Kids Menu for September 2021 – Indian + International [Free Download]

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Kids Menu September 2021

Kids Menu for September 2021 – Indian + International [Free Download]

Dear Parents,

As schools cautiously start to open up in some cities and kids resume their earlier routines, albeit, with new rules, the increase in exposure to a multitude of bacteria, pathogens, germs, and viruses is inevitable.

So far, kids were indoors and safe with minimum exposure. Now, as life starts bouncing back to normal, it has become increasingly necessary to keep their immune system strong to fight off these bacterial and viral invaders on their own. As parents, we are sure this must be your concern, especially with the rising cases amongst kids.

A strong immunity starts with a great diet. The immune system can easily take a hit if healthy food choices are not supporting it.

To help you with your concerns, our experts at You Care have created a simple, nutritionally balanced, kid-friendly menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — for all four weeks of the month. You can now download it for free, print and plan meals ahead of time to hopefully save time, and ensure that your kids are eating well.

These menus are thoughtfully designed to keep a kid’s sensitivity to taste and appearance, nutrient balancing, colored fruits and vegetables, protein, vitamins, and mineral-rich dishes in mind.

Even if your kid’s school continues to operate online, eating well should be a focus and priority because immunity is one of the most important investments one could make for their child.

Keeping this in mind, we have created two menus — Indian and International based on their choices and preferences.


Download the September menu here: Kids Menu – September 2021


Please note: This is a general menu plan and does not address any medical condition. If your child requires a personalized meal plan and nutritional guidance revolving around prevention, overall wellness, or any condition they may have, get in touch with our experts at You Care by calling us on 18001020253 or emailing us at




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