Thyroid Healing with Nature and Lifestyle

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Thyroid Healing with Nature and Lifestyle

On January 25th, 2015, the Times of India published an article where they said one in ten people suffer from hypothyroid issues. Thyroid problems plague millions of people across the world every single year. Inability to lose weight, brittle finger nails, soft bones, falling hair, frequent infections, dizziness, constipation, mental and physical fatigue, headache, migraine all these are symptoms of an under active or poorly performing thyroid.

Role of Stress
When you get stressed your adrenal gland produces a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is stress hormone. It’s a good hormone. We need it. We need it to survive, for reflexes, for bodily functions but it becomes a problem when our body generates too much of cortisol. When we are chronically stressed, when we have stress every day, when we are moving from one stressful situation or person to another, our cortisol constantly stays at high level. High cortisol levels means thyroid gland produces lesser thyroxin. Lesser thyroxin means lower DHEA which is a hormone that boosts immunity. Lesser DHEA and lower thyroxin means lower testosterone, which is a sex hormone which is important for hormonal balance and many other functions in the human body.

Dietary Oils
Wrong dietary oils is the main reasons why people have thyroid issues today. Poly-unsaturated oils like soya bean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oils have flooded the market shelves in the last few years pushing out unrefined, cold pressed, natural, saturated fats which were actually best for cooking. It is difficult to visit a restaurant that doesn’t use soy bean oil or some sort of vegetable oil that contains soybean. Soybean is polyunsaturated oil used to feed animal for them to promote weight gain in animals. So yes they also promote bad weight gain in human beings. These oils block the production of thyroxin from your thyroid gland. They lessen the communication between hormones and cells and communication between hormones and cells which is very important for weight loss, hormonal balance and any function that happens in your body. 

Cellular Functions
Every function happening in your body is chemical in nature. There is communication between a cell and a hormone.  So the cell either opens up based on the communication to accept good nutrition or bad nutrition. A cell communicates with a hormone to control insulin, insensitivity, sugar levels in the body; everything is a communication between a cell and a hormone. And this communication is controlled by the hormone which is controlled by the thyroid gland. So if you have less thyroxin, you have less communication between the cell and the hormone. Which means your cells could be containing and storing more and more fat which is not natural to the human body but there is a miscommunication because of a poor and underactive thyroid gland. Second, when you have a poor thyroid gland, less thyroxin. Less thyroxin means more oestrogen. If your thyroxin levels are low in the human body, your oestrogen levels are higher which a bad thing is. Because when you have high oestrogen levels, the body produces lesser and lesser of the protective hormone like progesterone. Now the third thing is that when you have less thyroxin, thyroxin also has an important function of eliminating cholesterol from the human body. So sometimes when cholesterol levels are high you go to a doctor, you are given a cholesterol pill, you are put on to a statin which is disastrous to your health.

Poly-unsaturated Fats
Polyunsaturated fats oxidise quickly. They turn rancid in your cells. This compromises liver function. They don’t allow production of enzymes which are required to convert fat into energy and the problem with an underactive thyroid is weight gain. Because your liver doesn’t have sufficient enzymes to convert fat into energy. To convert fat into energy you need your thyroid 4 (T4) and thyroid 3(T3). You need a conversion of T4 to T3 to be effective and that generates enzymes which allow conversion of fat into energy. So when you consume these wrong foods and these wrong fats, it impairs that conversion, it puts oxidative stress on your liver, the slower your liver the less the fat burn and several other organs in your body and metabolic functions get impacted.

TSH Test
A lot of people do the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test which is not enough because the TSH can also be a false expression. Many times, people have TSH levels which are within range. But sometimes they still have an underactive thyroid gland. So to be sure you need to do TSH, T3 and T4. It’s very important to do T3 and T4 because, you need to make sure that your  T4 is getting converted to your T3 which means you need good levels of T4 and T3 and then your TSH is great. It’s accurate.  So you have good levels of T3, T4 and TSH. You have a great thyroid function. But you may have good TSH but if there is an abnormality in your T3 and T4 you need to improve your thyroid function.

Virgin Coconut Oil
Your solution to fix your thyroid gland is virgin coconut oil. This miracle oil has been used for years to treat not only thyroid diseases but diseases ranging from cancer right up to obesity. Unlike a polyunsaturated fat which is a long chain fatty acid, pure virgin coconut oil is an MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride). The MCT metabolises quickly with the least possible oxidative stress on your liver tissues and your organs, which means it metabolises; it allows conversion of fat into energy. It allows for conversion of T4 into T3. It stimulates the thyroid gland. It energises, nourishes and heals the thyroid gland unlike your thyroid medication which is just giving you a little more thyroxin and your dose keeps increasing based on the lifestyle you live. When you start consuming, pure virgin coconut oil, the highest quality coconut oil, you stimulate and you repair your thyroid function. There are many other benefits of that. It allows for conversion of fat into energy, it increases your metabolic activity and metabolic rate in the human body. Also coconut oil helps you lose abdominal fat, it helps you burn belly fat. So my solution for your thyroid gland is balance nutrition. Two to three tablespoons of coconut oil is enough to stimulate and repair your thyroid gland.

There is one more trace mineral called selenium. Selenium gets depleted especially when your thyroid gland is not functioning well. Sometimes in severe cases of thyroidism you may need to supplement with selenium. If you don’t want to take plant based selenium supplement you can get selenium supplements from natural foods like nuts, seeds, almond, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. There are other natural supplements which you can incorporate in your diet to tackle hypothyroidism. So here’s my remedy for you to right now fix your thyroid gland.

So it all comes onto lifestyle. Right now and right here it’s up to you to put it into force and believe me you will be satisfied with the results that you see. You marry nature. Have faith in the intelligence of the human body and you use lifestyle to heal your thyroid gland.

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