Build Your Dreams & Life Purpose – A 21-Day Journey With Luke Coutinho

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Dreams & Life Purpose

Build Your Dreams & Life Purpose – A 21-Day Journey With Luke Coutinho

Do you remember as children, when someone asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, we would never bat an eyelid before revealing the most ambitious dreams? No matter how unrealistic or far-fetched they seemed. Our imagination ran wild, and we were uninhibited. We were astronauts on one day, billionaires on another, and time travellers on yet another day.

But on the cusp of adulthood, many of us lost that inner child who was unafraid of dreaming big. And though we continued to have dreams, we never stopped to encourage and nourish them. We allowed life to pass us by and let our busy schedules get the best of us.

As cliché as it sounds, you only live once. Your time on earth is finite. How you choose to live every second, hour, day, month, or year — depends upon the choices YOU make. Then why wait to make your life extraordinary?

You may be the busiest person in the world. But you can still find time to nourish your dreams and find your life purpose. And we are going to help you do that in the next 21 days.


What is the 21-day dreams and life purpose challenge?

Dreams and Life purpose

We need dreams to look forward to


Many people ask us why we created this Dreams and Life Purpose challenge. The simple answer to this is — we all have dreams. As life catches up with us with its ups and downs, some of these dreams that mean so much to us start fading away. Our daily routines, careers, and responsibilities take over, and many of us stop dreaming. We feel empty and stuck despite having what we need, an arm’s length away.

Over the 9,000 hours of consulting that we have done with people from across the globe, we have learned something. It is that we, as human beings, need to have a life purpose and dreams to look forward to. Not having them makes it easier for us to slip into anxiety, uncertainty, and depression. To let our diseases, issues, and life get the better of us.

And so we launched this challenge to help people take a step back, reflect, and find out what is their dream, their passion, or their life purpose? By doing these exercises, many people find it or at least embark on the journey of discovering it. This brings wholeness and completeness to their lives.

We need to give ourselves permission to dream big and make it happen. Our vision is to inspire you to achieve it through this process that has worked for thousands of people across the globe.

The 21-day dreams and life purpose challenge will help you open the gates towards building your dreams and possibly finding your life purpose. How? With simple exercises and self-work.


Who can participate in this challenge?

Are you living life pulled in all directions? Are you struggling with finding fulfilment? Longing to change the course of your life, and do something different? Do you find yourself uncentered, lost, or let down? Or subconsciously comparing your life and goals to those around you and feel inadequate? Then this challenge is for you.

When you feel like your life has no purpose or dreams — stress, anxiety, and an idle mind can make every problem seem big. Your fear makes the wolf bigger than he is. But you have the superpower of making a choice. Only you alone can take charge of your life. This challenge could be your chance.


The People’s Verdict

 “I always had this prime question about what I wanted to do with myself. I always knew something was missing but didn’t know how to get there. Had multiple ideas but it was all cluttered in my head. I spoke to my therapist about it and was advised to go in for counseling. It all came a full circle when I became a part of this fabulous 21-day Dreams and Life Purpose Challenge that TOTALLY CLEARED my muddled head. I have been able to shortlist a few dreams that seem to be in tune with my values and beliefs. I cannot thank you enough. It’s been one of the best things that I have done for myself and now have a challenging but totally exciting road ahead. Many thanks and God bless Team Luke.”

– Janet


What can you expect to achieve by participating?

Some of us are yet to find our dreams or life purpose. And others go through life thinking we know what makes us happy or what our dreams, goals, and life purpose are. But sometimes, the truth is that we don’t.

It’s never too late to change thought and action patterns that no longer serve us and prioritize our dreams and life purpose.

In the last decade, I have had the privilege of touching the lives of thousands of people across age groups through life coaching. These range from royal families to princesses, Sheikhs, billionaires, powerful CEOs, doctors, couples, children, and spiritual leaders. And one crucial life learning from these experiences that I have treasured is this: We human beings have a deep need to live our dreams, have a sense of fulfilment, and find and live our purpose.

So if you are willing to take just 10 minutes out of your time every day for the next 21 days, we can take this journey together to help you find this dream and life purpose. We will focus on different areas of your life — career, education, relationships, wealth, health, emotional wellbeing, learning, a sense of purpose, and lots more.


