Success Story | Using Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight & Improve Health

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intermittent fasting

Success Story | Using Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight & Improve Health

Here is another success story of intermittent fasting. So many people worldwide have adopted this magic lifestyle diet and made improvements in their health. I have attached the link to one of my intermittent fasting videos towards the end. You can find many more videos on this subject and other health topics on my Youtube channel.“Hi Luke,

So happy to be sharing my story. Got back after my India vacation in Oct 2018 and realized I had gained pounds that I didn’t like on me. Was on a conference in Montreal and got introduced to the concept of IF by a colleague. I am one of those people who for years never skipped breakfast and always psyched myself to believe that if I did, I would get a headache by 11am and bang ..the headache came on. When my colleague shared this concept with me, I decided overnight that I would give it a try. This was October 29th, 2018. Get back to Toronto (kind of home for me but not really), started on it for a week and voila no headache! My eight-hour window is from noon to 7.30pm. The following week I had a call from a friend of mine whose son is getting married in April 2019 and she chatted with me about weight loss and I
suggested’ to her to incorporate this lifestyle change into her daily routine. She says to me “Oh I know friends of mine who are doing this in India and following Luke Coutinho” and she sends me your video. I watch it and blasted her for not paying attention to this concept. She tells me ” Oh, I only watch Luke’s videos because he is cute”. Thanks to her watching your cuteness, you’ve been a game changer for me. I’ve always maintained a healthy lifestyle. Just turned 53, 5feet 4 inches, and weighed 134 pounds in October 2018. Workout four times a week. Cardio (step aerobics and dance – twice a week) and strength (twice a week), sleep for at least 7-8 hours and do some breathing (not quite there yet but working on it). I’m a pescetarian by choice.
When I started IF, my objective was to get leaner and stronger and CLEAN from the inside. Today after almost 3 months, I weigh 127 pounds and feel like the body fat has melted, feel stronger, more energized and above all CLEAN from the inside. To receive compliments everyday from people I see even on a regular basis is THANKS to U. The spices and herbs in my kitchen are being fully utilized, fruits and raw vegetables are a religion now. I have converted atleast 10 of my
friends to start IF including my 29 year old son and 26 year old daughter. It feels good to share with others something that makes you feel good.
So this is my happy story. Whenever I make a change, for me sustainability is the key. This is easy to do, I don’t feel deprived of my cravings, I can work around this even with my busy social life and people can SEE results. That’s a BIG deal. Thank you seems a small word for the impact that you have had on my life. Just pure gratitude and God Bless.”

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