“Fear will not allow me to enjoy the little time I have left with my son” –  Another day, Another Life Lesson

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“Fear will not allow me to enjoy the little time I have left with my son” –  Another day, Another Life Lesson


While I’m blessed with health, family, and a life I make the most of, it doesn’t matter how much or how little you have. What matters is what you do with what you have. This is the way I see it and live my life. There were times in my life I had very little. There were times I had just enough. There were times I had abundance in many ways. But, in each of these phases, what mattered was how you make the most of what you have at any phase. Today there are unhappy wealthy people and there are happy poor people. Your attitude can make you rich or poor, no matter what or how much you have.


I think more than all the material things that we can attain in life, I love my life because I get to do what I love doing. This, for me, is the greatest joy, ofcourse, along with my family, my daughter, a few solid loving and meaningful relationships with a few people. I like to keep my circle small and uncomplicated. I love what I do, and I love how my curiosity a few years ago built up a desire to fill a gap, and eventually build a  business out of it which allows me a livelihood and to make a positive impact for humanity. I never dreamt I would ever lead a business or build a global brand. I never dreamt or imagined it, but it happened, and it unfolded beautifully over time in its own sweet way. Not according to a business plan or strategy. This further makes me fall in love over and over again with the mysteries of life, providence and faith.


II love that my work has involved over 8000 hours plus of talking to people from across the globe on their health, disease, relationships, childhood, family medical histories, symptoms, lifestyle etc. So much learning and humility to be learnt when you go through people’s journeys, sufferings and rises to success. You come across so many beautiful and ugly human emotions. It’s what made my journey into a beautiful learning experience and it never stops and ceases to amaze me. There is much more to learn from everyone. We can always learn something if we keep our eyes open, egos in check and our cups half empty.


This morning, I learnt another lesson from the strength of a mother whose child has a Glioblastoma (GBM). The case has a very low survival rate. It’s an aggressive cancer, usually resulting in a swift death, usually, not 100%. And, while I was going over her son’s progress, I then shifted the conversation to her emotional health to see how she was doing. She smiled back and said she has no fear at all. In fact, she’s so happy that in her life, she’s putting her all into her son’s life. She had no time to fear and she said, “What’s the point? Fear will not allow me to enjoy the time I have left with my son. So, it’s just happy moments now, building memories and making the most of what God has given us.  I am prepared for his death and mine whenever it should come and in whatever way. My son could die in a road accident, or from a disease. The context is different, but death is inevitable. So, I might as well do the best I can, in terms of treatment and the time left.”  Something shifted in me. The strength I derived from her was my blessing for the day. As much suffering I see through my work on a daily basis, the lessons learnt are the blessings as I see them, and opportunities to share them with other people hoping that it may create the same shift it created for me.


The other day, I had a call with a lady who has Multiple Myeloma. She’s doing well and has come a long way. We started talking about life purposes. I told her, “I think I’ve found mine”, and asked her what hers was. She said – “A lot of my friends have found theirs in the work they do and their passions, but Luke, I think my life purpose is my family, being there for them, making sure they have hot meals, I have time to put them to bed, laugh with them, read to them, clean up after them. I don’t see it as work. I actually find that I love it, and I feel it’s my purpose now. Maybe it will change as they grow? I don’t know.” To this, I said – “Well, that’s your life purpose for now and it’s beautiful you see it that way.”

We can find purpose in anything we do. If we can’t, it becomes boring, mundane and we need constant motivation to get through. It’s when we attach purpose and meaning to the things we do, it all changes .


Today, I look forward to the rest of my day. I took a longer break between consults to enjoy a date, coffee and write which is my way of expression and I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s time to get back to work, and yes, I can’t pretend that I love what I do every day. No, I would be lying. There are days when I absolutely don’t want to get out of bed. I don’t want to consult. I don’t want to talk to anyone in regards to work. I don’t want to go live, make videos, or be on social media. I allow these feelings too because that makes me feel human, and the more I accept those days, the lesser they become.


Everyone has to die at some point. Death is inevitable. Infact, this might be a bitter ugly truth, but the fact is that from the time we are born, we have already started the process of dying. This only means that your current life and time are your most valuable commodities along with love. Nurture them. Nurture your health to enjoy them, Put them on your priority list. Assign them more value than gold, diamonds or money.


Live well. We just have one life and a finite time.



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