The Health Benefits Of Malasana (Garland Pose)

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The Health Benefits Of Malasana (Garland Pose)

Seated for too long? Constipated? Tight hips? Sluggish digestion? The answer is MALASANA or garland pose.

The wisdom of yoga has an answer for every single health issue – either through the way we eat, sleep, breathe, think, move.

Malasana is your answer if you have been complaining of constipation, lower back pains, sciatica pains, tight hips and so much more. Malasana is actually the most natural ways to sit, rest everything else is man-made.


Benefits of Malasana:

  • Constipation:

Indian toilets are scientifically designed. When our ancestors sat down on the floor in a squatting position to pass a motion, that enabled a proper alignment for easier evacuation. This was then taken over by Western commodes and now again people are again getting back to squatty potty or stools realising the importance of squats. However, if you are constipated, try sitting in malasana for 1-2 minutes. You could even try sipping on a glass of warm water while in this pose and notice how it helps ease your bowel movements.


Apart from stools, malasana can also help release trapped gases in cases of flatulence and bloating.


  • Breaks you from being sedentary

We are sitting way more than what we have been designed to and hence issues like obesity, belly fat, spondylosis, cervical issues, sciatica are on the rise. Humans have been designed to move. Chair is the worst invention by man because it keeps us chained to it, even worse – ultra soft cushions and recliners that completely spoil our spine alignment. Getting into a malasana is a great way to give your body a break from sitting and also helps improve posture. While at work, you can also take your calls and answer to texts in this position.


  • A powerful hip opener and circulation booster

Tight hips, calves and poor circulation are an outcome of living a sedentary lifestyle. Malasana helps reactivate blood circulation around the hip region that actually stagnates when we sit, opens up your hips and groin, boosts pelvic, back health, opens up tight hamstrings thereby increasing mobility. Take breaks from the chair and sit like this even for a minute or less and breathe. It will help open up your hips and relax the lower back, glutes, hamstrings. Better blood circulation also helps keep your reproductive organs healthy


  • Helps tone the body

Malasana helps bring muscle tone in your glutes, tights and around your belly as it engages all the muscles concerned.


  • Digestion stimulator

As you sit in Malasana, you will notice a certain kind of a pressure on your lower abdomen. This pressure helps gently massage your digestive organs thereby stimulating them to secrete enzymes and digestive juices. Result: improved digestion!


  • Spiritually, since malasana gets our body close to the ground (mother earth in specific), it gives the feeling of safety, grounding and calm to the practitioner.


  • Malasana Variation: Take it a step further and try twisting your torso 2-3 times sideways to help further tone your body and stimulate your digestion as it also helps gently massage your digestive organs.


  • If you are unable to sit flat on your feet because it feels tight, try sitting on your toes. You should get there with consistent practice. One could also take the support of a wall to rest their back in the beginning.


  • Do it anytime and as often as you can – morning or whenever you find yourself sedentary. Teach this to your kids too.


  • Contraindications:

Avoid this asana if you have severe knee issues, especially a surgery. Or seek guidance from a qualified teacher.


So, the next time you reach out for a chair to sit, know that you always have an option of sitting in Malasana to take a break!

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