Stiff Joints: Why They Hurt And How To Treat Them

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Stiff Joints: Why They Hurt And How To Treat Them

When we have a cold, a cough, a fever or viral flu we go to doctors and we get antibiotics which is okay sometimes. But antibiotics don’t really work on viruses, they work more on you know bacterias but for you. Whenever you have an infection or viral your body produces white blood cells which are produced by your immune system to help fight out the infection. Your joints and your muscles are basically repaired by white blood cells. All the time white blood cells help your muscle tissues regenerate and your muscle tissues around your joints especially need regeneration all the time because that’s what we use whenever we walk or run or exercise. Our daily movement causes minute wear and tear for muscle fibres around your joints. So they’re constantly being repaired by white blood cells. Every time you get a viral or a cold or fever or cough your body diverts these white blood cells away from your joints and your muscle tissues to fight out the infection, so now all of a sudden there are these little aches and pains that we feel because that regeneration and that repair is not happening. These are for the smaller and less intense aches and pains.

Now there’s another reason why we have major aches and pains when we have virals. It’s because you’re WBC’s which are your white blood cells also producing something called cytokines. Cytokines basically cause inflammation in your joint areas and that’s exactly why we have pain. Cytokines are required to fight the viral and fight the infection as well but the side effect of your immunity working is a little bit of joint pain because of the inflammation it produces.

So the best way to handle these aches and pains is to understand that your immunity is working to heal you.  So when those joints start aching more and those pains increase, you can be sure that your body is actually in the healing process so what you do is everything to support your immunity to make the process get complete quicker. You start eating your fruits or veggies. Increase your water intake and you rest because there should be less wear and tear to those muscle tissues so that it doesn’t get inflamed and your white blood cells continue doing the job of actually finding out the viral. So you rest with an oily massage in those areas. Try to minimize all of the antibiotics and all the pain killers which will actually further reduce inflammation in the long run. Keep your gut clean by eating healthy and making sure that your bowel movement is working fine, that’s exactly how you boost immunity and that’s the reason why you have aches and pains every time you fight a viral.

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