Parkinson’s – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

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Parkinson’s – Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

For all those who believe at face value that Parkinson’s has to rob you off your lifestyle …Yes, it is a degenerative condition but it doesn’t mean you can’t slow it down or arrest it to slow down. Meet Mr. Vinod Mangaldas. What a Rockstar! Seventy-one years of age and has literally arrested his Parkinson’s disease (so far all by himself) – using medicine and beyond medicine. He developed Parkinson’s about four years ago and is on Parkinson’s medications to be fair in order to handle is tremors, but also uses lifestyle in a huge way. He is stooped forward but uses walking stick, climbs stairs to his office and does everything on his own. He gyms, consumes a clean diet, regular massages, listens to music, etc. What’s more inspiring is that he did it all on his own, along with an act of self-discipline and determination. He came up to me during a recent visit to Coimbatore and proudly said “I have arrested my condition NOW …at the age of 71” which means he is stable with his disease. He is living comfortably and not letting it come in the way of his quality of life.This shows how it’s possible to slow down or arrest degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other degenerative conditions using an integrative approach, lifestyle and of course self-discipline.

Now, we have got him on our protocol to reduce inflammation, support brain health, to help his body handle the side effects of medication and support his body’s intelligence even further.

Read his story …….

“We fall. We break. We fail but then
We rise. We heal. we overcome. – quote unknown

Dear Luke,
It was wonderful meeting you today in Coimbatore. I was amazed with your humbleness and selfless devotion towards work.
May god bless you.

I am 71 years now and was diagnosed with Parkinson disease 4 years back. I am on regular medication and get physio therapy done regularly.

My journey with you started a year back on advice of my daughter. I started seeing your videos regularly and made small changes in my lifestyle.

My energy level started improving when I started adding added nuts, seeds dates, coconut oil to my diet which I was not having earlier.

My protein intake has also gone up and I make sure I add protein to every meal.

I have got relief to some extent from constipation by adding sabja to my water. I go regularly to detox myself in therapy centre.

I am regular at my gym workout.

I can easily climb 2 floor stairs to my flat. I am regularly riding scooter and driving my car though doctors wanted me to avoid but I would not like to be dependent on others.

And after meeting you today, I felt an intense magical healing through the positive vibes and your advice.

I will make sure; I give in my best and follow all your guidelines to the fullest.

Love and blessing to you and your team.

Vinod mangaldas
72 years.
Coimbatore resident.”

Know more:

Need help to reach your wellness goals? We help you find a way. Be a part of a personalized You Care Wellness program that revolves around YOU and work one-on-one with our integrative team of experts. Speak to our wellness consultants on 1800 102 0253 or email us at to know more.

Why Choose You Care Wellness?
Because we help you find a way
- Luke Coutinho

Our You Care wellness programs are designed around the five fundamental intelligent systems within the human body involved in prevention, recovery, and rebuilding. Every program and protocol after a thorough diagnosis and prognosis is built around - Angiogenesis, DNA repair, Immunity and Inflammation, the Gut Microbiome, and Stem Cell Regeneration. Our approach involves using food synergy and deep cellular nutrition, exercise, sleep, and enhancing emotional wellness and lifestyle.

Our You Care wellness program respects the uniqueness of a person and works with an understanding that no one shoe fits all. Every program and journey is personalized according to the person's past and present lifestyle, ailment/disease, symptoms, and root causes. In integrative and lifestyle medicine, we focus on addressing the root cause of the problem and work to manage the side effects of medications and treatments that may cause secondary problems, issues, and discomfort. While symptoms are being treated, root causes must be addressed, and rebuilding with a focus on future prevention is important. On this journey with us, you have a team of highly trained nutritionists, clinical dietitians, allopathic doctors, yoga therapists, life coaches, and certified emotional counselors that will be assigned to your case according to your condition, if required.

Every disease requires this approach, from a simple case of acne to a rare syndrome, cancer. We help you find a way.

Our programs in no way guarantee you a cure or miraculous healing. We will never sell you anything in that light. We believe in a structured approach, knowledge, research, wisdom, and years of experience coming together to assess you and your condition as a unique one and plan your protocol along those lines.

We are not a replacement for your medical team and will never suggest otherwise unless we feel that your current medical approach is ineffective and dangerous to you.

We put care, love, respect, and understanding in our approach and design healthcare around the person first and then the disease. It is our commitment to simplifying health and lifestyle. We want to make wellness more enjoyable and wonderful, instead of horrible.

We commit our best to everyone who comes to us and while we can't always promise the result, we always promise to be there for you and give it our all to you, your family, loved ones. Our only hope is for you to get better and live a happier and healthier life.

A cure is not possible for many illnesses, but we firmly believe that there is always room for healing. Healing can be experienced as acceptance of illness and peace with one's life. This healing, we believe, is at its core - spiritual. Healing can comprise acceptance, letting go, the forgiveness of oneself or others, seeing with a different perspective, hope, faith, belief, prayer, and so much more. Healing is never someone making a promise to you that you will get better by selling you a special medicine, supplement, chant, prayer, magic stones, magic oils, and so on. Healing and recovery are different. In our experience, we see dying patients who start to heal, and sometimes as they heal the past and present, their condition can improve, sometimes, nothing happens, but the patient gets emotionally happier and stronger as they heal at all levels even if the disease cannot be cured.

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