Burn Belly Fat With These Tips

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Burn Belly Fat With These Tips

It’s been happening for years and years that people are still struggling to lose weight. People still jump from one crazy diet to another. From one exercise program to another and we never seem to be achieving our goal. We constantly focus on our weight, on our fitness, on our health and I don’t think life has to be that way. I mean life is meant to live. It shouldn’t revolve every single day around our diet around that exercise. You can blame the media for that for confusing us over time and you can blame our obsession created by the media of how a good body has to look like or how we need to feel or how our feelings are dependent on the way that we look. Well for the longest time people continue to struggle with nutrition and exercise. But today if you’re one of those people struggling to lose weight and you still feel that no matter how much you exercise, no matter how well you eat you still have that abdominal fat, you still have that side fat, you still feel fatigued throughout the day, you still feel stressed, you either have hard and difficult PMS cycles, you have endometriosis, you have PCOD or you’re infertile or you’re finding it difficult to conceive and have a child; these are all symptoms that you have a problem that just nutrition and exercise won’t fix. The problem is a hormonal imbalance and for the longest time I keep telling people that weight loss is not just about the food that you eat and the exercise that you do, weight loss is about your hormonal balance, weight loss is about your hormonal health.

Each and every one of us are built of billions of cells and these cells are constantly communicating with each other to do the right things for survival, to do the right things for our bodies and for our mind. Now when the communication between these cells change, when the communication between these hormones changes we have problems. Be it weight gain, be it weight loss, be it a cancer, be a diabetes, be it a thyroid problem, be it hair fall, be it even the change in your skin, be it even the way that you feel, even depression it is all related to communication between your cells and communication between your hormones.

Well let’s understand this and why should you believe that? Ask a woman who’s pregnant or ask a woman who’s gone through pregnancy. Why does she gain weight when she’s pregnant? Is she really eating that much of food? No. It’s a hormonal change. The body is designed to gain that weight because you’re feeding into human beings. You put on that weight especially in your areas along your thighs, your hips, and your abdominal region to promote a safe and healthy childbirth. Now what promotes this weight gain? In many cases pregnant women put on more weight than they should. That’s because they’re eating more than they should. But in most cases it’s a hormonal change. Again ask a woman who’s pregnant or who’s gone through pregnancy or a mother what are the changes that she goes through in terms of her mood, in terms of her feelings, what is that promoted by? Hormones again. Ask a woman who goes through a PMS cycle. Watch a woman’s weight fluctuate before her period cycle, during her period cycle and after her period cycles. What’s changed? Hormonal imbalance again. That fluctuation and weight and water retention is again produced by hormones. How do children grow? It is your hormones that produce the growth in children. This is why when parents keep coming and saying give me a high-protein diet for my kid or give me a supplement or give me some injection that can promote growth in my kid they got it all wrong and they can travel the world and you know spend money on people who sell them fake remedies to improve the growth of their child but all that they need to do is improve the hormonal balance of their children, which is destroyed when we let our children sleep less, we allow them to spend you know unsupervised and unattended time on their Xboxes on their iPads on all of this stuff that creates hormonal imbalance. All of this happens when we allow them to sit in one place and not allow them to go out and spend much spend time playing and being active and all of that stuff. We create a hormonal imbalance and your kid doesn’t grow and then you don’t blame it on the food that they eat and increase in protein. Again ask a man how does he put on muscle mass? Again it’s hormones. It’s not the protein that he eats. It’s the hormones. It’s the HGH the human growth hormones. What produces ovulation in a woman and what produces reproduction? Again hormones.  Everything that’s happening in your body is related to hormones. If you have the right hormonal balance you are going to be able to lose weight without a struggle with effort to zip your mouth up when it shouldn’t be open, effort to be active when you feel like being sedentary, effort to choose a night of good sleep over that unnecessary socializing just to be someone who you’re not and who you’re not even happy with. When you make these choices you have a hormonal balance.

Talk about women who are achieving menopause. What are they going through? What are these hot flushes, the night sweats, that little weight gain all about? Is it because they’ve changed their lifestyle? Absolutely not? It’s a change in their hormones again. Each and every one of you has hormones in your body. All of the time and all of these hormones are producing the mood that you have. It’s regulating your bowel movement, it’s regulating your weight, it’s regulating your desire for sex, your libido, and it’s controlling your stress levels. Every single thing is controlled by hormones. Not your diet and exercise. Yes that creates and promotes some amount of effect but it is all about your hormones.

