The Easy Lung Cleanse

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The Easy Lung Cleanse

Almost all of us have no control over when it comes to the air that we the environmental toxins and the pollution all around us. Your lung is made up of ninety percent space for air and the balance ten percent is tissues. Most lung disorders and lung infections and diseases ranging from an asthma or sinus are caused due to the amount of mucus that your lungs build up. Mucus builds up in your lungs as the natural body defence mechanism to prevent certain bacterias and pathogens from causing an issue. But that mucus leads to complications like asthma sinus discomfort in the chest and a whole load of other infections.

How do we keep our lungs clean? One of the primary functions of the lungs is respiration which is a process which allows the inflow of oxygen into the lungs and distribution to billions of cells in the human body and the removal of carbon dioxide which is a waste gas from metabolic waste of tissues and . As long as we keep this process working efficiently we don’t have lung problems and we maintain the of our lungs and have clean lungs. The importance of oxygen reaching those billion cells is completely proportionate to your immunity.

We all have billions of cells in our body and if everyone observes right now how you’re breathing; are you breathing to your full capacity. No. Now take a deep breath. That’s how much oxygen needs to get into your body. At the same time we take in less oxygen and we expel less carbon dioxide. So that wastes gas carbon dioxide stays in your tissues compromising . It makes your body more acidic, it doesn’t allow you to lose , it doesn’t allow you to heal when you have a disease. So the idea is getting in pure oxygen and removing carbon dioxide as quickly as possible. In most lung disorders you find that the carbon dioxide levels in the human body builds up and that’s what creates most of the issues.

We are looking at breaking down mucus something that almost everyone has accumulated in their lungs because of the kind of world that we live in and the kind of air that we breathe. So a lot of the tips revolve around breaking down mucus. In the morning you have two cloves of garlic which are mashed. You mix it up with one tablespoon of a manuka honey or a really good raw organic honey and you have that in the morning because that helps you break down mucus. The previous night you soak a table spoon of fenugreek in and in the morning you drink the water and you chew on the fenugreek seeds although this is a great remedy for diabetes as well it also helps with the breakdown of mucus in the lungs. We have a tea which contains mashed ginger, a teaspoon of cinnamon or cinnamon sticks, dry oregano powder, dry Tulsi or fresh Tulsi leaves, ajwain which is Bishop Seed, jeera which is cumin and it’s also got fennel seeds. You boil all of this together and it’s optional for you to add some crushed garlic as well if you wish to and you boil all of that and you make a tea. You have 200 ml in the morning, 200 ml in the afternoon, 200ml in the evening and 200ml in the night before you sleep. So you consume a litre of that tea throughout today.

What we are also going to look at getting and its famous and available all over our country and most of you may already have that at home is peppermint oil or pure eucalyptus oil because we are going to do one set of steam in the morning where we add about two drops of peppermint oil or five drops to ten drops of eucalyptus oil to hot steaming water. We put a towel over our head and do steam inhalation for about five minutes. We are going to do that in the morning because you find that a lot of mucus starts getting loosened up and we are going to repeat that somewhere in the evening post dinner because during the day most of the tips that I’m sharing right now you would have been doing which loosens up the mucus. So we now have to get it out of your lungs which are why we do an inhalation in the evening or before you sleep at night as well.

Potassium chloride is far more effective than sodium chloride. Your table salt is the sodium chloride which creates most of the issues today ranging from water retention to high blood pressure. We switch to potassium chloride because the body can handle potassium far better than sodium and the chloride has a function of removing excess carbon dioxide from your tissues bringing it to your lungs for exhalation. We should switch from sodium chloride to potassium chloride which is nothing but rock salt or pink Himalayan salt. So on the day of the we will be cooking all our food in potassium chloride or pink salt. We will start off our day with 250 ml of lemon water with a dash of cayenne pepper which is form of a specific chilli and it’s available all over the country. It helps you loosen up mucus in your lungs. So you actually feel a lot of snot coming out of your nose as well and that’s a sign of mucus loosening up in your lungs. So lemon water with cayenne pepper is a quick for people who have asthma and sinus issues to give them immediate relief as well.

At night we will do a castor oil pack. Most of us growing up, our parents have put us through this at some point. We buy a really good brand of castor oil. We take about a cup of it and we warm it gently and then we take a towel or wool flannel, we soak it in that castor oil and we squeeze it out and we put that castor oil back on our chest covering our lung area. We keep it on our chest for about 30 minutes because that warm castor oil has the ability to loosen up and eject most of the mucus that our lungs contain. You can also massage it deeply into your chest and lung area because that oil has the ability to be absorbed through your skin and then you cover yourself with a blanket or you put a couple of t-shirts on and you let that soak into your system for about 30 minutes. So you’re in a lying position.

The most important part of the lung detox is the way we breathe. You have the ability to remove excess carbon dioxide from your system. It’s a very simple breathing exercise. You stand up you stand with your back straight, your legs slightly apart, your shoulders hang hanging loosely. You inhale through your nose, a deep inhale and you hold for about four to six seconds or whatever you’re comfortable with and then you exhale through your mouth. So you basically purse your lips together and you exhale through your mouth. Now when you feel that you have no more carbon dioxide or air to exhale from that’s when the exercise starts. So you forcibly exhale. So you make a sound like ha like an H a or a whole H so you exhale completely and then you feel your belly button suck in towards your spine and you do that until you can’t do it anymore. Now this is different from the pranayama and kapalbharti.

All of us in our normal exhalation method we never release all the carbon dioxide from our body which is why a lot of us feel fatigued and tired throughout the day because when carbon dioxide builds up in your blood, you are going to reduce energy and feel fatigued, you are going to decrease the immunity of your cells because your cells need oxygen to lose weight and to build immunity but when you have more carbon dioxide and less oxygen it changes the whole chemical equation in the body. So this breathing exercise will also work on tightening your core muscles and it will give you that radiant glow in your face because it forces oxygen behind the capillaries in your skin. So doing this before a show or before clicking pictures it will give you that glow and it’s something that each of you can try right now. You may feel a light dizziness in your brain because you know now flooding your brain with more oxygen and you’re creating an environment in your body which has expelled all of the carbon dioxide which is a toxic and a waste gas.

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