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From 103 Kgs to 86.7 Kgs in Just 90 Days Rahul’s Ultimate Fat Loss Triumph

From 103 Kgs to 86.7 Kgs in Just 90 Days: Rahul’s Ultimate Fat Loss Triumph

From 103 kgs to 86.7 kgs in just 90 days... The ultimate fat loss triumph Rahul did it, and you can too! Then vs now The power of focusing on fat loss and building lean muscle, instead of chasing the number on the scale It was in March 2023, when Rahul first came to us. What were the biggest pain points...

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Carrots for Cancer, Estrogen Dominance and a Natural Cleanse

During my recent trip to New York, as I interacted with doctors, nutritionists, research scientists, and other integrative and lifestyle medicine experts, one revolutionary root vegetable kept coming up in conversations. Today I want to speak to you about it. It takes me back to my childhood. From grade 1 to 10, when my mum...

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Jeera: Add this Magical and Inexpensive Spice to Your Daily Meals Today

A medical research institute divided 88 obese women into two groups. Each of these received nutritional counseling and a diet plan deficient in 500 calories. But there was one difference. One group had a particular spice in their meals. The results showed that the group that consumed this particular spice lost more pounds and...