Hormones are chemical messengers that travel in your bloodstream to all your cells and your tissues and your organs regulating cellular function, your immunity, the way you feel, your cravings. Like leptin is a hormone that helps you feel full and satisfied after a meal. It’s a satiety hormone. If you have less leptin you have more cravings and you want to constantly eat even when you’re not hungry. Again ghrelin is a hunger hormone. If you have a balance of ghrelin and leptin you don’t have cravings, you won’t be overeating. So now no matter how much you exercise and no matter how clean your diet is whether you’re eating organic whether you eating salads and nuts the whole day, it doesn’t matter if your hormones are in imbalance.

Let’s talk about a man who constantly works out or runs marathons and yet carries all that abdominal and side fat. The issue is his hormonal imbalance. A woman who’s training heavy in the gym all the time doing all the exercise and yet she says I have belly fat, my tummy’s not flat, that’s not going again, I feel bloated all the time. More exercise or restricted diet is not the solution to this issue. It is balancing your hormones.

How do we balance hormones? Let’s talk about the number one food to balance your hormones and it’s not a food it’s a class of foods, its fats, the right essential fats. For the longest time people who went on low-fat diets or no oil diets only suffered. They lost two to three kilos, they also lost their hair, they started looking older, they started aging faster, and they add more and more hormonal issues. They had mood swings; they were irritable throughout the day. Let’s understand one thing very clearly. You need fat in your diet and if you have the right fat you have the right vitamin absorption which is critical for hormone production. Hormones require fat to be produced; hormones require a fat to be transported in your bloodstream to all of your billions of cells, your tissues and your vital organs. So if you want to go low fat cut out the bad quality fats in your diet. But you need the right quality fats. It is not carbohydrates and proteins. It is the right amount of fat that you need for your hormonal balance. So let’s right away jump into the oils that you use. India has been flooded, in fact the world’s been flooded with vegetable refined oils and that’s where most of the diseases started. Inflammation again. Inflammation is a problem with your hormones. Your insulin, your arteries, cardiovascular health all of that. When you have the wrong oil, the refined vegetable oil, it’s not stable in the body; it’s not stable in your liver. It oxidizes way too quickly that’s why companies and oil companies refine the oil even more and more to make it stable and have a longer shelf life because it’s all about shelf-life. The longer you can keep a food product in the market the more profitable food companies get. The more profitable all of your bakery products get. A longer shelf-life means it has more of the wrong oils. These wrong oils disrupt hormones in men and women. So when you go back to the traditional oils like coconut oil, mustard oil, unrefined peanut oil; all of these oils are mainly saturated or polyunsaturated oil. Everyone talks about saturated oil but guess what, what’s the body fat percentage made up of? Almost 95% saturated fat and the balance three to five percent is poly unsaturated fat. So when we have the right polyunsaturated fats from the right oils like you have good quality ground nut oil, a good quality peanut oil or a coconut oil or ghee you have the right ratio of omega-3 and omega-6. The problem is today people are getting more and more omega-6 and that is detrimental to your hormonal health, immunity and to so many functions including increased inflammation in the human body. That’s a big problem and how do we get more omega-6 in our in our food? From the oils that we use. All of these refined cheap oils in the market; we think are good for us. The way it’s sold to us by the media but the amount of omegas six is far more than omega-3 and we have an imbalance. We need omega-6 and we need omega-3 but in the right balance. So you can’t go wrong when you’re using the right fats from things like ghee, pure coconut oil, unrefined oils that India grew up on be it your peanut, be it your ground nut, be it your mustard oil, depending on the region that you were born in. Even olive oil is excellent oil. Of course it’s not right for Indian cooking and becomes highly toxic but when you add it raw to your salads so make sure that you’re using the right quantity of oil and you’re using the right quality of oil. That’s so extremely important.

Even nuts and seeds. So many people say I’m going for weight loss that I can’t eat nuts and seeds because it contains too much of fat. Well I’m sorry you are fat because you have a hormonal imbalance not because you’re eating almonds and walnuts. But if you’re eating fried nuts which have salt added to it and most of these packaged nuts which have flavours and salt and hydrogenated fats you’re definitely going to have a hormonal imbalance and you’re definitely going to be fat as well. But when you have simple almonds and walnuts and pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, the nuts that we grew up on which are soaked overnight and you eat it the next morning you get something called essential fatty acids that promote the production of good hormones which you need for hormonal balance.

