Success Story | How Anita & Tejal Overcame Fear to Achieve Sourdough Success

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Success Story | How Anita & Tejal Overcame Fear to Achieve Sourdough Success

I had two lovely women who came up to me one day to talk about their skill and desire to teach people to bake sourdough bread. They wanted advice on how to take their classes to people across India. In my experience , if someone has the right intention backed by passion and dedication, everything is possible. They posted their first class on social media and while they got a lot of support and blessings from well wishers, they also got negativity and judgment on their prices, skills etc. They were compared to classes of other renowned chefs etc and statements that no one would pay for their classes were made.

Of course this destroys the morale of most people who set out with the right intention to make a dream come true. Being the immature me which i am at several stages of life depending on situations, i lashed back at some of these virtual complainers and ‘ small minded’ people, telling them they have a choice to join the class or not, but their complaining and judgement wont ever change the price for them.

A week later, these two women had requests for classes from different parts of India. I have lost count of how they have grown this small idea into something so large . Then they were invited to Dubai where they held their successful class. And now if all goes well, they have been invited to Newyork to impart their knowledge and skills to various learners.

I guess the trolls and virtual ‘ jealous’ people have nothing to say now and even if they do, these two ladies have moved to fast and so much higher to even look down and remember the negativity they were faced with when they put the idea out there with pure hearts…

This is a message and a learning to all the young, old, women ,men , kids who have a dream to make something happen, but fear becomes the obstacle , the fear of being trolled, the fear of being put down, the fear of being told that your idea wont work, the fear of failure, the fear of people trying to out you down. Most people who discourage you in life do it from their own fears and insecurities and many times from a space of jealousy , where they feel that they will not be able to accept or handle your success. There are such people, in fact there are many people like that and sadly sometimes they will be close family and relatives too. Dream big anyway, speak to your heart, follow your heart and intuition and make it happy, because people will talk and judge you anyway, so trying to please people by changing you never really gets you anything, as people will still have something to say, and usually it’s mostly negative…

If we dress to please others , talk to pease others, do things and make decisions that revolve around pleasing others ( close family and partners maybe different ) im talking about so called society, we lose our own dignity, respect and self worth eventually making us empty , hollow and shallow .

That’s why appreciation and attention from loved ones and family is so important and these are the relationships to invest 100% in if we can. When attention and appreciation dies from these sources, humans will automatically gravitate to other sources fro, where they can get it.

Anita and Tejal – Our sourdough bakers and teachers,,,i am so proud of you and you are impacting so many lives by teaching people the skill of how to bake super healthy bread .

Dream big, ladies , men, kids, everyone, and never never let anyone run down your idea …

At the same time be aware of fake friends who only tell you what you want to hear all the time and friends that only put you on a pedestal. True friends will also tell you your faults, correct you when you are wrong , because they truly truly care for you and love you. I’m sure the two of you are going to rock Newyork city .

Lets wish Anita and Tejal all the best always

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