The Ugly Truth About Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease

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type 2 diabetes

The Ugly Truth About Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease

Type 2 diabetes must be taken with complete seriousness and so should be high blood pressure. Having a combination of both means only one thing – You need to get your lifestyle in order and do whatever it takes to reduce the same and eliminate it.
As more and more kidneys are getting damaged, there is more and more suffering, financial distress, emotional and family issues that arise. Just because you are put on medication and they make your medical parameters appear good on paper, it doesn’t mean it’s not creating a deadly side- effect elsewhere in the body, especially the kidneys and yes, even heart and liver. We are taking our bodies and lives for granted, thinking that quick fix medications will heal us.

I am 100% not against medicine. You must take it if needed and prescribed. I’m 500% against the fact that patients are not being encouraged and educated about the seriousness of side effects and what the potential damage could be. They are not encouraged to change their lifestyles.

You want to be be treated > take your medications and eventually more medications to manage the side effects of the primary medicine.


You want to heal > take your medication as a crutch but address the root cause of your condition and make every single lifestyle change possible to repair and heal your organs and body so that you reduce dosages and eventually your doctor has no choice but to stop your medication. Now that’s true healing. You choose! Today the most common thing is to offer an option for an organ transplant. Instead of focusing on prevention, healing and enforcing people to change lifestyle, we have more costly options and quick fixes.

Let’s get one thing straight. If you truly need a transplant, its good. It will give you a new life. If you are doing it because your lifestyle has messed up your primary organ, what makes you think that the new organ won’t get damaged? As a lifestyle that damaged the first continues with the second. Plus, understand the dangers of immunosuppressants for a lifetime.

I can understand that some type 2 diabetes and most high blood pressures cannot not be reversed. But today, everyone knows people who are reversing these conditions all the time. So, what’s stopping you from doing the same? The bitter ugly truth, wrong attitude, laziness, sloth, greed, zero self-discipline and a false sense of mind with lame excuses.

Using balanced nutrition, movement and activity, quality sleep and getting a handle on our stress and emotions will give the body and cells the foundation it needs to heal and prevent. If others can do it, what’s our excuse? Blame, complain, fault finding, anger, criticism, false sense of happiness, etc rob us of the ability to heal and prevent.

Make a change people. Make a change. All your wealth will not be able to take away suffering or buy you new health once you’ve lost it or pushed your body beyond its set point. Then you can only pretend to society and friends that your life is all good and happy, but deep down you are empty, in pain, miserable and lonely. We have to awaken to the real truth. Companies are only churning out more medicines and more treatments. How about prevention? How about lifestyle? NO MONEY TO BE MADE. Wake up to the truth. Take your meds but rise up with the strength to change your lifestyle and heal.

You are not healthy, if you have diabetes or blood pressure. Even if that piece of paper shows your medical parameters are in order, it has just suppressed your symptom. Your body is still sick. Start healing. For that we need accountability and personal responsibility. If we loved and respected our body as much as we do to material things, society, virtual happiness, positions, designations and money- things wouldn’t have gone so bad health wise.

This is the ugly bitter truth. Now, it’s up to you.

Your next question would be, how to change lifestyle? There are over 500 videos with simple inexpensive tips on YouTube. Your job is to gain knowledge and a bigger job is to action what you learn and do it over and over again.

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