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Are You Using the Power of Vitamin W?

Everyone is looking for vitamins to boost their health. I often get asked, “Luke, is there a vitamin for strong hair, or one that can boost my kidney or heart, or cleanse my liver? Do I need a vitamin to lose weight?” Today I want to introduce a very interesting vitamin to you. You...


How To Cure Burnout?

What comes to mind when we say burnout? Perhaps many of you reading this have faced this at some or other point in life or are struggling with it as you read this. Did you know even the World Health Organization changed its definition of burnout? From calling it a stress syndrome, it has...


Top 4 Health Benefits Of Walking

Often people ask about Vitamins that would suit their health. Can I have a vitamin for my hair, my kidney, my liver?  Do I need a vitamin for my heart? Do I need a vitamin to lose weight? We need to understand that vitamins may be needed when there is a deficiency, or when you...