Reversing Premature Menopause through Intermittent Fasting

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Reversing Premature Menopause through Intermittent Fasting

Meet Priya, a 40-year-old, working mom of 2, who managed to reverse menopause naturally through Intermittent Fasting. Her periods stopped at the age of 34 right after she gave birth to her second child. She did not suffer from PCOD or any other gynaecological issues, the Doctors were unable to identify why she had hit menopause so early. Since her stats were normal, she was given a clean chit and went about her life normally.

Until she started Intermittent fasting & within a few months of IF she has got her regular periods back. After 6 years of Menopause! Priya tries to finish dinner by 7/7.30 and can easily manage to keep a 16-hour window between her next meal. Days when she gets hungry, she breaks it in 13-14 hours. She is also able to stretch it for longer if she’s not hungry. She practises IF 5 days a week and on weekends her routine is flexible depending on her family and social commitments. She breaks her fast with dates, followed by a fruit.

She has switched to cold pressed mustard oil for cooking and has added nuts, moringa powder and ghee (“always had it in roti but have also started adding to dals”) to her diet. “I have also started having dal-rice for dinner at times. I was completely not in favour of rice before and used to have it sparingly.”

Her sleep quality has improved drastically. “IF really has helped in this. My TV time has also reduced at night. Since I finish dinner early, I feel sleepy early.”

“I never really thought that fasting could be a solution to anything. Never understood the concept only but once I started following Luke, there was a clear explanation to what it does to your body and how helpful it is. I thought what’s the harm in trying?
I started a few months back and it has made a great impact on my body and my approach to life. Luke’s videos are so full of information and I try and follow as much as I can. If I need info on any health or food related topic, I always go to his social media page and there’s always an answer to everything.”

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