow this to take away from our health, life and living.

The connection between chronic stress, fear, anxiety, uncontrolled emotions and disease, including some of the deadliest diseases, has been established medically and scientifically. Stress is a root cause and while we assume a victim role because of what may have happened, the unfairness, hurt, let-downs, mistakes, failures, we must understand that it’s still ours and only our responsibility to rise above this victim mode and move to action and change. We cannot blame others for making us sick. The situation or the person may be a contributor, but now it’s up to us, and we must remind ourselves that our health, life and happiness is our responsibility and this requires us to make change and take action to move forward.

When you go through various stages of life like the bad, the ugly, hurt, pain, betrayal, and you take responsibility and stop trying to shift and project it on everyone and the world, you start to take action to make your life better, to evolve and to personally grow. You realize, no matter what the situation is, it is what it is. It’s happened, and there is nothing you can do about it to change the past. The only thing in your control is what you can do now, and what you do now, determines how your future will be. Know and remind yourself every day that your life, health, inner peace, and this body is yours, and hence you are responsible for it. You make a shift in your thinking and your beliefs. You start to move from being stuck to action because you know that your life is entirely your responsibility. Yes, we can have people to mentor, help, guide, be there for us. We can pray, ask for help, and all of that, but we still have to know that change is our responsibility, and so is action. There is no other way.

So many of us have made mistakes, failed, let down others, or let ourselves down. We can reflect on all of this, learn and take action, or, we can allow them to become emotional suppressors in our life, make ourselves doormats, and the main players in our own suffering. We need to constantly remind ourselves that no human is perfect, we all err and make mistakes, and we can use them for our greater good and growth. After all, we cannot change what has happened, but only the present and hence, the future.

So, rise up now. Pull yourself up from the past, from all the fear that’s building stories, illusions, and anxieties within you. Know that only action and change can move you forward. The right people will understand and support you, and the wrong will continue to drag and keep you down. No matter what, it’s your responsibility, your life, and everything to do with it – your individual responsibility.

Now, what action will you take?

“Remember, the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering.” – Paulo Coelho

So, whatever it is you must face, face it knowing you are being looked after and protected by the higher good, and lift yourself and move forward because you now know that your life and everything to do with it is your responsibility.

  • Luke Coutinho

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