Let’s get to the next part of it plastics and pesticides. There are a lot of chemicals in the creams and the perfumes that you use today. Just go to your perfume cabinet take a box of perfume. There are many ingredients on that perfume bottle that you see which you shouldn’t be having but one simple test for you if it has an ingredient called parfum it is nothing but fragrances which will disrupt your oestrogen and disrupt your hormones and a lot of chemical reactions that happen in your body. The next question is what do we use to smell good? Even I ask myself that question. I used to love using perfumes myself but we got to start getting smarter and smarter. So many children today are being born with allergies, eczema’s, diseases and we trace this back to the perfume that a mother used when she’s holding the child and breastfeeding the child. That child also inhales those entire hormone mimicking chemicals that goes into the baby’s body where immunity is not even developed and the child’s immunity further falls and then they’re born with all of these allergies and all of these skin issues and asthma and everything. It’s not just the food. You can’t just blame the environment. Every baby that’s born today is breeding the same air that we do. The healthy babies and no healthy babies. Healthy adults and unhealthy adults. But it’s real if a pregnant mother is over exposed to all these creams, shampoos, chemicals, perfumes, disinfectants and air fresheners in your car and air fresheners in your toilet. Yeah I know this is new to most of us but it disrupts your hormones because most of these toxins get into the human body and mimic certain hormones. It mimics hormones on your thyroid gland, so these toxins attached to your thyroid gland and all of a sudden your immunity starts attacking your thyroid and what’s the number-one problem we have in the country right now? Thyroid, autoimmune disorders, rheumatoid, arthritis, joint pains, back pains, all of these toxins attach themselves to your joints, bones, cells, vital organs causing your immunity to start attacking them because your immunity recognizes it as a foreign invader and then we have something called autoimmune disorders ranging from lupus to eczema, the skin diseases, the Hashimoto’s to Crohn’s, the graves diseases. You name it to so many kinds of cancers as well. So what’s the solution? We live in a country where today we can find chemical free soaps, we can find chemical free shampoos, and we can find chemical free deodorants. We have to go back to simple things not just brands. These products may not have fancy brands but is it the brand that’s important to you? The brand that you use doesn’t matter when you’re sick or suffering from a disease. So it’s time that we collectively and there may be so many of you out there who are already accessible to brands that are making chemical free detergents and air fresheners.

Next I want to discuss the number one ingredient for good health when it comes to your hormones and every kind of disease be it cancer weight-loss or anything. It is sleep. Forget about what all these successful businessmen on the internet say that you got to work hard and sleep for four hours and build your empire. That’s their story. Everyone needs a story to sell. They are not telling you the bad part of their life of how they’re unable to sleep at night of how they’re suffering from diseases, of how they have so many issues. I treat about 20 to 30 people in the Forbes list around the world and the reason I am treating them is because they have a health problem. So what you need to understand is that no matter what anyone tells you sleep is the most important ingredient. You will not find your answer of how much of sleep your body needs on the internet or from a doctor or from a nutritionist or even from me. That answer will come from your own body. Do you have too many cravings in a day? Go back to the way you slept the previous night. Do you wake up feeling tired? You need a stimulant like coffee and tea or something to wake you up in the morning that quality of sleep. Do you have skin issues, hormonal issues struggling to lose abdominal fat? Go back to your sleep. Do you have low immunity? Go back to your sleep. Do you have a disease and you’re not healing from it? Go back to your sleep again. Again it’s about hormones. What is the sleep hormone that does all the magic from cancer to your immunity and health? It’s called melatonin. Google melatonin after this. It is also called an anti-cancer hormone because it has the ability to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells in your body. So if you have cancer and you are not sleeping the right way, you are not healing it doesn’t matter what natural treatment you’re doing, it doesn’t matter what chemo or radiation you are doing. Because while you sleep your body rejuvenates. Hormones balance your skin and your cells, some of them die and some of them regrow. All of your hormones balance which is why young girls and teenage girls who don’t sleep enough have pcod today. They have weight gain, diabetes, have all of these issues. Whatever it is that you have to do it you may not fix your sleep disorder overnight but it should be the number one thing on your list whether you have a disease, whether you’re looking at preventing a disease or whether you’re looking at just being a happy person. I can’t find a happy person who’s not slept well the previous night. You find them irritable, snappy, frustrated, short-tempered all of that stuff. You try being happy if you’ve had a night of less sleep. Sleep is very important for your health and your hormonal imbalance. Women who sleep less will have hormonal imbalances. So if you have a young girl or you yourself have pcod number one fix your sleep. You have metformin and you have all of the drugs available for you. You want to run to that run to that if you have to. You want to heal naturally first get the basics in order. Your sleep, something that the human body requires, animals require it, humans require, every living organism requires rest to rejuvenate, repair and rebalance.


