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Success Story | A Transformation Beyond Physical Self


If you are in need for a power dose of inspiration and motivation, then this is it! Thankyou so sharing this Geet… this is super hard work.

“Me, a mother of two super cuties, proudly flaunt not only those curves but also my fitness journey having learnt from you, a holistic approach towards fitness. The picture might contemplate just my physical transformation but what happened to my mental transformation is way beyond fascination not just for me but for even people around me. Have so much to pen down about the magic you’ve done to me and so many. Can’t thank you enough Luke, for showering the forgotten wisdom.

And after watching your video on losing belly fat. Sharing this say that yes, I am losing my belly fat after 1 abortion and 2 c sections. The highlight of the journey I’ve done that slowly, steadily and most importantly- happily!!

You have absolutely no idea what place do you hold in my fitness journey, Luke! I’ve followed all the wisdom you are giving us through your posts and videos. Like you say Self-discipline!! is first to start with.  I will soon probably give you physical transformation but I aimed for a mental well-being as well. Small inexpensive lifestyle changes like you endorse is what made me achieve this.

Another inexpensive lifestyle change – My kids too equally choose to join me to the gym on weekends over a pizza lunch. Its most of the time they enjoy doing calisthenics and battle rope much more than eating pizza. Truly indeed, happy healthy parents make happy healthy children

My 6 yr. old daughter who too is extremely intrigued like me to watch your videos. She is another fan of yours. I’ll say that again. Have so much to pen down. Loads of gratitude mentor!! You have absolutely no idea what place do you hold in my fitness journey, Luke I am absolutely not exaggerating in any way! ”

Here’s my transformation journey in detail. My transformation has been really very simple. Unfortunately many of us are expecting it too be too fancy or miraculous

Part 1


Part 3

– Geet


Luke Coutinho

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