The People’s Verdict

 “If I summarise my learnings in the past 21 days, the first learning was to be true to myself, prioritize myself, and pay attention to my dreams. While writing down daily something related to my dreams, I realized that I was unnecessarily carrying the burden of a lot of relationships, thoughts, and unfinished tasks. All these had no place in my list which was strange yet an eye-opener. I feel more ‘sorted out’ today and have clarity. I will keep jumping back and rewriting these from time to time. It has helped me immensely. I know myself better today. My heartfelt gratitude to you and Team Luke for this experience.”

– Devyani


Why should you participate?


Dreams and life purpose are essential to live life to the fullest. They bring us hope, determination, and joy. They add meaning to our lives by allowing us to create a vision. They inspire our actions and lay a path for us to navigate. It doesn’t matter how big or small our dreams are. What matters is that we chase them and leave no stone unturned to make them come true.

“But what if my dreams don’t come true?” you may wonder. If it didn’t come true, maybe that dream was never for you. That is the beauty of dreams. You can always find a new one.

This 21-day challenge will give you clarity on what you want from life. It will help you treasure what is important and let go of what isn’t. To learn from your past experiences, live in the present, and work for the future.

So when you look back at your life in 10, 20, or 40 years, you can be proud of the life you lived and the choices you made.


What would you need?

  • A pen and paper
  • An open mind
  • An honest heart
  • Boundless imagination
  • Zero inhibitions


Click here to sign up for this free challenge


Rules to follow:

  1. Watch every video in this series in a sequential manner. No matter how tempting it may seem to skip one, don’t do it.
  2. Follow it day-wise, one exercise at a time.
  3. Stick to the schedule. Make time, even if it is just 10 minutes every day.
  4. When you make a list, approach it with an open mind.
  5. Centre yourself, grab a cup of chai or coffee, and write straight from your heart.
  6. Go wild when you write about your dreams. Make no limitations.
  7. Be honest and let your deepest thoughts flow on paper.
  8. Share this challenge with the people you treasure most and those who need it in these troubling times.
  9. Have an accountability partner who understands you, if it helps.
  10. Share your experiences and testimonials with us in the comment section or tag us on our Instagram page @youcare_by_lukecoutinho.


The People’s Verdict

“Thank you Luke for giving so much of yourself to help us. I am totally floored by your example. Have spent these 21 days DREAMING (which I haven’t for the longest time). And I have nurtured something that will grow. I have also gained clarity on what has stopped me from going after my dreams. And now I have a plan. Will visualize my goals as you said and do this exercise again. I am 56 years old. Have been lucky to achieve my biggest dream at a very young age. Then I stopped dreaming. Now again I dream of a world where we live in harmony and respect with nature and all other living beings. Towards this, I plan to work with my favorite NGO. I will finally approach them after hesitating for so long. I also want to write a book about my life, so I can remind myself of how extraordinary it has been. I will repair bridges with some family members and feel good as much as I can in health, mind, and day-to-day life. I will conquer my issues. I promise this to myself.”

– Geetanjali


Give your dreams the attention, love, time, space, and respect they deserve. It is okay to feel afraid, overwhelmed, or excited. Reach out to our team of life coaching experts if needed. Remember your dreams and life purpose matter. Don’t let anyone or anybody’s opinions dissuade you from achieving them. You are in the driver’s seat. Take charge of the wheel and move forward.

If you are struggling, our team is here to help you. You can reach out to our team of life coaching experts by writing to us at or call on our toll-free number 18001020253.

The People’s Verdict

“One of the dreams that remained at the top of my list was to restart painting which has always brought me satisfaction, happiness, and peace. I used to lose count of hours when I started any artwork but for the past 2 years, I hadn’t picked a brush or pencil. I wanted my art room to be clear of people and noise but that never happened. I stopped making efforts and remained sad and dull. Thanks to this 21-day program, I got clarity and a vision about my goals. Prioritizing dreams which are close to your heart was one thing. So instead of brushes, canvas, easel, and colors that needed space, I started with sketching on a book. I am so happy that I got into that rhythm of devoting time to my art that I slowly started becoming calm and positive. I could complete a sketch and share it with the group. Immense gratitude to Team Luke for this experience.”

– Zuneira


Reach out to our team of life coaching experts by writing to us at or call on our toll-free number 18001020253.


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