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Should you give up Tea and Coffee for Good Health and Weight Loss?


Does one need to give up tea and coffee to lose weight and cure or prevent a disease? I keep getting these kinds of questions from many people. The problem is not with your morning cup of tea or coffee or your evening cup of tea and coffee. The problem is in something called mind pattern.

Acidic Body
You grew up having tea or coffee and you had no health problems at that point. The problem is both tea and coffee can make your body extremely acidic when you have it in large volumes. To counter this, you need a diet that’s rich in alkaline foods. We all are born with a ph regulator in our body that balances between acid and the alkaline levels. Increased volumes of tea and coffee, less water intake, a diet that is not rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and a sedentary lifestyle can make tea and coffee a problem for you. If you’re too acidic, you have to remember that you should not do these things on an empty stomach and post having your tea and coffee you make sure that you have a whole glass or maybe even two glasses of water immediately after you have coffee to make sure that you are replenishing that water which coffee flushes out of your system since it is a diuretic. Also if you are on heavy medication like antibiotics you should cut down your consumption of coffee because too much of coffee wipes out your B vitamins which are necessary for your immunity and healing.

Mind Patterns
Be it Bollywood models or sports athletes or people with fantastic bodies; every one of them who I know have tea or coffee. They have maximum two cups in a day but they eat well, exercise well, sleep well, meditate, they take care of their emotional health and enjoy that tea and coffee. Many people when they wake up they want that one cup of warm tea or coffee as it makes them feel good and life is all about feeling good the right way. The problem is overconsumption and addiction like half of the U.S, UK and even India now. They can’t wake up without that one cup of coffee. That’s when you know you’re addicted to caffeine and in life we should not be addicted to anything. It’s basically enjoying it without attachment. If you don’t have it, it shouldn’t be the reason you can’t pass a motion or can’t start the day without it. You have this brilliant intelligent thing called the human body that can make energy for you. You don’t need a cup of coffee to start you.

The days you don’t have your tea and coffee, do you get withdrawal headaches? Do you feel anxious? Do you feel kind of on the edge all the time? That’s your body telling you are addicted to caffeine and you need it as a stimulant. That’s when you should start slowly cutting down your consumption and relying on your body to provide you real energy. Energy from caffeine is not real energy. It’s a stimulant. For people with BP issues, if they’re having three and four cups of coffee, they’re depleting magnesium and are all the more dependent on their BP medication. With right amounts of magnesium in your body, blood pressure automatically starts getting in control. So make sure that you have an all-around holistic balanced diet and then your cup of tea and coffee is not going to dent a hole in your health.

Healthier Beverage
Coffee or tea has sugar in it. A teaspoon of sugar is not going to kill you unless you have five cups a day. Give up sugar and use jaggery. So many people have tea and coffee without sugar. But if it’s just one or two cups, have it the way you really enjoy it. Remember it’s about consuming the things you like without guilt and stress. Stress increases your cortisol and decreases thyroxin and the body starts storing fat in the abdominal region. Caffeine and coffee has additives. When you go to Starbucks you can have a normal coffee or you can have a Frappuccino which has whipped cream, caramel and all the additional sugar and high corn fructose and everything else. That obviously is a bad choice.

We have all of these ads about green tea, purple tea, blue tea and white tea and all of that stuff. Drink it in moderation but never believe that it’s going to make you lose weight. There is no shortcut to weight loss. Chugging five cups of green tea is not going to make you lose weight although it’s a healthy choice because it has less caffeine and more antioxidants. Some people who don’t want to do caffeine can choose other infusions. There are so many herbal infusions which are spice based and you can make it at home. Boil a little bit of ginger, cardamom and cinnamon to make an herbal infusion that’s going to fix your digestive system, reduce acidity and make you feel good. Civilizations have been drinking tea for centuries and yet we think that it’s going to make us sick. It wont as long as you keep it in balance.


Luke Coutinho


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