Why You Should Eat Potatoes

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Why You Should Eat Potatoes

Potatoes are a rich source of vitamin b6 which is essential and vital for energy and metabolism. It actually helps you convert carbohydrates into glucose and it also helps with the breakdown of protein into amino acids. These are smaller molecules which are more easily digestible and absorbed into your blood and into your cells. So although people say, it’s a carb and a starch,  there’s nothing wrong with a carb and a starch if it’s getting digested and broken down the right way.

Potatoes are rich in folates. Folate is used by cells for the synthesis and repair of DNA, so it has everything good to do with when you have cancer or any other disease. So when you have the right amount of folates in your body it actually helps with repairing the DNA and the synthesis of DNA in your cells.

These are two reasons why you should be eating potatoes. Now potatoes become bad when you deep fry them because it absorbs too much of oil because of absorptive tissues in it and a potato becomes bad when you overeat it.

Anything becomes bad when you overeat including fruits including vegetables whatever it is. Remember the human body will use only what it needs for but for its functions. Anything extra it doesn’t need, is likely to get stored as fat or get stored as some impurity in the human body.

So don’t give up on potatoes. It’s part of our staple Indian diet. It’s also part of several diets around the world and people in the West and in Europe have potatoes at every single meal and it doesn’t cause a problem. So don’t be scared of a potato. Be scared of overconsumption, over eating and cooking it the wrong way.

Potatoes contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and zinc; all of these components which contribute towards strong bone health. Iron and zinc found in potatoes leads to the production of collagen and collagen is absolutely necessary when it comes to bone formation.

We all know that you need to be on low sodium diet when you have high blood pressure. Also the more potassium you have it leads to the vasel dilation effect which can actually reduce your high blood pressure and potatoes are loaded with potassium.

As we know by now potatoes contain vitamin c, vitamin b6 and a lot of fibre which plays a role in reducing your bad cholesterol. So again you need to have the staple foods in your diet, so if you grew up eating potatoes, cook them the right way, eat them in the right quantity.

Another very important health benefit of potato is reducing inflammation because potatoes contain choline which actually helps with reducing inflammation in the body and another extremely important fact of choline is that it helps reducing the absorption of fat into your cells.

You can’t go wrong with nature; you cannot go wrong with potatoes. Eat it in moderation, cook it the right way.

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