Download our Summer Special Booklet for FREE: Quick and Easy Drinks and Cold Soups

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Download our Summer Special Booklet for FREE: Quick and Easy Drinks and Cold Soups

It’s summertime. Photo Credits: Unsplash

Growing up, our summers held a special place in our hearts. From playing lagori in the sun to relishing cold homemade lemonades, our pockets were filled with sunshine and fond memories. But as summer continues to get hotter across the country and stealthily approaches its peak, we have a request for you. Listen to the signs of your body. Is it in need of some extra care? Think about how the soaring mercury affects your body, considering that every organ from your heart to your brain, liver, and kidney is temperature-sensitive.

Yes, your body is intelligently designed to regulate its temperature. But when the heat becomes excessive to bear, it can lead to heat strokes. One way to avoid this is to keep it hydrated, not just with water but a range of nutritious coolants and cold soups.

Our meal planning experts at You Care have curated a summer-special recipe booklet just for YOU. Beat the heat with these Quick and Easy Drinks and Cold Soups.

Download our summer special recipe booklet here.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. For more such exciting recipes, visit our holistic recipe corner here.

Disclaimer: Please keep your health expert in the loop before introducing any new food ingredient in your child’s diet, especially if they are on any medications or undergoing medical treatment. If any ingredient doesn’t suit them, avoid its consumption.

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