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How to Start Your Affirmations Journal?


Everyday 80000+ thoughts cross our mind and when we are stressed, the number of thoughts just increases exponentially. It’s very important to select what thought to carry in the mind just the way we decide what clothes to wear every single day. This can be better justified knowing mind and body are not different from one another, what you feel in mind, you experience it on body – for example : If you feel stressed / low / upset, you are going to feel low on energy, lazy, experience hair fall and that glow of your face would also fade way. On the other hand, if you’re happy and positive, it just spikes up your energy levels and increases your productivity as well.

Out of the 80000+ thoughts which cross out mind, just a small fraction of it are POSITIVE thoughts where you express – Oh, the day is so beautiful, I’m loving the comfort of working from home, my boss is so genuine and so on; little higher number of these thoughts are NEGATIVE where you often whine about small things – Oh ! I’m so done with work from home, I hate this traffic, I hate this lockdown, my boss is just not understanding my efforts and so on.

A little of these thoughts are NECESSARY thoughts which are needed to well execute your day, thoughts like preplanning your day, scheduling tasks one after the other, thoughts that you should eat, sleep, talk etc.

And all the remaining thoughts which take up a major portion are all the UNNECESSARY thoughts which lead to worry of the future or regrets from the past. Often all the negative emotions like fear, anger, guilt, resentment, jealousy will lead to these unnecessary thoughts.

Example- If you’re angry for not getting that promotion, thoughts start creeping in the mind just like the domino effect like – “Maybe, I’m not good enough”, “Maybe, my boss is bias”, “Maybe, quality of my work isn’t up to the mark” and so on. Likewise, if certain expectations from people aren’t met that can make you feel, “Maybe that person doesn’t love me anymore”, “Maybe things between us have changed”, “Maybe the spark has gone now and things like that”. In honesty, most of these unnecessary thoughts that arise, may not even be true. It takes positive emotions like love, hope, acceptance, faith etc to change all your unnecessary thoughts. So, considering the similar examples – you could say- I’m the next in line to get promoted, I accept the person the way he/she is and so on. This shift in thoughts may not come easily, it certainly requires a lot of practice.

Stick this one quote – “To make the better tomorrow, make your thoughts good today” on your wardrobe / refrigerator / bathroom / wallpaper and make sure to remind your subconscious mind to rewire all negative- unnecessary thoughts to positive-necessary thoughts.

Affirmations are one way via which you can bring about this shift in the way you think and perceive things. Affirmations are those positive thoughts that can have positive effects on the body. Affirmations will help you reprogram your thinking in a positive manner, send healing messages, build good habits for taking care of daily stress. Some examples of affirmations are:

-I release myself of anger, hate and bitterness – I am free.
-I am grateful for all the good that surrounds me – I attract goodness.
-I release old habits that are limiting my potential.
-I let go of all expectations.
-I say goodbye to things in my life that are blocking my growth.

Rules of Affirmation Journaling:

1.Write your affirmations in present tense: Assume that what you desire, you’re already receiving so instead of telling, “my work life balance will get better in years to come”, start staying, I’m really happy with the work life balance that I have.

2.Always personalise your affirmations: The use of first person – “I” is very important to make affirmations 100% personalised to you.

3.Use power words: You can use the power words like am, choose, believe, trust, accept, willing, love etc to make your affirmations powerful. Example: I am confident, I accept my spouse the way he/she is, I believe I look the best, I choose faith over fear and so on.

4.Avoid using negative words: While framing your affirmations. Avoid using words like never, don’t, not etc. So instead of telling – I don’t want to be late, try saying I’ll reach on time; Instead of saying I’m happy to not get a headache today, try saying, I’m happy to have a pain free day today.

5.Keep your affirmations short and specific: just write what you want to affirm without adding a long explanation why you want to affirm that. The Law of Universe just says “Your wish is my command” so whatever you wish (read that as affirm), it will be granted irrespective of the reason behind it.

