We Create Energy In Our Body and Mind

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We Create Energy In Our Body and Mind

The right natural way of waking up is waking up feeling energetic ready to face the new day with a new amount of energy. But today a lot of people are constantly fatigue throughout the day. Hardly after breakfast energy levels fall further and then they reach out for more coffee and more aerated drinks or red bulls and all of these things. Although we find different ways to compensate with that energy and feel a little bit better by eating more food or taking supplements and vitamins believing that that’s going to increase our energy but when you have constant levels of low energy and fatigue it is something serious. There is biofeedback that your body is giving you.

If you have constantly low energy levels all the billion cells in your body that makes you up, that makes up your immunity, body, hair, skin, liver, heart, kidney; are deficient in energy and if you are deficient in energy at a cellular level you have a compromised immunity and if you have a compromised immunity anything from a migraine to a cancer is possible because immunity is what protects us and heal us from disease. So having low levels of energy is a serious thing.

How we can correct this problem?

What we need to understand is we do not get energy. We make energy. No matter how much of nutrient dense energy food that you eat if your body doesn’t have the right digestive enzymes, the right minerals, right vitamins, the right amount of carbohydrates to convert that food, break it down the right way into energy, we do not get energy from that food. This is why when we are low on energy and we reach out for more food that food is only making us fatter or sicker or putting more oxidative stress on our digestive system. All the artificial sources of energy like the energy bars, sports drinks are loaded with sugar which gives you that slight spike in your blood sugar levels which you think gives you a little bit of energy but it’s not. That’s a false sense of energy because the body makes energy.

How is energy created and where do we get energy from?

Every time we move we create energy. Any kind of movement creates something called piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity is real and is in your body, cells and tissues and any kind of movement creates piezoelectricity which in turn creates energy. We are looking at overall activity in a day or constant movement in a day because that generates something called piezoelectricity in your cells which creates energy.

Most of the Indians are deficient in vitamin D3 and vitamin B12. Everyone still thinks that vitamin D3 has only to do with your bones but it’s a precursor to immunity. If you have a drop in your D3 levels you have a drop in your energy levels and most people are deficient in vitamin D3 today. Likewise with vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 decreases energy in your brain cells which means then you have fatigue or brain fog where you slept well, you have exercised well but your head is still heavy. You may think that that coffee will fix it for you but coffee only has caffeine which stimulates your brain cells for a short period of time and after that you have an energy crash and then you need the second coffee or the third coffee or some snack that’s rich in sugar and salt to give you a false sense of energy.

The next point is low haemoglobin levels. Low haemoglobin levels are a serious problem not only for your immunity but for your energy levels as well. You need to understand that haemoglobin carries oxygen to all those billions of cells in your body and if you have low haemoglobin levels just don’t go about popping those iron supplements because that is not your cure. In most cases iron supplements have serious side effects. They slow down your liver. They are toxic to your liver.

Now in many cases iron is required but you need to understand first why your haemoglobin is falling. Haemoglobin is a combination of B12 and folic acid. Deficiency of b12 and folic acid will cause a deficiency of haemoglobin and taking an iron supplement is not the solution. In fact it’s further going to slow down your liver because it’s toxic to your liver so then you look at taking a b-complex or eating foods which are rich in folic acid and getting your b12 levels up so that you give the human body the ingredients it requires to create the right amount of haemoglobin in your body.

We also have to understand that when you keep taking acidity medication of antacid that blocks iron absorption into the body. So you need to look at it holistically as to why you have low haemoglobin levels.

Even one night of less sleep will create cravings in your body and will create low energy levels. So if you had a bad night of sleep you are going to have low energy throughout the day no amount of food is going to compensate for the lack of sleep. So then you are tired and fatigued because you have less sleep. Your solution is improve your sleep not eat more for energy because the calories and the nutrients that you’re getting from the excess food that you’re eating is not going to contribute towards the energy lost because of improper sleep. So get your sleep right.

Low carb diets may help you lose a little bit of weight but it decreases your energy because every human body requires the right quality carbohydrates, the right amount of protein and the right amount of essential good fats. Your cells require all of this. This is why ketogenic diets, high protein diets, low carb diets are fad diets. No matter how well it may have worked for you it is not working for you at a cellular level. What your body needs is balanced nutrition for the right communication between your hormones and cells. The food that you eat requires energy from carbohydrates to break it down into the nutrients that your cells require and for absorption as well. This is why low carb diets fail all the time. This why ketogenic diets are purely medical diets and they should not be used for fat loss.

We need to understand that ninety percent of our blood is water and what function does our blood have; carrying nutrients from the food that we eat to all those billion cells and carrying oxygen which is the life force; the prana to all your cells which sustain life. If your cells have a decrease in oxygen your immunity is compromised and you are susceptible to any disease. So if you have less water you have cellular dehydration which means your cells which is the origin of every imbalance which forms every organ of your body right from your liver to kidney to heart to brain;  if your cells do not have the right nutrition and the right amount of hydration which is water you have an imbalance. That could be a fourth stage cancer, migraine, headache, fatty liver, a poorly functioning kidney or inflammation in your arteries. Everything is related to the amount of hydration that you have and energy levels again because if you have less oxygen reaching your cells you have low energy in your body. So make sure that you’re drinking the right amount of water. Your lymphatic system which is your body’s garbage disposal system needs water as a medium to flush out toxins from your body. So when you drop water you impact all these functions in your body in including your energy levels.

Vitamin C helps your body by using the fat in your body for energy. So if you have the right amount of vitamin C in your body, you enable your body to burn fat for energy. You can get vitamin C in amla, green leafy vegetables, almonds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds. So make sure you get the right amount of vitamin C in your body.

