Try This FREE 14-Day Challenge for Better Health and Weight

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Try This FREE 14-Day Challenge for Better Health and Weight

Today we will not discuss any superfood, spice, seed mix, exercise routine, remedy, or concoction. What I am going to do instead is give you a challenge. Are you up for it? All you need to do is follow this for the next 14 days. You can take a break on the weekend because I want you to enjoy them and not feel like you are adopting extreme measures to lose weight or to fix your health.

What is this 14-day challenge?

Whether you have cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, are losing your hair, or struggling with acne, erectile dysfunction, reproductive issues, weight gain, or stubborn belly fat – do this for the next 14 days. I am not going to promise you that your disease is going to go away or you will reach your weight loss target, but what I can guarantee is that you will start the process and feel better. If you are diabetic, you will see a change in your blood sugar levels. If you have high blood pressure issues, you will see a significant decrease in it.

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Before I share this with you, I want to tell you that this is NOT a magic plan, diet, or medicine. All we will do is align ourselves with the laws of nature. No one can ever heal or achieve their health and body goals if they go against the pace and cycles of nature. When we align ourselves with nature, everything in the human body that we want to make work automatically works. As we move away from this and adopt an unnatural lifestyle, we create imbalances in our rhythm, hormones, and every other function. This is the fundamental law of your health and nature.

Many of you who have read my free ebook on circadian rhythm may already know this. I am going to give you simple steps. Print this out, add them to your journal, and just give it a go. Some of you reading this have already planned to fail by saying, “I cannot do this.”

How much can you do? Can you try to get 10, 8, or even 7 days out of 14? That’s progress. Even if you do 1 out of 14 days, it means you tried. All you need is discipline, consistency, and a strong mind. Nothing else can help you achieve your goals.

Hundreds and thousands of people out there have changed their lives and transformed their health by doing this. It is a way of living that respects your biological clock or day and night cycle. The best part is that everything you do under this challenge is FREE. It is time to stop complaining and whining. Start doing this to get your results.

#1 Eat within one hour of sunset.

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For the next 14 days (except the weekend), try to have your dinner within one hour of sunset, no matter what. If the sun sets at 6 PM, have your dinner (your last meal of the day) between 6 and 7 PM. Do not go no-carb or adopt any fad ways of eating. We are not dieting. We are creating a sustainable lifestyle. So, eat a balanced dinner.

Some of you may already have excuses. Figure it out. Where there is a will there is a way. Even the most successful people have obstacles in their life that they learn to overcome obstacles. Go under, over, around those obstacles, or face them but make it work.

#2 Do not eat until sunrise the next day

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Once you have your dinner within an hour of sunset, do not eat until sunrise the following day. Let’s say sunrise is at 8 AM, but you are not hungry, don’t eat. If you are hungry by 9.30 AM, then eat. It is as simple as that. By now, you would have already finished 12+ hours of a natural circadian fast which is far more effective than people doing 16 and 18 hours the wrong way (like starting at 1 AM or 12 AM on one day and 8 PM the next evening). Don’t confuse or complicate it. Less is more when you do things the right way.

12 hours would be beautiful. You can steadily build this up to 13, 14, or even 15. That is your call to make. Remember, it is not a competition. Don’t chase a magic number. Do what suits your body. Listen to its cues and biofeedback. No one knows how many hours you should do this, not social media, not doctors, nutritionists, or any other expert. But your body knows because it is intelligently designed. Don’t wait to break your fast until you feel too acidic or are starving.

#3 Switch off your phone and gadgets one hour before bedtime

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As I say this, a hundred thousand excuses will pop into your mind. Deal with them. Put your phones off one hour before bedtime. Use your phones as much as you want during the day to wrap up work and entertainment but set clear boundaries when it comes to bedtime. One hour before bedtime, practice what I call a gadget or social media detox. For anyone thinking how their life will come to a standstill without their phone, I don’t mean to be disrespectful. It just shows how miserable and shallow our lives have become. If you need a phone to fulfill every hour of your life, you have bigger problems than your weight or your health conditions. Don’t fill that emotional void by doom scrolling or revenge bedtime procrastination.

