From Weighing 100 Kg to Running a 10K Marathon: This 41-YO’s Transformation Will Inspire You

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fitness transformation journey

From Weighing 100 Kg to Running a 10K Marathon: This 41-YO’s Transformation Will Inspire You

Meet 41-year-old Ashutosh. When he first met us, he had a sedentary lifestyle and erratic sleep patterns and eating habits. One of the major concerns was his weight tipping the scale at 100 kgs. He also struggled with low energy levels and a host of digestive and gut issues. The discomfort resulting from this often lasted throughout the day and began affecting his work.

After an 8-month journey at You Care Wellness, Ashutosh has now given his lifestyle a complete overhaul. His gut health is now in check. He has lost 15 kgs and even completed a 10K marathon! Thanks to his unbridled discipline, consistency, and efforts, he has made a transformation that could inspire many. We are very proud of you, Ashutosh.

fitness transformation journey
Completing a milestone in July 2022. Photo Credits: Ashutosh Writes

Read Ashutosh’s incredible transformation journey in his own words here.

It is seldom that you receive a birthday gift that changes your life. On my 41st birthday, my wife gave me the gift of good health by enrolling me in Luke’s Wellness Program. Shweta Uchil from Luke’s senior team remained my coach and guide for the entire duration of the program.

The program takes a very scientific approach to wellness. It starts with a bunch of tests to determine exactly what is wrong, and a customized food plan is created based on that. My food plan focused on improving gut health and digestion – weight loss and inch loss would follow naturally from that. Right from the first day, the emphasis was on the four pillars of health and lifestyle – diet, activity, sleep, and stress management.

This is something very unique about Luke’s You Care Wellness Program – focus on holistic health and not just weight loss.

The You Care Wellness Program

My food plan avoided gluten and dairy entirely for some time and focused on controlling food portions rather than starving. Detailed portion sizes, recipes, and recommendations were given for the various food items. Avoiding gluten meant the addition of jowar, bajra, millets, oats, and pulses to the diet in their various shapes and forms. This opened up a new side of cuisine we weren’t even aware of. Both my wife and I are not foodies. A great second-order effect of the food plan was that we learned and tasted new recipes that we wouldn’t have otherwise tried. Along with the food plan, cleanses were also suggested at regular intervals.

Activity is one of the pillars of the program. I was supposed to do 30-45 minutes of activity every day and post-meal walks of 10-15 minutes. Also, I wasn’t sleeping well and used to be stressed due to work. Shweta shared many tips and Yoga Nidra links to help me sleep (no zombie movies at night :D) and motivated me to restart my meditation practice and use left-nostril breathing to calm down when stressed.

I initially took the program for three months and extended it for four more months after seeing the results. I also got an additional month of coaching from a referral.

The transformation

What an amazing journey of 8 months it has been! When I started, I weighed more than 100 Kg, and my fitness levels were quite low. I used to feel lethargic all the time with low energy levels. I had a host of digestive issues and had already had problems with my lower back that had required treatment.

fitness transformation journey
Before and after pictures from November 2021 to February 2022. Photo Credits: Ashutosh Writes

The gluten and dairy-free food plan has worked wonders for me. Within the first few weeks, my energy levels were up, and I started feeling better. Weekly calls with Shweta motivated me to ramp up my activity levels and water intake and focus on sleep and stress management. The regular cleanses helped remove garbage from the body and made me feel rejuvenated.
The program trained me to be mindful of what and how much I eat and correlate my food habits with gut health and energy levels. This helped me realize the direct effect that water intake, sleep, and stress have on digestion and gut health. I am now more equipped to manage food and schedule changes when I’m traveling – earlier a few days of travel would throw my system off for almost a week.

The visible changes have been in terms of inch loss and weight loss. I have dropped almost two sizes and have lost more than 15 kgs. I’ve also been able to start running after the weight loss and will be doing my first 10 km timed run in a few days.

I am super thankful to my wife for motivating me to take up this program and for the constant support and guidance provided by Shweta for the duration of the program. Lastly, I would like to thank Luke and his team for designing such an intuitive program and transforming my health and life.

fitness transformation journey
Before and after pictures from November 2021 to February 2022. Photo Credits: Ashutosh Writes

Speaking about his progress, his integrative lifestyle coach Shweta Uchil from Team Luke says, “Ashutosh has progressed greatly in terms of his gut health. Losing weight boosted his morale and his overall confidence. His regular practice of meditation and pranayama helped him keep his stress in control. Sleep was once a major issue due to his tendency to binge-watch esp paranormal (zombie) movies. We gradually worked on this to improve his sleep cycle. Physical activity that was once a major challenge slowly and gradually turned into regular walks then jogs, and recently into his first 10 km marathon, a major milestone for him. Over and above our focus on the four pillars of lifestyle, his positive attitude worked very well for him.”

(Ashutosh’s journey was republished with permission.)

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