Omega-3 is so important when it comes to sleep and cellular energy in the brain. You need the right amount of omega-3 for cellular energy. Even a one percent decrease in omega-3 in your body will cause fatigue and constant low energy levels. You find good omega-3 in flax seeds, walnuts, fish, and fatty fish and of course good quality supplements in case you don’t want to use the natural sources which are food. You get them in chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds as well. This is why I always recommend that you have a healthy dose of nuts and seeds in your daily diet because they’re raw foods and when you soak them they sprout, they germinate more and increase the nutrient value as well as the protein and the omega-3.

The source of energy in all cells is ATP adenosine triphosphate.  For ATP to become biologically active and provide your cells with the right energy and in turn provide your body with the right energy needs very important mineral called magnesium. Magnesium ions bind on to ATP to make it biologically active. So it doesn’t matter how much of ATP your cells have but you need a level of magnesium for it to become biologically active and provide you and your cells with the right amount of energy. Most people today have low amounts of magnesium because of improper diets and because of over-exercising we deplete magnesium. This is why you see a lot of runners start cramping up at some point in their training because they have a deficiency of magnesium. If they eat a banana or they eat foods rich in magnesium the cramping disappears almost immediately. Magnesium has over 300 biochemical functions in the body which means if you have a deficiency of magnesium you are causing a dysfunction in almost 300 biochemical reactions and processes in the body ranging from blood pressure. When you have the right amount of magnesium you help your body maintain proper blood pressure. You should also look at the repair of DNA and your cells. This is why almost every cancer patient who comes to us, we look constantly at monitoring their magnesium levels because we need that DNA to be constantly repaired. So we are looking at the repair of DNA, heart problems, energy levels, blood pressure. Another important function of magnesium is, it helps convert food into energy. So it doesn’t matter how much of food you’re eating, the quality of food you are eating, if you do not have proper magnesium you are not enabling the body to convert food into energy. You can find magnesium in pumpkin seeds, bananas, chia seeds, flax seeds, almonds and cashew nuts. When you’re eating a naturally balanced diet you get all of these components naturally but when you do these fad diets like ketogenic and low carb and high protein you deprive your body of all these little minerals that have massive functions in the human body.

The next point is sitting and slouching. What is slouching? Slouching is sitting with a bad posture. All of this depletes energy from the body. So sitting like I said has become the new smoking. Having the right posture helps your body create the right amount of energy and use energy effectively in the body. So you should look at your posture and make sure that you are never sitting in one place for more than 45 minutes at a time.  Get up, make a call, take a walk, get your own water, go to the bathroom, touch your toes but do not sit in one place for a long period of time.

I have to touch upon sugar and junk food. Sugar is fine in small quantities. The problem today is over consumption. So if you grew up having a little bit of white sugar in your cup of tea continue with that but if you are having that sugar in your tea and then you are having a cupcake, processed food, a dessert then you have all these hidden sugars coming into your body. That is over consumption of sugar. Sugar ferments in the body which means it decreases the amount of oxygen that enters your cells and that is a big problem because oxygen sustains every activity in your cells and you must make sure you have the best cellular health if you are healing from a disease or  you are looking at preventing a disease or if you are looking at maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight you need to get the right amount of oxygen to those cells and sugar is an obstacle because it ferments and it prevents the absorption of oxygen into your cells.

I also want to discuss about junk food and high corn fructose which is found in all of cokes and diet cokes and Pepsi’s and all aerated drinks and all the packaged food. There are hidden sugars, trans fats and high corn fructose syrup which your body just cannot handle. It puts so much of load on your liver and that converts into fat, straight into your body and decreases the amount of oxygen reducing energy. This is why all these aerated drinks and sugar snacks give you energy for five to ten minutes and then it starts cravings and you need more and all you have is a false sense of energy.

Your digestive system uses roughly seventy to seventy-five percent of energy every single day to break down all the food that we eat. So if you are overeating your digestive system is using energy from your entire body to break down all the excess calories that we eat that our body doesn’t require. 75% of energy is a lot of energy. We are left with twenty five percent of energy for our entire day to day activities which is not enough. So we need to eat the right potions because we don’t want to make our digestive systems expend more energy than it requires. We should eat foods which are easily digestible. We must make sure that our digestive systems are clean so that we have the right amount of digestive enzymes which has a function of helping your digestive system break down food in the most effective way without consuming too much of energy.

When we constantly every two hours or three hours because that’s a fad eating for your metabolic rate, metabolism doesn’t work that way. Don’t eat every two hours. You need to give your digestive system a break. Eat a good breakfast, a good lunch, maybe an evening snack if your dinner is going to be late and a dinner. That’s all the energy that your body requires. Overtraining will deplete your body of energy. If you are overtraining make sure that you’re eating more. Over training and under eating is going to deplete your body of minerals and vitamins and your overall energy at the end of the day.

Last but not the least is your emotions also use energy from your body. Have you ever figured after an argument or a fight or some emotional trauma how you feel so low on energy, you feel drained, you use a word like that conversation drained me because your emotions drain you. They require energy as well. This is why it’s so important to be aware of the thoughts that you have. If there are negative thoughts they are draining you out of energy. If you are emotionally distressed and you’re emotionally internalizing all your emotions all the time and not expressing it out and letting it out of your system it is draining you of energy. This is why when we look at the body it’s a mind-body connect. You cannot leave the mind out of the equation of weight loss, out of the equation of healing, out of the equation of prevention or out of the equation of good health because emotions have a direct impact on every cell in your body which means every organ of your body which means your immunity. So the more negative thoughts you have, the more negative emotions you have that’s draining you of energy as well.

So you got to get into your mind and find out all these sources in your body that’s draining you of energy and that’s how you build more energy into your day. Remember we do not get energy we make energy, we create energy and our own body and mind depletes energy. Now find those gaps and fill them.

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