Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle Tips

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Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle Tips

The day the news of your pregnancy is revealed, you become a new avatar; have a different role and a quantum of responsibilities by your side.

It takes a few days or even more for the fact to seep in and you will have mixed feelings of elation and fear to get through it all fit and fine. Be it a completely planned or an unplanned pregnancy, it is a totally new feeling. You may feel lost, fearful, anxious, unconfident or even depressed at times.

I am sure you have read dozens of articles and books about pregnancy. You are well aware of what to eat, how to sit, how to sleep, what the birthing process is like, epidurals, post pregnancy foods and much more. We have tons of resources available today but trust me; it always takes more than this!

From the day you discover about the presence of a tiny new life in our womb, you get super conscious of everything you do, the way you stand or sit, your eating pattern, your spiritual inclination or even your language of communication. You always keep the little one in mind in all your actions.

And, there are your family, friends and neighbours who each have a piece of advice waiting for you.

  • Hey! Don’t walk that fast, slow down.
  • Start eating for two, the baby needs it.
  • Why are you still working? Just relax and rest at home.
  • Why isn’t your tummy showing yet?
  • Oh! You have gained a lot of weight. It doesn’t look like you will lose it easily post delivery.

Hey mother, don’t mind all this!

Pregnancy is one of the most precious periods of your life. Abate your fears and don’t let anything dampen your spirits. Here is how you can deal with all these pieces of advice.

  • Firstly, have faith and visualise that you have all that your child needs in you.
  • Get your facts right and don’t get misled by wrong information easily available on online platforms. Always check with your doctor or nutritionist if you are confused about certain things.
  • You don’t need to prove anything to anybody. If your body allows you to continue with your job, go ahead. If you do not feel physically and emotionally prepared, there is no need to prove yourself by balancing all the pans at once. Every body and mind is different. Respect it.
  • Never pity yourself for missing your favourite foods, clothes or certain activities. Take complete charge with all your heart. It is one of the most rewarding feelings in the end that is worth every bit of it.
  • Make it a point to meditate daily, be it guided meditation or just simply getting engrossed in your favourite music or hobby.
  • Stay physically active as per your body’s limit. The right amount and type of physical activity is essential during pregnancy, under reliable supervision.
  • Enjoy and make the most out of this beautiful phase. Remember, a happy mother raises a happy child.

P.S.: If any husband, mother, mother-in-law, or friend of a pregnant woman is reading this, go ahead and support her emotionally as that is something we are still missing. Keep her happy instead of instilling fear in her. Be a part of her happiness and let her relax.

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