The Power of Belief and Lifestyle

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The Power of Belief and Lifestyle

We believe that the human body has forces to heal and with changes in lifestyle mind and body we try and enable the human body use those forces that are within. We have loads of people who speak bad about us, certain journalists who pull us down, other dietician organisations that bad mouth and try and pull us downetc but we have reached a point where we are of complete belief that the more good work one does with sincerity and right intention and the more success that comes in terms of us bringing about a positive change in people who come to us or follow us.

This is bound to happen …I teach and remind myself and the team everyday to focus on one small goal , give our all to our clients , unlearn and re learn , keep an open mind , know that every body is different and every person can’t have a cookie cutter approach for health …and let our actions speak louder than words ….people will be people , we can’t change them and we can’t let their opinions and hate define who we are and what we do …..blessed with a beautiful and super team …….read below to find out how this young girl and her amazing parents moved from being treated and given up on to being healed ….there is no magic in what we do …we believe and and we use lifestyle as our drug.

“2015 July- that is when Zaara was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Though many in my maternal side had this issue, never thought it would affect anyone in my family….least of all my daughter. Never knew much about it, actually never bothered to know. So i was under the impression Zaara is young 9 year old, she would have her course of medication and ‘tadaaa’ she would be back to track, thyroid issue would just vanish. I was unprepared for the many disappointments.
Zaaras paediatrician recommended a well known endocrinologist who was in town. We went to him with much hope. He tested her hormones, prescribed the medication. Thats it…nothing to say or ask. But the parent in me kept hopes high and asked if zaara could be cured. The reply was plain..simple and hurting “damaged part can not be repaired.” Zaara though young, she left all hope. So any consolation or encouragement from.our end never meant anything to her.
2015 dec- she had her first period. Her life took another toss for worst. Seriously irregular period. Every doctor we visited told, the culprit is hypothyroidism.
As a parent we felt so helpless. Girl who was so alive….full of energy ..playful was gradually disappearing…a new person emerged..overweight…lack of energy….and sleep….
Fast forward to 2018…..on my fb page, i don’t know who the blessed soul was shared a video of Luke, talking about Hashimotos. Till then only one paediatrician from Kerala had actually made us understand Zaaras case or what was Hashimotos. Then the video of Luke. The way he explained, everything made sense. I could see light at the other end of the dark tunnel. I wanted to meet Luke. But thought he was a celebrity doctor. Many said he might be scam, someone with attitude..cold and money-minded. So i researched him more. It was more clear in my mind that i need to meet Luke.
Husband was not at all convinced. But when it came to well being of our daughter he was ready to risk anything. Zaara was facing n number of issues in between …hairloss, constipation, skin issue, high Tpo, Tsh, vit d deficiency, lack of energy, etc.
As an answer to our prayer i heard of Lukes visit to Dubai. Immediately action was taken to arrange a meeting.
Mashallah, what a personality!!!….friendly, warm, humble. He knew what he was talking. He knew everything about Hashis. Zaara who had no hope ever was so mighty impressed with Luke. Luke was so kind to her, she was ready to take on whatever he advised her. Husband too was super impressed.

Then we got introduced to Heta Kotari, Zaaras nutritionist. She was another blessing. Thoroughly a positive energy…a friend…a support..she did everything to help Zaara follow her diet easily..Never forced her for anything be it food or exercise. I thought it was impossible task to keep zaara in a gluten free…diary free diet. But Heta, you gave us loads of option. You eased way for not only zaara but the whole family. Heta a thorough professional…she kept tab of everything in zaaras life…made sure everything went on smoothly.

Luke, Heta, Manali and team god bless u all. Thanking u all again for your support … Wishing you all many more success…

Given below is the b4 and after result
April 2019 July 2019
TSH 5.02 1.92
TPO 215.60 95.10
T3 0.32 0.29
T4 1.18 1.20″

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