Attitude & Self Discipline – The Two Most Powerful Drugs That Can Change Your Health & Life

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Attitude & Self Discipline – The Two Most Powerful Drugs That Can Change Your Health & Life

There are two powerful healing drugs : Attitude and Self-discipline. Most people don’t like to hear these words. Their defense immediately goes up, a part of their mind closes, they don’t want to accept it, only because they know its the truth, and the truth is usually ugly and bitter. So people will find ways to rebel, disagree, complain, blame, find excuses, get angry, abuse, say hurtful things….only to protect their false ego and pride which has gotten bruised or hurt by the truth, the bitter ugly truth, that most of our problems in life, career, relationship, health, weight, self love etc can be sorted out when we introspect and change our attitude and when we start practicing self discipline . It hurts people and angers them because they have given more importance to other things like fad diets and exercise programs, a strict and rigid spiritual path, supplements, magic pills, quick fixes, easy ways out. The truth however is that most people struggling to reach their goals have the wrong attitude and lack self discipline. Yes, no one likes to be told that or hear that they lack the right attitude and self-discipline. But those who realize this, accept it and start to make changes….magic begins to flow into their lives.

Its so rare to find a person today who says I love my body the way it is or when they achieve some weight loss they can be truly happy without comparing themselves with others and wishing for more and more. It’s so difficult to find satisfied and content people. This is because we lack an attitude of gratitude. Imagine losing a kilo and celebrating that and being grateful instead of being disappointed that the weight loss is slow and forming an attitude that you will only be happy when you lose all the extra weight.

Only when we learn to celebrate small milestones and achievements in life, we will get and attract more rather than being bitter, negative and living with an “all or nothing” attitude.

Be grateful for little things and you will receive much more. Count your blessings every day and night and your stress will get lesser and lesser because you are aware of how much more you have in terms of blessings. Count the money in your bank account too, but never forget to count your daily blessings.

The worst attitudes are those of blame, complain and ungratefulness. These attitudes poison you, rusts your soul, robs you of happiness and weighs you down like an anchor. The moment we blame, we want to shift responsibility to someone else. We lose our power by giving it away. Understand this right now, you are responsible for what your life is at this point, your health, your relationships etc. Only YOU. So when we accept that (which is difficult), we can begin to open a door towards possibilities and opportunities. If we stay locked in our prison of blame, complain and feeling victimized, we stay there and we begin to be consumed by it. The first step is acceptance, no matter who is right or wrong and only then can you move forward.

Introspect your attitude .So many of us wear masks that are controlled by what others want us to be or by their opinions, so we lose our own identity and individuality eventually and we suffer. Be who you are. Truly. The right people will stay and the wrong people will go. Less is more when it comes to true friends.

Self-discipline – All successful businessmen know it takes self discipline to build a business. Well, it takes self discipline to build your health, relationships, family and personal life too. It’s no different. The only difference is what you have prioritized. These people will never miss a day of work, but its okay to miss out on good eating, exercise, family time etc. The ugly truth is that its not their priority. If health is a priority, there will be self discipline and there will be no or very few problems. If relationships, family, personal life is your priority, you will use self discipline automatically to maintain and grow in these spheres of your life.

The problem is not with wealth, alcohol or a lavish lifestyle, the problem is with the person. There are several millionaires, billionaires and others who have wealth, they drink with discipline, they maintain their health, they live a lavish lifestyle and they are fine and then there is the opposite. The problem is with the person and the two key words are attitude and self discipline.

If your health and weight is not right, change your attitude and bring self discipline into your life. Then just watch and experience and feel the great change. The same with your business, relationships, family and personal life. You make the change. Stop fooling yourself in thinking that everything around you needs to change. Truly successful people make the best of what they have. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have. What matters is what you do with what you have. Again, that requires self discipline and the right attitude.

Ego and pride robs us of both. The egoistic think that they deserve everything. Everything in life must happen their way and according to the way they think. People with pride feel the same way. They think their power, money and the material things they own gives them that power to be that way. But they are like everyone else, like you and me – the only difference being their inflated and false ego and sense of pride which is really only an illusion in their mind.

All the wealth, success and designation in the world doesn’t mean you will be healthier. You still have to work and invest in it for good health and well being to happen. You are still built of trillions of cells with the same organs and human structure as millions of others. Wealth and success doesn’t change this.

Meditate and introspect on this. You may not like what you find out about yourself when you look deep inside, but look anyways. See your truth, accept it and then make changes or channel your energy in the right way.

Have your discipline set for you, the same way you brush your teeth every morning . Slot in your exercise time, meditation time, sacred eating time, rest and sleep time and over and over again practice it until it becomes you. Yes, it will require you to give up a little, compromise a little, let go a little – but then its worth it. And who said you cant have it all ? You can have it all and more! You probably just don’t believe its possible. You can have your beauty healing sleep, eat your meals in peace, workout that body and mind of yours, pray a little and still have friends, parties, great relationships and so much more. You can have it all. Its for you to decide how much and how ambitious or greedy you want to be.

Attitude and Self discipline – These are two universal, global and powerful drugs that will change your health and life. It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, brown, man or woman, child or senior. It doesn’t matter if you are Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish. These universal drugs remain the same and hold the same values.

Happy world health day everyone.

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