Download Team Luke’s FREE Booklet of Handpicked & Homemade Diwali Recipes

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free recipe booklet Diwali recipes sweets savories

Download Team Luke’s FREE Booklet of Handpicked & Homemade Diwali Recipes

The season of festivities and light is almost here. And we at Team Luke and You Care want to help you make the best of it and enjoy your sweets and savories without attaching guilt to it.

We know many of you fear putting on weight, spiking sugar levels, and missing workouts when the festive season arrives. But we are here to tell you that holidays don’t have to mean weight gain, and celebrations don’t have to mean over-eating.

YOU have the power to make informed choices. Take the effort to chart an action plan and overcome these hurdles.

This Diwali, we are encouraging you to make all the delicacies from scratch. With fresh ingredients and a lot of love, you digest a mithai (sweet) made at home differently than a mithai bought from a shop. Love has the power to change the energy of food and the way your body breaks it down.

You also have the advantage of playing around with healthier ingredients like — natural sugar over refined sugar, better quality oil or fat over refined oils and trans fats, cacao over cocoa, and several others.

Relish these without greed. Your body will know exactly how to digest it.

This booklet consists of delicious yet healthy recipes designed by our meal-planning experts and nutritionists.

Gather your family around the kitchen and turn this into a fun bonding activity. Some of these recipes can also be used for your upcoming tailgating events and parties!

Download our booklet for FREE here

free recipe booklet Diwali recipes sweets savories

We hope you have a lovely, prosperous, and healthy Diwali!

With Gratitude,
Team Luke

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  • Masuma rupani Reply

    I love the way luke has changed n given healthy life style to people. Almighty bless him n team always

    October 18, 2022 at 8:48 pm
  • Sandhya Reply

    Luke is a angle.. the way he give advice and tell tee challenges and his knowledge is wonderful i always love his simplicity.. god bless him forever

    October 19, 2022 at 7:17 pm

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