6.Mindfulness: write affirmations not just to tick off your to-do list. When you write down affirmations, you need to do it with a lot of faith, belief, conviction. Believe in the words that you write, contradicting in your mind will make it harder for you to achieve it. Example: If you seek xx% hike in your salary and you start affirming on that daily but back of the mind if you think but that’s too much to ask for, such high percentage of hike no one has ever got it so how am I going to get it, then you certainly won’t. If you add doubt to your affirmations, the magic of it diminishes. Affirmations should be unconditional.

7.Visualisation: that’s an add on master rule which you can practice. Renowned comedian Jim Carrey who lives by this example said it once; If you see it and believe it, it’s easier for you to receive it.

8.Patience: that’s one of the most underrated golden rules when it comes to affirmations. You need to have loads of patience while changing your thoughts to positive thoughts and also while waiting to see how beautifully your affirmations work. You can’t expect a miracle with just a few days of practice and if you’re practicing for many years you need to cross check if you’re contradicting your affirmations by any way.

Sharing some sample affirmations based on emotions for your reference in case you get stuck while journaling:

• If you’re feeling STRESSED, you can affirm
o It’s easy for me to feel calm in all the circumstances.
o All my dreams are coming true.
o I trust my intuition and am always guided by my guardian angels.

• If you’re feeling ANXIOUS, you can affirm
o I trust I’m exactly where I need to be.
o I’m a money magnet
o I’m the creator of my reality, even in the times of uncertainty

• If you’re feeling SAD, you can affirm
o I break the pattern and choose the things to happen my way.
o I understand that failing is a learning experience that adds on to personal growth.
o I’m blessed and grateful to live the life I’ve created.

• If you’re feeling ANGRY, you can affirm
o I’m a peaceful and calm person.
o I’m surrounded by love and compassion; all is well at my end.
o I accept xyz person the way he/she is and let go the grudge that I’ve held so far.

• If you’re feeling WORRIED, you can affirm
o I release all the fears of the unknown and unexpected
o I choose faith over fear.
o I have the power to manifest abundance in all areas of life

• If you’re feeling OVERWHELMED, you can affirm
o I know things are unfolding for my best interest.
o I’m just perfect the way I am.
o I’ve the patience to endure the challenges of life and move on.

• If you’re feeling INSECURE, you can affirm
o I love myself unconditionally
o I accept all aspects of myself
o I welcome the true unconditional love into my life

• If you’re feeling HAPPY, you can affirm
o I use my energy to create more love, harmony and peace.
o I find love everywhere I go; Life is joyful.
o I’ve the power to make my dreams come true.

• If you’re feeling UNWELL, you can affirm
o Every cell of my body is functioning in perfect harmony.
o I can heal my body
o My body is always doing the best to heal itself and create the perfect health.

• If you’re feeling PAIN, you can affirm
o The aches and the pains in the body are fading
o I see my body is healing
o I release all the grief, fear or anger that I’m holding from the past moment.

• If you’re feeling GUILTY, you can affirm
o I release the past and set myself free
o I move on with loads of love in my heart.
o I allow myself to move forward in life.

These are some samples which you can refer to, you can literally make your own and personalize it according to the emotions you’re going through or the things you desire. Remember affirmations won’t work if your actions aren’t in sync with your affirmations.

You may refer to powerful books like “You can Heal Yourself” and “You can Heal your Life” by Louis Hay. To understand visualizations and law of attraction in a deeper way, you must read “The Secret” – a book written by Rhonda Byrne.

As you start your journaling, you can simply write your affirmations daily or just write it once and read it loudly. You can also record these affirmations in your own voice and listen to it often during the day. You can write in your phone or over email draft as well, but pen to paper is often considered a very powerful way of writing affirmations. Make sure to add a lot of mindfulness, faith and belief as you start writing your journal.

Starting your own affirmations journal –


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