Instead, use that one hour without your phone beautifully. Read a book, talk to your partner, parents, or kids, journal, pray, practice deep breathing, or set intentions for the next day. Be okay with nothing to do too. Set bedtime between 9.30 PM and 10.30 PM for the next 14 days. Research studies show these hours are powerful for rest and recovery. You cannot sleep one day at 9.30 PM and then at midnight the next. Maintain discipline and consistency and have a fixed bedtime.

#4 Try to wake up before sunrise

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The beauty of going to bed between 9.30 and 10.30 PM is that most of you will find that you will wake up automatically before sunrise or with sunrise. Now once you are up, DO NOT switch on that phone. The first hour of your morning is sacred, so build a solid morning routine. Pass your bowels, oil pull if you must, brush your teeth, and finish whatever your morning rituals are. But one thing you must do on waking up is open the window and connect with nature. Look at the sky and trees. Most importantly, look at the sun for two to three minutes. Connect with this natural light. This will help reset your circadian rhythm in the next 12 hours which makes it easier for you to sleep again between 9.30 and 10.30 PM.

No matter what, keep your phone and gadgets off. Once you have passed your motions, washed up, say your prayers, meditate, practice yoga, or plan your day. You will have enough stuff to do within those first two hours. Then switch on your phone on and get into your daily life.

#5 Eat your meals at the same time every single day

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Most people keep irregular or long gaps between meals. This is one of the leading causes of acidity, indigestion, bloating, and other digestive issues. If you set your lunch at 1 PM, stick to it. If you like to begin your day with breakfast at 11 AM, stick to it. You already know what to do about your dinner. Adopting consistent eating patterns, keep it clean and balanced.

A piece of advice

Do your best. If you fail, get back on track the next day. If you fail again get back on track the day after that. If you need to cancel your Tuesday socializing plan to adapt to this, cancel it. You can socialize over the weekend or the following week. You cannot achieve anything in life without sacrifice.

And to be honest, this challenge doesn’t cost you a penny. I can guarantee you that aligning with the circadian rhythm will positively impact every aspect of your life.

One unfortunate trend I have noticed is that when people get advice for free, it is never valued or used. This is one of my biggest problems. They will wait until it is too late and their health is impacted. Then they have to be forced to use these simple lifestyle changes.

Hundreds and thousands of other people have tried it and experienced phenomenal changes in their health parameters and weight. So, don’t wait. Just give it a go. Don’t be that person who spends time on social media only consuming more and more content but never moves to action with it. Remember to not overdo anything. Strike a balance.

The idea of this challenge is to note down how you felt before and after doing it – the changes you feel in your body, emotions, health parameters, weight goals, and everything else. If you are a BP patient, check your pressure before and after. If you are diabetic, check your blood sugar levels before and after. I guarantee you that there will be a significant positive change by the time you have done 14 days of this natural way of living. Write to me about your experiences in the comments.

Download your free copy of my ebook A New Way of Living – Circadian Rhythm, here.

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    Hi Luke
    I am a great fan of yours, saw and heard many of your interesting videos and was greatly inspired I was obsess( my weight was 91 kgs) today with some of your guidance and inspiration I have become fit today my weight is 67kgs which means I lost 24kgs which I carried on my poor body for 21 years since the birth of my first child.
    Today I am a happy and health cautious person and for this all the credit I give to you without seeing you without talking to you just by watching your videos I am today what I am it is rightly said “We are what we Eat” today I eat only what is required for my body.
    Its all thanks to you and hope many people get inspired by your good deeds, may God bless you with good health and give you more power to do what your doing for others. A big “Cheers” to you. GOD BLESS

    October 12, 2022 at 2:46 pm
    • Luke Coutinho Reply

      Testimonials like yours drive the work we do. Proud of you, Jacqueline. Keep winning 🙂

      November 15, 2022 at 11:37 am

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