Top 6 Workouts To Get Ripped

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Top 6 Workouts To Get Ripped

We all know it’s all about immunity when it comes to protecting and healing yourself from disease. Gone are the days where walking on a treadmill or working out for 30 to 45 minutes was enough for your body if your goal was fat loss. Everyone reaches a weight loss plateau, that’s how the body functions. At a specific point your body resists you from losing weight because of hormonal issues. Anything can cause a weight loss plateau and everyone goes through it. So if you’re one of those people going through a weight loss plateau, you’ve got to find out a way through nutrition or changing your workout plan to break through that plateau. 

Standard Workout
Today if you look at the conventional way of working out,  you go to a gym, you warm up, you lift a couple of weights and then you’re usually told by a trainer to walk on a treadmill for 15 minutes, 15 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes on some other machine. Any movement is good movement but if you’re looking for these specific goals it’s not going to cut it for you. We need to understand how weight loss happens and why extended periods of cardio are actually detrimental to your goal. The more cardio you do the more hungry you feel which means you have to eat. But when people are trying to lose weight they try to eat less and exercise more and that’s what cripples your metabolism. You lose 2, 3, 4 kilos and then all of a sudden stagnate and sometimes you even put on weight

Rest Based Training
Rest Based training is all about stimulating muscle fibre. Whatever exercises you do, it should result in stimulating muscle fibre. You don’t have to just lift weights for this. Something as simple as push-ups, something as simple as squats or planking or a pull-up is enough to stimulate your muscle fibre. Now when you stimulate your muscle fibre, the protein from the food that you eat gets broken down to amino acids which repairs those muscle fibres giving it growth and size and you get something called body tone. The more body tone you have, the more lean mass you have. The more muscle you have, your body also produces a hormone called HGH which is human growth hormone and the more you have of that the higher your metabolic rate is. This is why you will constantly burn fat at any given period of time when you have that amount of lean mass or muscle fibre.

Muscle Fibre
There are two ways of working out. You do a set of weights or you do a set of exercise and you take a break and then you restart that same set again. In rest-based training you stimulate muscle fibre as much as you can and then you rest as much as you need to so that your second set you hit it at the same intensity as the first. So what’s happening is that you are re-stimulating that same muscle fibre again and again. Rest-based training workout wont last for more than 15 to 20 minutes. The conventional way of workout is we do squats and then our second set we do fewer squats and we do a fewer squats because our body gets fatigued. But over here you do as many squats as you can in 45 seconds and you rest as much as you need so that you recover you allow your muscles to recover and then you can hit that next set with the same intensity. Hence you stimulate your fibre with that same intensity and that’s how you have lean mass growth.

This works on a science called EPOC that is Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption. When your workouts work on this science you burn calories and fat, your metabolic activity is stimulated for 16 to 24 hours after your workout. For some people that can go on for even 2 days depending on how intense your workout was. Many people can’t do intensive workout so this may not be for them but for all of you who can and you’re looking to break through that Plateau try rest based training. 

15 Minutes
15 minutes is all you need to keep aside for your workout. Now in those 15 minutes select four or five of your favourite exercises. It could be squats, mountain climbing, lunges, jump squats, jump lunge, rows, push-ups, pull-ups; use your body weight and then 45 seconds as many as you can do comfortable pace and then rest as much as you need to and then again as many as you can do in 45 seconds. So you’re allowing recovery and you’re stimulating those muscle fibres and you repeat that process for 15 minutes and you will lose fat, you will break through that plateau, you will start looking leaner, not only that you boost your metabolic activity as well as your immunity.

Difficult than Running?
A lot of people choose running as an exercise. I have no problem with anything that gets you to move and not be sitting in one place.  For example you plan a 5k run. So in that 5k you’re also going to pace yourself out because you need to finish 5k. So you’re not going to run 5k at one consistent intensity. So that pacing takes intensity off your entire exercise model. Over here you continue for 15 minutes with that same hard intensity and you can do it because you allow yourself to rest. You do it because you allow yourself to recover and recovery is everything when it comes to increasing productivity as well as the growth of your muscles and efficient use of your metabolism.

So try this out for the next one week. Break away from your normal programs and do this every alternate day. You may feel a little hungry after these workouts. You should eat because you need recovery and energy to recover from the workout that you did. So it is okay to rest especially when you have high intensity workouts.

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