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The Immunity Boosting Powder from Two Brothers Organic Farms – Everything You Need to Know About it!


‘Host’, ‘virus’, ‘defense’, these are all words which in the urban parlance refer to the way we work with technology and gadgets to safeguard the information we need to hold on to. We may not immediately relate these to the functioning of the human body! And yet, this is exactly how the complex network of our immune system works to keep attackers at bay.

We also know that certain foods ‘boost’ immunity, ’enhance’ immunity levels, increase immunity and so on. But wait, how many of us actually take the time to truly understand what that means!

Let’s provide an example metaphorically. You have a faithful companion, with exemplary skills to keep intruders at bay; even possesses the ability to identify past prowlers and prevent their entry before they reach the gate. This companion has a complex network in place to get the job done. In the case of a canine companion, the eyes, ears and nose go on red alert at signs of the mistress/master being in any danger! That’s sort of what the immune system is for our mental and physical well-being; the protector.

So just as we would keep such a loyal companion healthy, well-fed and fighting fit, physically and emotionally, the same care is what helps to keep the immune system in optimum working condition. This immune system isn’t exclusive to only us humans. Every living organism is equipped with an immune system of some sort which acts to defend against germs.

The human body relies on the lymphocytes (WBCs), the bone marrow, lymphatic system, spleen and the thymus to carry on the all important task of identifying and targeting intruders (pathogens). It is a highly complex network which does its work unhindered when the host (we all) provides it with the right kind of fuel. The immune system also has the remarkable ability to recognize and destroy the same germ which has previously crossed its path.

It has to be on high alert at all times to ensure maximum security and safety of the precious organism under it’s charge. Naturally the right kind of foods will help strengthen immunity and give a good solid push to wellness almost like a kick from a turbo engine. Hence the word booster is used while talking of making immunity better.

The kind of ingredients we have in India is exemplary.

Two Brothers Organic Farms

Our elders knew best how to put together foods which complement each other in the right proportion. Being crusaders of the environment, we at Two Brothers Organic Farm are committed to producing and manufacturing food /ingredients in complete alignment with nature. (You may read more about our work and its impact – here).

The turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, dry ginger, black pepper and whole coriander seeds which have been ground together to make this immunity boosting powder have been farmed under strict adherence to traditional farming practices where each ingredient is respected and allowed to grow as it should.

The blending of these spices have also been done with as much reverence as they deserve. Slow roasting over firewood to gently coax out their inherent properties, unhurried pounding to break it down without damaging the nutrients and mixing it all carefully with great attention to detail is what also goes into making this aromatic powder.

Fortunately when we are involved in the process of reaching out to make a difference to life on the planet, we do find ourselves sharing a path with like minded people committed to the very same goals. Holistic Lifestyle Coach and fitness  expert, Luke Coutinho shared with us the recipe for the ratio in which these ingredients had to be mixed. He recommends mixing half a teaspoonful in warm water for daily intake or even mixing it into desi ghee as may be convenient for each individual.

Having made the mix in the specific proportions given to us, the immunity boosting powder was ready to be packed. The packaging had to be as vibrant as the contents and who better to have featured on the front than the man himself.

Two Brothers Immunity Boosting Powder

The product was launched with little or no fanfare, almost quietly and as mentioned on our Instagram post, we watched in fascination as it grew wings and took flight almost immediately.

What happened thereafter was a complete revelation. Without being prompted, testaments by users began emerging from all parts of the globe! People who had been plagued with anything from minor allergies, to hay fever to chronic coughs and colds were suddenly feeling a whole lot better. The symptoms were reducing noticeably, the duration of the respiratory infection was much less and the infection itself was less severe than it had been in the past.

Two Brother Customer Feedback

Two Brothers Immunity boosting power shop

The news was truly overwhelming and allowed us a sense of gratification for all the effort gone into making this powder. Aside from the health benefits of making this powder we had an equally important cause for jubilation…our farmers !

The acceptance and success of this product would mean that we could continue to support and encourage the many organic farmers in and around Maharashtra whose produce has contributed to making large volumes of our immunity boosting powder. Our wellness is greatly interlinked with the health and well-being of these farms, farmers and their families. In boosting their livelihood we are able to do right by the planet and all it’s living creatures.

Two Brothers Organic Farms Farmers

The cinnamon used in this powder is the tightly rolled up, super fragrant ‘ceylon pattai’ or Srilankan cinnamon.

Sri Lankan Rolled Cinnamon

It is a variety which grows just as well in India especially in the southernmost states. Dry ginger and whole black pepper are spices and shoots which are so typically Indian. ‘Sukku kaapi’ is a dry ginger & warm water concoction that the people of Kerala swear by. The Indian diet primarily consisted of black pepper to add that spiciness to the food. The chillies came much later from the ‘new world’ and are not a part of ancient Indian cooking.

A case in point is when looking at food offerings (prashaad) in places of worship…the food would be devoid of onion, garlic or tomato and would contain copious amounts of pepper, cumin, curry leaves, rice, lentils and ghee.

The feedback for this immunity boosting powder has been positive and extremely encouraging. While we do tend to highlight the respiratory distresses that this powder helps ease, it must be mentioned that the addition of whole spices also have anti inflammatory and digestive properties making it ideal for the gut. All food absorption and assimilation happens at the digestive tract so only if that were in a condition to absorb what is necessary will it then help the immune system.

Whoever said that the human body runs like a well oiled machine knew what they were talking about. Every part runs in synchronized perfection. In order for that to continue it is vital to identify what each of them need in order to work together as a whole.

As fabulous as this immunity boosting powder is and can be it also needs the additional support of adequate sleep, active lifestyle, indulgences kept to a minimum and a positive state of mind.

The Magic Immunity Power

The world is filled with miracles and the magic of the powers of the universe. As far as our immunity boosting powder is concerned it is an aid to grasp onto, a solid wall to lean against while building the rest of the foundation for sound living.

Purchase Link – https://twobrothersindiashop.com/products/immunity-boosting-powder-prime-recommendation-by-luke-coutinho




Luke Coutinho

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