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Stress and Skin Inflammation: The Mind-Skin Connection

The buzzword of the moment is inflammation. Inflammation is your body's reaction to a perceived threat to your health. It may or may not be harmful. Keeping your body healthy requires inflammation since it helps protect you from true dangers like flu viruses. There are times, however, when your body overreacts to substances that...

Trying to Find the Key to True Happiness? This Will Help You.

Trying to Find the Key to True Happiness? This Will Help You.

The world celebrated Happiness Happens Day early this week. And it got us thinking about one of the most common queries that we receive from our YouCare community. Right from kids, teenagers, working adults to even the elderly, we always get asked this. How can I be happy? How can I achieve true happiness? We, as...

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How to Keep Mind and Body Fit at Home ?

Exercises, both physical as well as mental are often the most neglected pillars of lifestyle the moment life gets busy. It’s quite common to hear “I missed my workouts because we were travelling or we had meetings all day or we had social commitments or I missed my meditation because I did not get...