The Magic Lung Cleanse

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lung detox

The Magic Lung Cleanse

Detox your lungs and help the body expel toxins through simple methods. Heres sharing a simple detox plan (as well as a video) that you and your family should get on as soon as possible. Try as a family to support each other through the cleanse.

DOWNLOAD PDF : The Magic Lung detox

We would love to hear your feedback on the cleanse once you successfully complete it.


1.Can the lung detox be done by anyone?

Yes, our lungs are constantly exposed to the toxic pollutants accumulated in our environment and many a times, we don’t realize these pollutants are burdening our lungs and slowing them down. Therefore, our lungs need this detox and it can be done by anyone. In fact, it should be done by everyone!

  1. I’m a Jain and we don’t have carrot, can I replace it with anything else?

Carrots are a significant part of the lung detox as they possess some peculiar properties that are meant to off load the lungs. It is irreplaceable in this case. However, you can avoid the and do a green vegetable juice instead. Don’t miss adding the coconut oil and the black pepper into it. That’s important for the lungs too. Please follow the of the cleanse as it is.

  1. How often can we do this cleanse?

It can be done once a week or once in 15 days. If you have any respiratory disorder like Asthma, COPD, bronchitis, etc. then doing it once a week would be of great benefit.

  1. What if the carrots are not in the season?

You can use the regular orange carrots that are widely available throughout the year. Best to get the organic ones. Wash them with hot water using apple cider vinegar liquid before juicing.

  1. Do we have to mix garlic with honey or have both the things separately?

Mixing would be better as it will make the garlic palatable.

  1. What strength of Manuka honey is advised?

Manuka honey of 12/15 UMF is advisable as they are effective against wide range of resistant bacteria.

  1. Can we switch or eucalyptus oil with something else?

No, better to stick to castor oil & eucalyptus/peppermint oil as they have specific effects in the cleanse process. If we change the oils, the purpose will not be met.

  1. Will the magic increase heat in the body?

The purpose of magic tea is to produce a little heat in the body and loosen up the mucus at the same time improve your .

  1. Can I have dairy products like yoghurt during the cleanse?

No, we go off dairy and off gluten completely during the cleanse. So no /yoghurt/buttermilk/paneer and no wheat/rye/barley (gluten grains) too ad these foods can trigger mucous production .  So is the case with refined sugar,  corn, soy and fried food .

  1. Is it okay to use the red chilli pepper instead of cayenne pepper?

No, we need to use the cayenne pepper as it serves a specific purpose in this cleanse. It helps break down and move the congested mucous, thus cleaning up the lungs. Don’t replace it with anything else.

  1. I cannot chew the fenugreek seeds. Can I just powder them and add it to my juice?

Yes, that can be done. Equally effective.

  1. What are the after-effects of this cleanse?

You may cough a bit as the mucous comes up to the top which needs to be evacuated. All the bacterial pathogens come out of it. You will feel lighter and will notice that you are breathing better the next day. At times,some may feel a slight burning sensation after this cleanse (due to lot of pepper, garlic), but it settles down in a day or two. Make sure you drink adequate water to keep your body cool.

  1. Any age-limit for doing this cleanse?

Not really. It can be done by individuals of all the age groups. Kids below 12 years may find it tough. It can be comfortably done by people beyond 12 to 14 years of age.

  1. Should I be drinking extra water during this cleanse?

Stick to the regular water recommendation of 2.5 to 3 liters.

  1. Can I continue taking my regular medicines or supplements?

Yes, all the supplements and medicines can be continued during the cleanse. All the best ! Stay safe and share as much as you can ( particularly across Delhi ) , so most people can benefit from this simple detox.

– Luke Coutinho

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