The next thing is exercise. So now I’m not losing weight, so I start exercising more and more intensely all of a sudden I think oh I have to be an athlete. I got to run like an athlete, I got to live like an athlete. But we don’t live like athletes. Athletes do three things. They eat, they sleep and they train and they eat and they sleep and they train and they take supplements. They take anabolics and catabolic that helps them to recover quickly so that they can put more pressure and intense pressure from their exercise on their bodies. But they do it in a balanced way because that is their profession that is their livelihood and over here we get confused by the media and all of this. All of a sudden we think oh wow, three months and I should run a marathon. That’s the most detrimental thing you can do for your health. Many of you would have done it. Great! But you got to think about your body. Running like I always say is a sport. No one in the world uses a sport to lose weight. You exercise and you use movement to lose weight. You don’t use a sport. Kickboxing is an elite pro sport and we use kickboxing to lose weight and most people who go to kick box and then come with knee problems and back problems and inflammation and believe me I’m yet to see any one of my clients or anyone who’s used kickboxing to really lose weight. Rest are those who use kickboxing and they train accordingly and change their nutrition and their recovery and their sleep and supplementation according to their sport and yes then they get ripped, they lose all that belly fat and they get the right amount of immunity and health for them. Exercise again.

Now where are your hormones made? Let me explain you that. It’s extremely important for you to understand where are these hormones which are magical and also detrimental to your health. If you don’t have it in the right balance produced your thyroid gland, thymus, pancreas your hormones are produced in your pituitary gland your pineal gland; all of these your endocrine system; which is why when you have endocrine problems you go to an endocrine doctor who looks at the health of your hormones. What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone. Diabetes is not just about your sugar and all of that crap. Diabetes is about the health of your pancreas. What does the pancreas produce? A hormone called insulin. So if you are trying to solve diabetes, improve the health of your pancreas. What messes up the health of your pancreas? Acidic foods, too much of tea, too much of coffee, too much of stress, long gaps between your meals, eating junk food, eating salty food, eating foods outside all of the time, that inflames your pancreas, your pancreas can’t produce the right hormone insulin in balance, you have an imbalance, you have diabetes. We all know about the thyroid issues happening. Your pituitary gland. Your pineal gland. What does your pineal gland produce for you as well?  Melatonin the sleep hormone. So if your pineal gland is not functioning the right way, you have a sleep issue. No amount of rest pills, no amount of sleep tablets will ever solve your problem. In fact it’s going to make you more and more addictive, it’s going to slow down your metabolism, it’s going to cripple your metabolism, you’re going to become more and more sluggish because that’s how antidepressants and sleep medications work. It slows you down so you feel, and you feel better but that’s not a good thing for you in the long run. So there are many people who may need it but use it don’t let it become a crutch. Always look at changing your lifestyle, getting to the root cause and fixing these things so that you can regain control of your health. Also if you over train you make your adrenal glands produce more cortisol. Cortisol again is a hormone. Cortisol goes up, thyroxin comes down, testosterone comes down, DHEA comes down, and oxytocin comes down. With high cortisol you can never be in a good mood. When your cortisol is up all you do is feel stressed. I would say the number one attribution to almost eighteen thousand thyroid cases that we’ve diagnosed over the last few years is stress-related. Cortisol goes up thyroxin comes down and then we take Tyrone on believing that external thyroxin is going to help me have a healthy life. It just doesn’t work that way.

Caffeine; You love your coffee. I love my coffee as well. But coffee in excess keeps your adrenal glands producing cortisol. All the time caffeine is a stimulant. Anything that you take as a stimulant in your body in excess will stimulate your adrenal glands throughout the day. So if you have three cups of coffee spaced out through the day your adrenal glands are producing cortisol elevated throughout the day. Low thyroxin, low DHEA, low testosterone. Everything you need for hormonal balance. If you are constipated your oestrogen gets backed up into your bloodstream into your liver and you have a hormonal imbalance again.

So people it is not just about your food and exercise. I hope you understand it is about balance of your hormones. So I can promise you if you are struggling with a health problem the number one thing to look at is balancing your hormones and hormone therapy is not the answer for that. In fact it’s the worst thing for your hormones. You should look at natural things along the lines that I have stated above.

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